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Well its been a while since i've been on here (bout 3 weeks n this is my goal for the year)

1.) collect at least 10 new games

2.) get more achievements

3.) meet people that i know n make more friends (checked)

Dragonball Z Top 10

Here is my top 10 Dragonball Z characters.

1.) Bardock

2.) Goku

3.) Vegeta

4.) Broly

5.) Mystic Gohan

6.) Trunks

7.) Jamenba

8.) Gogeta

9.) Tapion

10.) Super Android 17

My Union

Will somebody, anybody please join my union. The WWE Wrestling Dragonball Z NBA Sonic Fanatic Union. I need some people to join my 1st union I made. And how do you resend invitational letters. Dont know how to do it.

The Next 10

Heres is my Number 11-20

11.) The Undertaker

12.) Stone Cold Steve Austin

13.) John Cena

14.) Davey Boy Smith

15.) Lashley

16.) Brock Lesnar

17.) Andre The Giant

18.) Curt Henning

19.) Hulk Hogan

20.)AJ Styles

Top 10 Wrestlers of all time.

To me here is my top 10 wrestlers of all time from past to now.

1.) Goldberg

2.) Eddie Guerrero

3.) Kurt Angle

4.) Jeff Hardy

5.) Shawn Michaels

6.) Triple H

7.) Sting

8.) Sabu

9.) Ulitmate Warrior

10.) The Rock


Do you guys like my picture. Its new. I hope you like it. I kept on changing because some of the pictures couldnt fit cause it was to large.

Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero is one of my favorite wrestlers. Out of all of them, he's #2. I frist meet him @ a WWE non-televised event in Janurary of 2003. He gave me a autograph. I told him I want to be a wrestler when I grow up. He said he had faith in me. His birthday is on October 9. I was sad and crying when I heard of his passing. He was suppose to become World Heavyweight Champion. Mi amigo, I hope I see you again someday. Hasta La Vista Eddie. My condeslate go to the Guerrero family, friends, fans, and the WWE. More info go onto www.wwe.com. R.I.P Eduardo "Gory" Guerrero AKA Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005

WWE & Wrestling

Do you love wrestling? Well I do too. The Best game out there to me is two thing: 1.) WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw(PS2) and 2.) WWe SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain(PS2). The one that was O.K. to me is also two things: WWE Day Of Reckoning(GC) & 2.) WWE Wrestlemaina XIX (GC). Then the game that really sucked to me is WWE Wrestlemaina 21(XBOX). Please talk to me if you really love wrestling like me (which is unconditionally). I really love wrestling. So, come talk to me.

DragonBall Z

I am a big fan of the DragonBall Z gamings. The best game I think that is great is DragonBall Z Budokai 3(PS2). The one that is O.K. to me is DragonBall Z. And the game that needs improvement is DragonBall Z Sagas. If you love DragonBall Z and the games they made, come holla at moi at my page and I hope we could be pals.