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Amazing how his host allows him to continue. And how GS hasn't set up a filter for his site.

He makes money off the work of others who do trainers, and most of the time what he is offering is fake, like his "dragon age : inquisition key and crack"...

The only way he will stop is when people report his surveys to those that provide the service and to delete his accounts, that way he gets no money from it.

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You can manually do it through your profile, but some titles are still not listed there yet. So it could be a database problem when trying to do reviews from some titles.

Or as I found out, you can set a score and save it, you probably get the 500 for this, but it is saved on your profile and from there you can edit that review and add what you want.

But still quite annoying :P

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If you have around 6G in game you can get it by trading it in for diamonds, only need 2000 of them.
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I agree with you on some of your points, the lore is what drove people to Guild Wars 1 as the story was great, as was the other campaigns and then Eye of the North (it was meh in my honest opinion, last fight was good though).
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Normally I would agree Baselord, but from my experience of trying to get help from them, and then seeing the other horror stories and the constant patching (some may see this as a positive but it can be negative) from the silly mistakes they make, it does ruin the fun and im not going to score the game based on future projections that most who scored it 10 have done, I have basing it on my current experience, I will obviously change that if my experience gets worse or better then the score will change to suit.
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From the official forum (under the player help players) and on other various forums. I knew that would be the case in terms of expansions due to areas of the map not being used, like the Crystal Desert etc.
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Difficult to answer that everyone's expectations are different. Most GW1 long term players will like its still tyria and all the old favourite races are there including a new one. But the system is totally different. Only story mode areas are instanced and of course dungeons, so the old days of running around in your instance outside towns is gone. Also the max level is 80, but if you travel to a 1-15 area at 80 your level is brought down to immediate avg level of npc's around that area, this is obviously to stop easy farming and people still questing there can still kill things without having to wait for the farmer to bugger off. There is now crafting, you can have 2 crafting professions and the mats can be shared between characters, you can essentially collect all the mats from the beginning by buying the 3 collection tools and equiping them, another nice thing is you can level the professions from level 1 up to max level there is no level restriction, which is handy as professions give XP when making things. There is a few negatives, my review touches that, had to drop my score from 8.5 to 6.0 after their credit card saving fiasco lately and the poor support service (I know its early days but they have not got a good system and people are being missed completely in the ticket system).
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It IS a game mechanic when it affects all characters, especially the bank slots which are shared between all characters, sooner or later if you play with more than 1 character you WILL have to upgrade it and that requires diamonds, if you are a casual player someone not into hours of farming for ingame gold then it will be hard to get the diamonds, so the only other choice is to pay for them, and that was the intent of Anet. As for collectables, they had to do that, because for the fact that if you didn't have storage for them then bank slots would have been needed and they would have had to provide more space initially or else people would have went to war against them on their forums and support tickets. They are in enough trouble at the moment with the fact about credit card storage and what info they did keep. Last thing they would need right now aswell as all the hacked and exploit usage accounts is for people to mass complain and demand refunds on the basis they are forced to buy more bank slots early on for collectable storage, hence why it had to be added.
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Buying stuff in GW2 is a luxury, nothing more. You can get everything with ingame gold aswell. Basic farming mats don't take up bank space.PetJel

Yeah and its easier at higher levels to collect the money needed, but to get there is a lot of effort. One thing people keep brushing under the proverbial carpet is the fact nobody was advised this would be the case, so you had a number of GW1 fans thinking they will get much more of the same. Only to find a system which is trying to force you to either work extremly hard to fully enjoy the game instead of being somewhat casual to get things (like bank slots and bag space) or to just buy it.

They need a system like this so people don't make 45 characters all with bank tabs full of collectibles that they rarely play but do take up server space amongst other things I assume. They also need a basic source of income to pour back into server upkeep since this is a one time buy game after all.

45 characters? That would be impossible of course. You are only allowed an initial 5 characters, you have to purchase more character slots on the one server you pick. Source of income is the cost of the game hence why it is a higher price, which should include the ability to easily get bank slots and a bag slot at a later time through in game currency, essentially people paid more money for a game that isn't 100% there, in turn making some players (and they have done it) bought diamonds with real currency to get things that are missing.

On one hand I have enough gold after a little bit of auctioning to buy more bank tabs, on the other hand I'd glady pay a few bucks for a permanent upgrade and skip the farming process. Buying gems for this game is just_ a_luxury if you cba farming / basic ingame money making. and nothing more.

Nobody said it wasn't a luxury, thats putting words into peoples mouths so to speak. The fact is nobody expected that to be the case. Luxury is the extra skins, glasses etc, but when it involves actual game mechanics then yes it is very wrong again especially when people are not informed before or during purchasing of the game.

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Anyways new expansion they are working on allegedly will have 2 new classes and new race, the classes are reported to be Bard and Templar (don't ask why Templar *shrug* unless it was gained from the White Mantle)