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Busy gaming time....

Not long now until Watchdogs arrives. I have a couple of copies coming on PS4 for me and my Son. Hopefully this will fill the void left by not being able to play GTA V since selling the PS3 last year! I really hope so!

Plants vs. Zombies for XB1

PvZ Garden Warfare is out this Friday and I have a pre-order in to get a copy. I have been looking forward to this for quite some time, in fact it was this game and of course TitanFall that really drove me to buy an Xbox One in the first place.

I have also found a good use for the HDMI pass-through as well (the TV stuff isn't very good over here in the UK, the console can't talk to my Sky Cable Box so is pretty much useless) so I have connected my old 360 console to the HDMI pass-through and have been playing a few of my older games :)

What's the deal with Forza?

Very surprised to find that I was prompted to pay for iAP's right at the start of playing this game! I just wanted to choose the Merc as my starting car, but I couldn't have it unless I paid real money for it!!!!!!!

So £50 for the bloody game and then I get asked for more money before even running my first proper race. That is bang out of order!

Xbox One update....

Well it's been 48 hours with the Xbox One and so far I have to say it's not too bad at all. Compared to the PS4 I don't think it is anywhere near as powerful, but I like some of the features in the One.

My favourite so far has to be when the console detects that someone different has picked up a console and says hello to them :)

PS4 and Xbox One.

So we were a confirmed PS4 house up until yesterday. Both my Son and me both jumped on the PS4 bus and have been enjoying them very much. Then yesterday, I was made a deal I couldn't refuse at my local Game store.... A used Xbox One at a price that was too good to pass on. So now I have a shiny Xbox One under the TV and it has been downloading demo's all night long (yes, I didn't go for a game lol, the main prompt for getting the One was that I received a TitanFall beta invite yesterday).

I have to say, there are some very cool features with the One. TitanFall is pretty good as well, it's sort of CoD with giant mechs. Gameplay is very CoD but the look of the game is pretty impressive. Kinect seems to be a bit hit and miss. Voice commands sometimes work but the camera is rather impressive. Hopefully this will be improved over time.

Today we are going to grab a couple of games, believe it or not I rather enjoyed Zoo Tycoon lol and my son wants to get Dead Rising 3 as the demo for that was pretty cool.

Xbox One or in light of recent events, Xbox 180?

Well I can't say I am overly surprised at the statement by Microsoft about the controversial policies they tried to shove down the throats of the very gamers that put them where they are now. How easy it is for a company to forget what got them to where they are and who's credit cards funded that rise!

But we all spoke, told the world about our outrage and they backed down. I was just surprised at how quickly they did back down. Up until the 180 they were so adament they knew best and that everyone was fine with it. Clearly however, that was incorrect!

So will I buy one now? Nope, not a chance. Appart from the fact I am still getting over the annoyance of them doing all this in the first place, they are still insisting it ships with Kinnect! I have no interest in Kinnect, I don't want to play 'jump around the room' games, the input lag (no matter how quick Msoft wants you to believe it is) will be useless for most of the types of games I play (shooters) and as the 1st one was so rubbish I have no good memories of using one.

And from my point of view, if they ditched Kinnect then they could probably make the price the same as the PS4! Plus it's a bit creepy, always on, watching and listening in my front room. Not that I think Msoft would abuse that level of trust, but it's all the other freaks out there watching our every move!

So good luck with the Xbone, I'm here to play games. I don't want all the media functions, I definitely don't want Kinnect and my Sky box is perfectly good for TV. PS4 all the way for me :)

Xbox1 and PS4.

Seems the whole gaming world is split over which console is the better deal. I don't think I have ever seen so much ranting and raving at a console launch, it's even worse than the lead up to the PS3 and 360 release. For me, as I live in the UK, I'm going for the PS4. I don't have good broadband and none of the TV stuff will work here plus I buy plenty of used games so the Xbox1 is not going to be much use and I already have a 360!


What's up with Fuse? I just keep getting a message that it is down at the moment, has someone broke it?

Playstation..... They came out fighting and kicked some a$$!

Wow, what a kicking they gave M$oft at their E3 conference. Everything I hoped they would announce, they did. Every ridiculous decision that M$oft made with their X1 was picked up, shaken about and slapped good and proper. Sony obviously came to E3 determined not to make any of the errors that marred the PS3 back when it launched, they came to E3 to stamp their authority on what E3 is all about, GAMING and the GAMER.... And what a job they did...

I've already pre-ordered a PS4 with Amazon, I have put my money where my mouth is and made my decision on which console to go for this time round, there will only be one under the TV and that console is going to be the PS4.

I'm not sure really what M$oft can do to turn this around now, they are going to lose so many followers because of their greedy and draconian decisions they want to force upon their customers. I have been on the Xbox bus right from the start, my Live account is over 10 years and I have always bought 360 games over PS3 (we have both in the house, 3 x 360's and a PS3) so this is not some Sony fanboys rantings.

So PS4, hurry up and arrive, there's a 360 sized space just waiting for you under the TV, being kept all warm and snuggly just for you :)