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STURMWIND: New Dreamcast game OUT SOON!

The latest in a long and wonderful legacy for Dreamcast is about to be unleashed and it looks like it could be the best yet!!

A game called Sturmwind is being developed by Red Spot Games, the people responsible for last years Rush Rush Rally Racing game. While RRRR was purely a retro experience in total 2d from a top down POV, Sturmwind is much more in keeping with Dreamcasts current legacy: being the home of amazing 2d/3d side scroller shooters!!

Check out the following info:




Personally I think this game looks absolutely amazing, and for the incredible price of 35 euros I don't think you can go wrong!! The graphics apparently utilize the Dreamcasts power to a level that I have not seen since Borderdown and Ikaruga. Proving that, given the right amount of love and energy some truly amazing games could be made for DC even after its officially died. I only hope someone somewhere takes the innitiative to get the machine up and running again but that's probably just wishful thinking!!

Anyway enjoy, if anyone gets this game you can upload your highscores apparently, should be a nice change to dust of the DC for a new title again!

Come on all you Dreamcast fans, stand up and take note! If we can make this game a success who knows what Redspot games may make next! They went from RRRR to Sturmwind, maybe we could see a full, 3d RPG or action game of somekind! Crack open your wallets and get preordering!!


Skyline movie review: WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?? (critics)

Ok so I want to talk about the movie Skyline and the incredible amount of hatred that has been aimed at it by both Critics and viewers alike.

Let me start by giving my side of the story:

I love scifi, I think its a crime that there simply isn't enough Scifi on the cinema and so when I saw the trailers for Skyline I was sceptical but slightly optimistic. Basically I didn't have the same expectations I had for say.... Lord Of The Rings : ROTK but I wasn't completely despairing at the prospect of seeing the film.

Basically what I saw was an incredibly cliched/overused premise that had the potential to be a truly awful film turn out to be one of the best films I've seen all year, and I'm honestly not joking. Now a lot of the complaints about the film have been leveled on the lack of character building or some of the dialogue and ok that's fine I admit that they didn't spend a lot of time investing the movie in the charactersand looking back some of the dialogue was a bit straight forward but I found that I wasn't at all detached from the film, I enjoyed the fresh approach they took to the whole alien invasion and the fact that they didn't bother with big names etc

The way I see this film is that they had an amazing alien/scifi invasion idea in their heads and they totally managed to translate it to the big screen. These are the reasons why I truly loved this movie:

1: amazing action and story
2: mind bogglingly good special effects
3: a nice focus on rising actors, no reliance on big egos/names to rake in the dollars
4: they didn't go with the norm and make a film that holywood wanted they made the film the way they wanted in terms of pacing and script and adult content (Ie it wasn't made into a 12a/pg13 for the kiddies)
5: there were no ridiculous american all star super heroes in the movie eating up all the screen time with meaningful stares and cheesy "Now thats what I call a close encounter" ****one liners
6:the film was obviously made with the intention of posing the question "What would a group of normal everyday people who aren't action heroes and aren't muscle bound retards do in this impossible sitiuation" and this was done very well
7: another question/interesting spin it posed/attempted was what if this incredible situation occurs to a bunch of people over night and the world isn't prepared, no one knows whats going on and what action would each individual take when posed with this event?
8: the acting was fine everyone did good jobs certainly not as bad as everyone is making out
9: the (OPEN) ending was utterly fantastic,they want it to be a trilogy so to all you complaining idiots and haters who need the whole story/backstory/subplot spoon fed to you will have to wait for a sequel
10: I never felt like the film was insulting my intelligence by giving me ridiclous deus ex machinamoments

Anyway to summarise the film blew me away, I thought the action and story and special effects were all perfect, the pacing was impressive and all of the above gave me a totally refreshed feeling after having watched it. I could go and see it again a dozen times simply because it didn't insult my intelligence and drew me in to an incredible event with amazing sights and sounds.

The acting was IN NO WAY as bad as everyone is making out, the film certainly doesn't deserve the ridiculous score on rotten tomatoes nor does it deserve to receive a ridiculous 5.0 or lower on IMDB, people are simply hitting out and jumping on the "this film is getting bashed lets all join in" band wagon. And everyone is constantly complaining that some of the parts in it were carbon copies or un original but I fail to see how they can draw that conclusion.... why so many people hate this film is beyond me, at the very least it should be getting 6/7 out of 10, but from me it gets a solid 8/10. I went to see an incredible, exciting, original scifi movie that didn't insult my intelligence by shovelling every plot detail down my neck from the get go and that is exactly what I got.

bottom line: its definitely in my top five of 2010 along with Inception, How To Train Your Dragon, Iron Man 2, Shutter Island. Highly reccommended by a huge scifi fan

The Mist; such an amazing film......BUT


I would highly reccomend that anyone who loved horror movies but got bored of all the crappy films such as snakes on a plane, saw and all the other needlessly violent horrors that actually lack the ONE key ingredient... suspense. Also Character Development is good!!

