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Oh the music is a direct copy from GW1 (that includes all standalones and GWEN)

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When using the link provided do NOT use any mozilla based browsers it won't work. Use Safari, Opera or IE.

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The overflow is a temporary large server for players who can't get into specific areas on Tyria because of population of players. So essentially everyone in a specific region comes here.

Sooner or later though the overflow will become obsolete due to upgrades etc needed per realm.

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Again as I have said elsewhere, in highly populated areas the slow down mostly comes down to networking, you do have to receive data on the players constantly, where they move, whats their names, etc.

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Works well in Anaglyph form also..


People who have an Nvidia card, you can play games in 3d with normal red/blue anaglyph glasses also :P (its amazing how many people don't know this :) )

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There are definitely issues with SLI (possibly crossfire as well although I can only speak for SLI). My 680 sli setup can net me up to 120fps and as low as 20fps depending on the area (gpu usage drops in certain areas) the funny part is the gpu usage seems to drop when its needed most (group events, major cities) When exploring the wilds I get 90-99% usage and over 100fps, when I hit lions arch or a big group event usage drops into the 40s and 50s and my fps takes a huge plunge. Not sure if this is a driver problem or a problem with the client (seems like a problem with the client though considering it depends on the area but idk)

That usually happens with MMOs, it also comes down to how good your network is also, as it has to receive data about the other players weapon, name etc so the client knows what to show etc. And obviously damage, healing etc has to go to the server and back to any player in the vicinity.
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Could be an installed codec taking over from the default required. Try uninstalling any codec packs you have and see if that helps.

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Quoting me saying Fanboys and Haters? Where did I say those... thats right I didn't. Big picture is this, people will mark a game up because they are liking it and don't want a good reasonable and honest score being shown for the other reviews. To me thats childish, its just as bad as marking something 1, for example C&C4 and many people doing that. The fact that NCsoft also has taken features of other MMOs should scare you, it shows that they aren't being innovative enough. Hell as said already they couldn't even do another music score for the game, its all GW1 music. As for a different view I wasn't able to get, please lets not be stupid yes? Nothing is perfect, giving a game a 10 means its perfect.. It isn't. And for example you saying its a 10 because bugs will be fixed quickly... shows your lack of intuition... I guarantee that 2 months on some bugs will stay in the game. And the pay for diamonds feature will still plague the player (why should someone who has paid a good price for GW2 not get the full bank slots or bag slots, or alternate methods of using in game currency to purchase the slots?) Don't get me wrong I love the game, its huge, and has fun fights... but the bugs are real and negatives are real.
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The 4870x2 is more comparable to a 260 than a 560ti. No idea why you think its equivalent to a higher calibre of cards out there. Its not even DX11 compatible. Only 10.1 The only reason it seems fast is the amount of stream processes being doubled, but if it goes against a 560ti with high AA quality etc, it would fail big time.