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Mass Effect 2... HELL YEAH!!

Good god this game is awesome!! I completed the first and must say that, while I loved the game in general, I found the constant planet exploring in the infamous Mako to be a royal pain in the a$$. Don't get me wrong, I loved the open galaxy idea and going to any planet it just took forever!!

So here we are at Mass Effect 2 and they really pulled out all the stops!! They have trimmed away every unneccesary aspect of the original in favour of a more stable, coherent and downright fun gaming experience. Somehow they managed to make a fantastic game even better!

I won't go into too much detail but the graphics are astounding constantly, even in game seems to be better than possibly anything I've seen before in terms of character detail and style. Something tells me all those PS3 is too powerful bums are eating there slice of humble pie right about now!! This game shows what the 360 is still capable of and that it can hold its own against the ps3 and will do so into the near future in terms of technical accomplishments.

The story in a Bioware is always truly groundbreaking, they actually physically couldn't write a rubbish story if their lives depended on it and thats absolutely clear to see when playing this game.

The one final thing I will say is that this game is of such a high quality that I almost feel I'm doing it a diservice by calling it a game, they put SOO MUCH time and effort and care into this game that it just cannot be explained until you play it.

In a word, perfect