I actually loved this film, it blew me away, it was the most tense and terrifying movie I've seen in years and to see Tom Jane in such a high powered role was a breath of fresh air. What wound me up though, was not the fact that the ending strayed from the original short story ending, heck no, I think it actually carried on nicely from the books cliff hanger and gave you an idea what may have happened after the book left the characters. But what DID annoy me about the ending was how cheap it was. I mean seriously, I would have preferred to have heard him kill the others and then maybe see him get killed as the shot fades to black or something equally dramatic. why? Because it would've been in keeping with the tone of the film and the sense of dread and utter futility in the face of such unsurmountable odds.

No no, what really annoyed me was how stupid the last bit was? I mean think back, how LARGE was that monster that stepped over the car? I mean come on!! THAT THING WAS FREAKIN GINORMIFICUS MAXIMUS!!! and for the humans to suddenly come along clearing everything up quite happily with no problems just made it all sooo cheap... I mean the thought that the mist had enveloped the earth was intriguing but for them to then suddenly say "he should've waited 30 more seconds and the world would've been saved" That was horse crap IMO, no way could anything have saved anyone if you follow along with the tone of the film. Dudes in tanks and carrying flame throwers couldn't have cleaned up ALL those awesome spiders, flying creatures, giant monsters AND the Mist ITSELF. surely not?

So that's why I felt slightly robbed. I think if the camera had zoomed out from a top down view to show that the mist had not gone much farther than where he was then that would've been better, if he'd only had another litre of fuel he would've been out of the mist you know? but no they had to ruin it with ridiculous humans saving the day again. shame

Anyone else feel REALLY robbed?

Live on Xbox 360 as Ultrapro

I hate it when people tell me;The 360 is the poor mans ps3

people keep telling me how great the ps3 is and how wonderful it is to own one, yet they can't really give me any great excuses why... Even though it has Bluray it just can't seem to get anywhere near the 360... even though its forebear was the most popular console of all time it has only managed to sell a paultry 36million units in 4 years.... so why do people constantly tell me this? Its obvious... there just plain stupid and are blinkered by the constant pressure to own the Playstation because its cool and expensive and way cool and blah blah arse wa nk give me a break.

so when I ask the people why they think it is that the ps3 has sold far less than the ps2 did in the same period of time they simply come back with "the 360had a head start"..... yeah thats a good point!

aaah that old excuse... of course. So that was enough to kill off the ps3 then right? um.... no. think about it; The ps2 sold 130million total units... right? the original xbox sold a mere 24million, so its fairly obvious which one was most... popular last gen, even though the xbox was infinitely better and more powerful.

so what happened between the IMMENSE success of the ps2 and the relative failure of the ps3? The ps3 has been out 4 years, in that time the ps2 sold 78 million units, so I think you'll find something went horribly wrong, and I don't think it was ONLY the fact that the 360 had less than a year headstart. I think you'll find its simply a case of the masses finally reaslising that Playstation are simply over priced and ridiculously over hyped, theres a massive social stigma where people felt compelled to buy the ps2 because it was cool and it made you popular, even though it was **** and thats basically all that carried the consoles sales. EVERYONE had to have one cos it was cool.

Seems to me that the console market has finally lost some of that (you notice I am ignoring the wii* completely... *read "fisher price") and has gone back to people simply buying the better choice rather than following the masses. Kinda like with the Ipods and Iphones... OOOOH their so amazing and touchy screeny and expensive and flashy I HAVE TO HAVE ONE to be COOL.... oh wait.... its crap... it doesn't work.... I need a new one. Maybe I'll just buy a normal phone that works instead.

While the 360 isn't perfect, the hardware wasn't all that reliable but microsoft picked up the slack and replaced every faulty one immediately (I know first hand as it happened to me)

here are the total consoles sold to date for PS2 and PS3, says it all really;

Console PS3 PS2
Total 36,056,728 136,528,619

Console X360 XB
Total 41,302,898 24,189,847

So in a nutshell... the Playstation bubble appears to have burst.. the console market has turned a corner and may be returning to its original golden age where people who bought video games... bought them because they were actually good... not because it would make them the talk of the school yard or the popular guy in the gang... those were my days... when owning a Mega Drive made you sad, lonely and a geek... because you stayed indoors and played games while all the COOL kids were out killing cats and burning down sheds and vandalising peoples property.

Great days!

My Review: Panzer Dragoon Saga

This is the game I will always remember whenever I look back at the various consoles I've owned and try to decide on the one game that proved most important, most groundbreaking. Its the one game that springs to mind when the question is asked, "when did you stop playing games for a quick 5 minute thrill and start playing them for the story and the experience as well?"

Basically in my humble opinion I would say that this is probably the most important game I ever played. For me, that says a lot seeing as I've played over 600 games over the course of 20+ years, over a dozen consoles.

If I explain a little. Until I played this game in 1998 games were simply short fun experiences with no real emotional content, I played on the Mega Drive, Master System and Jaguar etc and saving your progress had only recently become a reality with the advent of the Saturn. But none of the games I played made particularly good use of it. Oh sure there were the Resident Evils, the Tomb Raiders, the various racing and action/shooting games but none of them gave me any emotional investment. But this game gave me all I would ever need.

