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Let me show you my pokemans

Yup. I decided to make a trainer card. It's late, so I didn't bother to do the FC yet...(I started a new game, which is why I don't have all badges)

btw, does anyone else think that the images on the card of the girl trainer, Prinplup, and Gliscor would make a great pyramid? hell, maybe I should look around and make a Haruhi pose(it's at the VERY end of the video...just skip to it) with pokemon!

EDIT: Updated my trainer card.

Coming out

No, I'm not gay I'm a guy

I'm sorry to anyone who didn't expect this, but I don't feel like doing this anymore. I was reluctant about making this post because of the friends I've made here. Just so you know, I haven't been acting differently than I do normally, so that won't be an issue. I hope you can forgive me.

I started doing this mainly because I liked a certain female character a lot, and I'm not AT ALL good at making up a name. I was spending alot of time just sitting there for a long time trying to think of a decent name. I also felt at the time that my personality was a better fit as a girl(not so much anymore). after a while I realised it would be hard to go back, and I've been doing this for 9 years now. Once again, I hope you can forgive me for lying about this

*braces for "I F***ING KNEW IT!"*

oh noes!

I recently found out that Natural Selection 2 is now up for pre-orders. It's available in 2 versions: the normal $20 game, or the limited edition $40 game that gives you access to the development tools, the Alpha and Beta versions of the game once they come out, and some black armor for your marine.

Now here's the problem: I don't have a decent computer right now. I want to get the limited edition of Natural Selection 2 to fool around with, and I'm worried they won't be giving limited editions anymore by the time I get a computer. Even so, I'm leaning more towards saving for the computer first...

BTW, the title is a joke. one of the alien life forms in NS2 is called an Onos(which was probably deliberate on their part).

OnFail (AKA OnLive)


Well, this is an interesting turn of events. I could have sworn this was done back in the 16-bit generation for the Sega Genesis...It was called the Sega channel if I remember correctly.

I'll just assume you already used the link and read the article by now. Yeah, sounds like pretty bad execution of a good idea to me. I still remember having the sega channel add-on for the genesis. it was about as big as the 32X add-on, it had a nice menu that sorted hundreds of games by genre. sure, It only had genesis games. but OnLive only had PC games too. oh, and you didn't need to still buy the game if you wanted to play it multiple times.

I used to think Xbox live was a bit of a rip-off, but this? come on! they're charging a subscription fee for DEMOS! Yes, you can get the full games too...if you buy them. But in that case, you're better off just buying it in a store (or on steam). the exception to this is possibly the games made by EA, since they may decide to not install SecuROM.

Another problem pointed out in the comments was the fact that some ISPs limit how much you can use your internet each month. the Sega channel operated independantly, leaving your internet free for...well, internet!

just some general stuff

I have absolutely nothing else to do...so...here I am. Trying to find a job is getting annoying. I knew what I wanted to do when I started high school, but now there aren't any entry level jobs in that field. I was thinking maybe I should try my hand at modeling or mapping (for games) but then I remembered that isn't doing too well either. I guess its food service for now =( now for games: I beat the main story for Disgaea 2 and Okami. Okami doesn't really have much more to do, but Disgaea 2 has about half the game to go after the main story =P and I'm on the final boss of kingdom hearts 2. I only have a few other games I haven't beaten, but I didn't finish them because I got bored of them =/ the games are: no more heroes(got bored after the 2nd hit), super paper mario (got bored on the last door), and xenosaga episode 1 (that game is just too long O_o and the fact that it has no boss music is kinda disappointing). Now I'm thinking of selling the games I know I'm never going to play again.

Nyo~ 2nd blog nyo~

I got Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Ace Attorney 4 a couple days ago, and I'm loving 'em both. I never knew getting hit by an arrow could turn people into statues!

I also made an animated gif file a little while ago, it's in the images section of my profile. be aware, though, that it has about 60 frames =/

Be back soon?

Well, it seems like I'll be able to use my gaming computer again soon. If any of the union members from the unions I'm in want to play or something, PM me and I'll add you to some kind of friends list >_>

btw, check what games I have beforehand XD

EDIT: yea, I'm back. right now I'm playing Garry's mod, a Half-Life2 mod focused on messing with the objects in the game and making crazy stuff. but it also lets users edit their servers and transform it into a completely different game.

also, I'm planning on getting SSBB soon.

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