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I hate it when people tell me;The 360 is the poor mans ps3

people keep telling me how great the ps3 is and how wonderful it is to own one, yet they can't really give me any great excuses why... Even though it has Bluray it just can't seem to get anywhere near the 360... even though its forebear was the most popular console of all time it has only managed to sell a paultry 36million units in 4 years.... so why do people constantly tell me this? Its obvious... there just plain stupid and are blinkered by the constant pressure to own the Playstation because its cool and expensive and way cool and blah blah arse wa nk give me a break.

so when I ask the people why they think it is that the ps3 has sold far less than the ps2 did in the same period of time they simply come back with "the 360had a head start"..... yeah thats a good point!

aaah that old excuse... of course. So that was enough to kill off the ps3 then right? um.... no. think about it; The ps2 sold 130million total units... right? the original xbox sold a mere 24million, so its fairly obvious which one was most... popular last gen, even though the xbox was infinitely better and more powerful.

so what happened between the IMMENSE success of the ps2 and the relative failure of the ps3? The ps3 has been out 4 years, in that time the ps2 sold 78 million units, so I think you'll find something went horribly wrong, and I don't think it was ONLY the fact that the 360 had less than a year headstart. I think you'll find its simply a case of the masses finally reaslising that Playstation are simply over priced and ridiculously over hyped, theres a massive social stigma where people felt compelled to buy the ps2 because it was cool and it made you popular, even though it was **** and thats basically all that carried the consoles sales. EVERYONE had to have one cos it was cool.

Seems to me that the console market has finally lost some of that (you notice I am ignoring the wii* completely... *read "fisher price") and has gone back to people simply buying the better choice rather than following the masses. Kinda like with the Ipods and Iphones... OOOOH their so amazing and touchy screeny and expensive and flashy I HAVE TO HAVE ONE to be COOL.... oh wait.... its crap... it doesn't work.... I need a new one. Maybe I'll just buy a normal phone that works instead.

While the 360 isn't perfect, the hardware wasn't all that reliable but microsoft picked up the slack and replaced every faulty one immediately (I know first hand as it happened to me)

here are the total consoles sold to date for PS2 and PS3, says it all really;

Console PS3 PS2
Total 36,056,728 136,528,619

Console X360 XB
Total 41,302,898 24,189,847

So in a nutshell... the Playstation bubble appears to have burst.. the console market has turned a corner and may be returning to its original golden age where people who bought video games... bought them because they were actually good... not because it would make them the talk of the school yard or the popular guy in the gang... those were my days... when owning a Mega Drive made you sad, lonely and a geek... because you stayed indoors and played games while all the COOL kids were out killing cats and burning down sheds and vandalising peoples property.

Great days!