At first I thought I would hate it, the foreign language with subtitles being an immediate red flag to me being only 16 years old. Needless to say I found that the original language added to the atmosphere and the impact of the story, the feeling I was witnessing something special, something no one else had ever witnessed.

Basically looking back Panzer Dragoon Saga was a relatively standard RPG, it had your standard young male protagonist and your standard evil empire. it was the first I EVER played so I had never experienced this type of game before. Where this game managed to elevate itself above the rest was in the story, the ground breaking graphical st yle and attention to detail and the fact that you grew attached to the main hero and wanted to follow his story to the very end, and also for me, it was the relationship between Edge and his Dragon and the eventual relationship between him and Azel.

This was my first true RPG and I had no idea what to expect. What I got was a wonderful, colourful, Vibrant experience that finally allowed me to take control of that greatest of mythical beasts, the Dragon. I will never forget the noise the wings made as I soared through the valleys, deserts, forests and plains, the feeling of total freedom and being able to explore this wonderful world and progress through the story, meeting loads of colourful characters, making friends, making enemies and being so tied to the story that it became more exciting to me than any story or film and I was hooked to the end.

I will finish by giving a quick description and my final thoughts, I apologise for the length, but if you have a similar history to me with your games, you will appreciate and agree 100% with what I've said.

The game is long, well made and full of excitment and drama, wonderous monsters, some stunning locations and some excellent characters. The graphics have not aged well but for me, that was never the important thing, the game plays incredibly well, flows perfectly and still provides a long challenging story to follow and become engrossed in. If you live for a good story and action and want something to really invest in then get a Saturn and get this game, it really is that important.

Greatest game I ever played and the one that had the most effect on my future with video games.

10/10, 100%, A++++, *****

Mass Effect 2... HELL YEAH!!

Good god this game is awesome!! I completed the first and must say that, while I loved the game in general, I found the constant planet exploring in the infamous Mako to be a royal pain in the a$$. Don't get me wrong, I loved the open galaxy idea and going to any planet it just took forever!!

So here we are at Mass Effect 2 and they really pulled out all the stops!! They have trimmed away every unneccesary aspect of the original in favour of a more stable, coherent and downright fun gaming experience. Somehow they managed to make a fantastic game even better!

I won't go into too much detail but the graphics are astounding constantly, even in game seems to be better than possibly anything I've seen before in terms of character detail and style. Something tells me all those PS3 is too powerful bums are eating there slice of humble pie right about now!! This game shows what the 360 is still capable of and that it can hold its own against the ps3 and will do so into the near future in terms of technical accomplishments.

The story in a Bioware is always truly groundbreaking, they actually physically couldn't write a rubbish story if their lives depended on it and thats absolutely clear to see when playing this game.

The one final thing I will say is that this game is of such a high quality that I almost feel I'm doing it a diservice by calling it a game, they put SOO MUCH time and effort and care into this game that it just cannot be explained until you play it.

In a word, perfect


Me, me, me

Hey gang, heres a little about me....

I'm a big video game nut, owned consoles since I was about 8 (now 27) started off on the Spectrum/Atari type stuff and moved up shortly after to the Master System, then moved up through the ranks of awesome Sega consoles until I finally got my favourite console of all time, the Dreamcast. I then moved onto the Xbox, then Xbox 360. I also own a Nintendo Game Cube, Playstation 1/2, Atari Jaguar/Lynx and also use my pc for games. I still own all my old Sega Consoles so the total comes to around 10 consoles currently owned with approximately 600 games across the board!

I'm a massive Dreamcast/Sega purest/nut as I grew up with that company rather than Nintendo(Fisher price) I am a fanboy when it comes to Sega, I willl not deny it in the least, and because of the circumstances surrounding Segas/Dreamcasts downfall, (ie: Playstation 2 conning the masses into buying it when it was clearly over hyped and overrated and in terms of quality of titles and sheer FUN factor it was completely inadequate) I will always reserve a certain amount of hate for Sony and its vastly overrated cash cow consoles. Having said that, I am a reasonable person and am always willing to try things, I owned a ps1 and was quite happy with it, same goes for ps2, but I do not feel the need to buy a ps3 as it is inferior in my opinion to the all round experience of the 360. I respect that other people own and enjoy it but don't expect to change my mind by badgering on about pointless technical facts and all the blah blah blah, I love my 360 for the whole package, better services, better games, better support, HD DVD support (yet again another case of Sony screwing another company, HD DVD's are awesome and can be bought for £3!!!) and the fact that it all intergrates to my pc!

Anyway, video game rant over!! I'm a rock music fan and listen to the likes of Funeral For A Friend, Green Day, Third Eye Blind, RHCP, Fightstar, Kids In Glass Houses, Linkin Park, Blink 182/Box Car Racer/Angels and Airwaves, Snow Patrol, Keane, Lost Prophets, Fallout Boy, Nickelback etc etc.

I also love movies and cinema, can't wait for the new Avatar and Harry Potter movies!!

I'm currently in the middle of moving into a flat with my girlfriend so willl be spending a lot of time getting that up and running, unfortunately I won't have enough room to have ALL my consoles on display!! Maybe one day lol