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MW2 is too addicting and infuriating sometimes...

Its one of those things that you can't control, this game's mp mode keeps you glued to the screen for hours no matter what. Despite the flaws, you keep coming for "one more match" until its 3 sometimes 7 in the morning :o and you say **** it! "I won't get any sleep tonight". It is a game that allows for campers of getting the upper hand, sometimes lag becomes a factor as to why the opposing player didn't die, until you watch the killcam and see you didn't fire a single shot when you clearly empty the round that makes you go nuts and say WTF?! Checking my gametime for the game I think I've put over 80 hours already in SP, MP, Co op, the scary part is that I only play it 2-3 days a week. Having completed the single player, almost done with veteran (having bother to finish it due to the mp), and the co-op almost done except those echo missions are friggin annoying. Killing 10 juggernauts with a knife and crappy rocket launcher. Seriously?! :| I'm going to have playing other games and give Uncharted 2 mp a try. Don't know if I'll ever reach Prestige(lvl 70), its effing long but I'm close (lvl 46 currently). Time to get some sleep.

OMFG! I managed to preorder the "Gunmetal" MGS4 Limited Edition PS3 bu

After so many curses and giving the middle finger to Konami last night for the mess that site was and even today(though not as bad) I managed to get one in such unlikely circumstance. After I finally got to the "Order Confirmation" page, the page was loading half way thru to get my order # and then Bam! I get a power outage :| :evil: I felt like Nero in Devil Trigger mode like not knowing what I'm doing and being possessed lol. I saw the energy company outside in front of my house doing some work, I couldn't believe it! :lol:

I decided to get some dinner and after 15 minutes power came back on. I decided to turn on the PC and just check my E-mail just in case my purchase made it through, and it &%^$#$%! did!!! I was ready for the preorder time checking konami's site constantly, but I never thought it will be this hard to get. I've read that apparently only 10,000 will be made so it will be very, very limited. I guess I got the extra boost from the National Grid energy company :lol:

Final gaming purchases of the year

Today I concluded my final gaming purchase of the year with Uncharted and Tomb Raider Anniversary though the latter wasn't available. It's been a great year, I have Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed sealed waiting to be played. I'll play them after I'm through with Uncharted. I'm missing some games that I will get next year due to the amount of quality games that hit in the last 2 months such as Eternal Sonata, Guitar Hero III and probably Manhunt 2 to name a few. Looking back, just when the onslaught of games started to come in with Bioshock; I've got a PS3 a few weeks earlier. I've compiled a list to see how many games i've gotten since then. *ahem*

60GB PS3


Stranglehold CE

Ninja Gaiden Sigma CE

Heavenly Sword

Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destruction


BioshockCollector's Edition

Halo 3 reg, CE & LE editions :o

Project Gotham Racing 4

Mass Effect LE

Assassin's Creed LE

Crysis CE

Call of Duty 4 CE

Stuntmant Ignition

I think that's it for now, the highlited games are the ones that I've really enjoyed, keep in mind that I haven't played some of them yet and the others are alright. Heavenly Sword dissappointed me as I felt literally riped off like if I payed mainly for the mo-cap and presentation. The game is alright but considering its lenght 6 hours, with no replay value at all plus it started to become a little repetitive towards some segments in the game. I felt like trading it in, I always keep my games, though that's how dissappointed I've felt about it.

I wish I'd have a Wii right now in order to play Super Mario Galaxy, but that could wait considering the backlog I've amounted in a few months, next year is looking as good as this as well. So Nintendo better ramp up production and slash the price of the system if it wants to get another customer.

Looking for World Series tickets isn't such a good idea if you're a Red Sox fan

unless you're too rich, not pay the mortgage, get a loan etc...or just a crazy hardcore Red Sox fan. While browsing for Game 1 tickets I've came across numbers I never expectedto see in my wildest dream.

The cheapest one was close to $700, but if you're buying tickets for a game of this magnitude I'd rather get some at least decent seats. Let me tell you something if you're buying those tickets; youcan't see jack, better bring some good binoculars to see the action not surprising as this stadium was built in 1918.

I decided to check the decent seats available (ones you won't need binoculars) and I started seeing $1,800+ per seat :| If you think that's alot wait until I tell you how much are the Field Box seats or front row seats. Starting from way down 1st and 3rd base they start at $2700+ and as you get closer to home plate they go to about $5K+. After almost getting a hemorrhage by looking at those prices I said WTH, let's see the most expensive seat available, it was S8,500! discount price from the $10k it was earlier :|

In the end, I saved my money by buying nothing. I guess I can't be surprised regarding the supposedly $160+ million payroll the team has, and knowing how hardcore the fans are, looks like I'm not that hardcore in this case. I'm pretty sure ticket are much, much cheaper at Coors field.

One hell of a weekend for New England Sports fan...

On Friday and Saturday the Red Sox are hosting the ALCS game against Cleveland. Where I work its 5 minutes away from Fenway park if you go walking... imagine the traffic :shock: You gotta love the atmoshpere though, it can be felt in the streets. I'll be watching at home though, with Kahlua on the side :P.

