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You will not see me online anymore... as DCS, anyway.

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Now I know this might sound stupid to some of you, but I will not be logging onto GameSpot as DCSchark anymore.


"Why would you do such a thing?" some of you may ask. The reason is that this alias became really uncomfortable to be acknowledged by here on GameSpot.

"But why? It's only an alias. There's no reason to create a new account." - I don't know how to explain this very well, but I just wanted to start over. (Using this alias makes me feel like a child or a pre-teen.) Not with a name like DCSchark; which I made up when I was only eleven, but as twnturbo; by which most people online (friends here on GS, Steam, Xfire, Raptr, etc. and in real life) know me by.

"But you made this account in 2009. Does this mean that you are lying about your age? Are you just a stupid tweener?! Are you who I think you are?! WHO ARE YOU?!" - No, I am not lying about my age. I'm 17--turning 18 this year. And, I am a gamer, like many of you awesome people. :) When I was in the proccess of creating this account back in '09, I didn't know what nickname I should've used to call myself. So I just took an alias that I made up when I was a child, playing with wrestling action figures and calling my made up wrestler (which was just a little TransFormers toy, lol): DCSchark. Wierd? Yeah. But I was just a stupid kid--who are we supposed to judge our young imaginative selves? :P


I'm sorry if it seems like I'm wasting your time, but I just wanted to inform you guys without looking like a fool who has no reason to randomly change their name... (You can add me as a friend using my new account. But, you don't have to, though...)


**My two-cents about GameSpot**
They should give us the option to change our names. Now, I don't really care about stats, but I know some people here do. I know a couple of friends here on GameSpot who wish to change their aliases as much as I wanted to change mine. Alas, since this option is nonexistant, I decided to create a new account instead. I know some people here don't want to relinquish their account just because of a regrettable nickname--their accounts have history. (Mine? Not so much.) Again, GameSpot should give us that sole option. :(

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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I am not here to write a blog about my life, as not much happens to me or the people around me anyway. However, I am only making this extremely short (would you consider this a blog?) to wish everyone here on GameSpot a Happy Holidays and a jolly New Years 2013. :)