On Sunday the Patriots take on the Cowboys, a match up of 2 out of the 3 remaining NFL teams being undefeteated. I like the Pats chances as well as the Red Sox's hopefully it'll turn out in all wins from both teams this weekend. Regardless it should be one hell of great games to watch.

The holiday season is starting to be felt, timewise and my wallet

I just got around to picking up PGR4 and Heavenly Sword this weekend, though it looks like I won't have too much time to put a dent into those games this weekend. I'll try to finish PGR4 by the next weekend so I can have time for HS, from what I've read it can be beaten in a day.

I've been putting alot of time into Halo3, currently working on finishing Legendary and play some multiplayer matches, if lucky get to play with the GGD crew. I have to get those finish in time before Stranglehold (PS3) hits on the 29th, again a game that can be beaten in a day, oh wait Ratchet hits that week too :o.I've gotmy work cut out, that's not mentioning Call of Duty 4 hitting the week after Ratchet and Stranglehold are out.

Lastly I got a huge backlog in my closet... *goes to buy lottery scratch tickets*

PS3 Impressions, Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

I've managed to squeeze out some time into the PS3 this time and I'm impressed. The system is elegant, surprisingly quiet, and a dust magnet. The hardware looks top quality made unlike the 360, The PSN is getting better with demos, videos and trailers, its no XBL but ita alright. I like the frequent system updates and variety of settings the system offers. The controller could be better, especially the triggers and I need the rumble functionality in my games. The sixaxis motion sensing is alright from my use in NGS though the game doesn't use it extensively so I need another game that takes more advantage of it.

I've finished NGS and while the graphics are not that vastly superior to the xbox version its still amazing to look at. I'm running the game at 1080i with HDMI cable, I notice how much better the sound is hopefully more games take advantage of Blu Ray in this area. My thoughts on the game is well; still a blast to play though the difficulty is downgraded, and some puzzle elements have been cut out that made the game more challenging and sometimes tedious. They've been replaced in a way that no puzzle is involved or a quick way through without you getting hold back in your progress. There are some new weapons and a few extra levels you play as Rachel though nothing significant. There's also a few new cutscenes that add a little more to the story, but the story still sucks.

They added more checkpoints in areas that need it, though some of puzzles removal and enemies/bosses looking to be much weaker seems to make this game not a hardcore action game as its seen. I enjoyed the game but I still prefer Black. This game was clearly made for the masses.

Move over God of War 2, Its Bioshock's turn at the spotlight

Back in the middle of March, GoW 2 was considered the last "great" PS2 game to be out for said console, we know how that turned out. Little did we knowthat game will end up head and shoulders above its predecessor given that Jaffe wasn't at the helm on this one. To everybody's surprise up until halfway through the year, a last-gen game was on pretty much at the top ofeverybody's list for front-runner GOTY; with devs focusing on next-gen development, it proved how talented developers can become creative with limited hardware.

Looking at this year's lineup for the holidays, we knew that it wouldn't last for much longer, though its still impressive what SCEA folks did with a 7-year old hardware. In wake of the crowded lineup for this year, itwas surprising to see games like Bioschock and Metroid Prime 3 hitting in August, AUGUST! It just goes to show how excellent this holiday's lineup is going to be. I'm sure the announcement of Halo 3's release date influenced a few titles projected releasedate.

After reading reviews of Bioschock getting 10's across the board from many review mags and sites, and playing the demo that took many of us by surprised that even caused a temporary crash of XBL. I was hyped for the game, and you know that usually most games don't live up to it. Fortunately this game did and surpassed the expectations I had for this game. There were some minor issues that prevented me from giving the game a 10 (thanks to GS' new scoring system). The graphics at the start of the game were mindblowing, the presentation, atmoshpere, top-notch sound, art S tyle and pacing was excellent.

When a game takes 3-4 hours of your time in one sitting easily without noticing, you realize you're playing something special. That's what Bioschock did for me everytime I pop in the disc. I can say that this is the best Xbox 360 game I've played, and regarding graphically I will rate it equal or above Gears of War.

Now its time to finish off one of my favorite gamesof last next-gen, Ninja Gaiden Sigma on my brand-new PS3 *blows off dust of system* Damn I haven't turned on my new PS3 since I got Bioschock, impressions on the system later this week or next week. I promise this time :P

So I took the Plunge, I finally got a PS3...

I've been on the fence in getting a PS3 for quite a while ever since Sony announced the price and their turnaround at E3. Deciding on whether getting a top of the line PC or a PS3 was tough decision. In one hand I've got games like Crysis, Call of Duty 4, and other backlog games I haven't finished aswell the Orange Box, though in the end the price compared to the amount of games released on PC didn't justify the hefty price; so I'll wait until next year.

What pushed me towards getting a PS3 was the EE chips were going to be discontinued on the later PS3 models(the one with the motorstorm bundle), the upcoming games for this holiday and Spring 08 as well as Ninja Gaiden Sigma. That MGS4 gameplay trailer was a huge factor though and nothing beats getting 5 Blu Ray movies for free and sell it on Ebay to get some of the dough :P

I already got the HDMI cables, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma along with Resistance. I'll post some impressions later this week.