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Long, long, long time. Well not too long.. But long time since I've been on :P

Hey guys! I'm baaacccckkkk! I've been through a hell lot of stuff since I've been off (a lot of bad things, but let's wait for that), but I'm glad I can be back on and enjoy the posting and comminucation of others! I sure missed the chats I've had with people on here! Looking forward to all of that again, except with newer things and all that junk :P

But, I'll give a brief explanation on what had happened since my last blog. Girl wasn't really pregnant, after she moved out I stayed for a few extra months to bond with her, failed a couple of classes down there (need to get those credits, otherwise I'm going to phail high school and not get to live my dreeammmsss! But it was worth it, I got to bond with my mother once again), moved back on the Blackfeet Reservation and finished my Sophomore year, got my ass jumped by a few guys during Indian Days (because of the girl spreading lies), and now here I am. :P

Enough with the negatives, hm? Here's what the good stuff has happened: I found out who my real friends are (kind of bad losing friends, but I'd rather have real than fake friends), the family is getting a lot closer, I got a JOB (pays $8 an hour, and after working there for 3 months, I get paid $9 an hour. Hell of a first job, right? :P), newer friends, I'm more outspoken, got my life back on track after the girl screwed part of it up (which is always a GREAT thing!)

That was as brief as I can get, but hey, I'm just glad to be back and want to start posting again!

Haven't done a Blog in a While.

Okay, so the last blog I did was in September. Which is some time ago. But since then, I've moved to Great Falls, Montana. Which is 2 hours away from where I pretty much lived my whole life. I moved down here about 2 weeks ago, didn't go to school the first week, and then started on the second week. I'm moved in with my mom, my girlfriend, and my youngest sibling, Preston. And, I got Fallout New Vegas!

So, with moving, my family decided it would be best for me to move in with my girlfriend, so she can get away from ger grandparents because of her pregnancy. Just last week, she found out she miscarried (sad, I know, but we're glad and sad about it). We're happy to be with each other, and I'm happy because I'm bonding with my mom a little more than before. :)

Uhm, school. It's okay, besides the fact that on the Blackfeet Reservation everyone talks differently, and here it's all.. Alien-like to me. But some of the class work is kind of easy. Geometry is easy, and the other upperclassmen find it hard.. And I'm a sophomore! English is easy, just reading books and discussing them. But the only class that is a pain in the butt is Science. The stuff that they're doing in there is nothing I've ever learned to do. Such as Newtons. I hvae NO IDEA what to do, and when I try to understand it, I get a headache. Sign that I'm not good at science? I think so. :P

And New Vegas.. Very fun game. A lot better than FO3 IMO, there's a lot of new things (the factions you can 'join', ammo, weapons, etc.) that I enjoy. I can go paragraphs on this game, about anything of the game. There are some bugs I've never had that *most* of the other players have expierenced. My first run through I've sided with Yes Man. And now I'm going through it on Hardcore (which is pretty damn cool, and challenging).

Adios, until next time.

Quick Update

So, today I missed school so I can go to an eye clinic 2 hours away from home to get my eyes checked. And guess what? I'm not eligible to get the check up for free, so it was either pay $85 or go home. I chose to go home. So now I have to go home, and make up my school work that I missed because the women didn't give mea doctor's slip for school. Nice, huh?

But just yesterday my brother droped my MW2 and stepped on it. Accidently, so he says. And so now I have to get it repaired, and that could either be today or tomorrow or so on. I'll be playing some more Fallout 3 and CoD4, if anyone wants to play CoD4 with me (please?:P).

And 2 months ago, I got with a beautiful girl. And as it goes, when you're with someone you do 'it'. With protection of course. And the codom ripped.. So now shes pregnant.. And I'm going tobe a father in the second week of April.. At the age of 16.. Kinda disappoiting. I'm going to stay with her, but we're both not going to quit school because of this. When she has the baby, we're going to let either one of our parents take care of it while we continue to go to school and get our education. Because dropping out of school isn't an option if we plan on taking care of the baby in the future, which we are.

But in other news, I didn't get to pre-order New Vegas or Black Ops yet. I'll probably only going to be able to pre-order one of them. Since New Vegas is coming out soon, I'll most likely pre-order that first. And hopefully Black Ops. I'm pumped for both games, especially Black Ops now because of the new additions. They better add a NEW zombie mode because I don't want to be stuck playing the ones from WaW, which I've already played multiple times.

But if you guys want to contact me, the only two ways are Facebook and Xbox Live. For those that don't know my Facebook, I'm Dakota [John] Running Crane, the more slim one. Not trying to be mean. But I have a cousin that has the exact same name as me, except for the middle name. Soooo... Goodbye for now!

Pre-order and other.

I'm goingto pre-ordering the Collector's Edition for Fallout: New Vegas. I'm pretty sure it's $70 to get it, and I have $39 right now. My mom owes me some money, so I'm gonna ask if she can pay the rest for it. :D

But my question is, I've heard that if you pre-order it from a different store (Gamestop, Wal Mart, etc.) that you would get different outfits and gunsfor the beginning of the game? Does anyone know anything about this?

And I haven't been on live (for those who have me added) lately because my dad hasn't paid the internet bill, and so I've been stuck with offline games (kind of boring, except for Fallout 3!). And have been dying to play on live for some time now. And I won't be able to play until this upcoming Saturday IF my dad pays the internet. I would, but I don't have a job. :P

Hm.. Other news is that my girlfriend ofover a month'sgrandpa is in the hospital, I think it mighthave something to do with his Gall stones? But his heart stopped and he's on life support, but he's recovering and he should be better by the end of this week.

So the only reason why I'm down here at my mom's apartment is because if anything happens I'll be here for her. Otherwise I would be at home, playing Fallout 3. But nah. :P

Oh, and for those that don't have me added on xbox live and want to add me, my gamertag is D0ub13 5c0r3 (very obvious :P) so just add me because I really won't be on Gamespot for some time again.

Back for the week!

Hey guys! I can honestly say that I miss being on this site, and the friends I have on here. I plan on getting a new laptop soon, so I could be on at home doing this stuff with you guys.

So since I was gone (god, how longhave I been gone for anyway?!), not alot has happened. Just at home.. Couldn't find a job.. Playing xbox live.. Yeeaaah.

So after this week I'll be back at home doing nothing until I can find something to do.

Oh and by the way, I'm at my mom's house.. On my mom's friend's laptop.


Yesterday I was looking at the new maps for MW2. I really wanted them, and so.. I got on my other account that has my dad's credit card on it and I purchased 1600 MS points and downloaded the maps! Don't tell him, or I will find you.

And for your questions, he probably won't find out. I used $30 for 3 Fallout 3 DLC. And he never found out. :P

$100 Worth of Stuff.. Worth It!

Well yesterday I got $100 from my dad, because he got his taxes. I had two things on my mind: a rechargable battery kit for my xbox controllers, and a CoD4. I

When I went to Gamestop, I went to the section for the controllers, and grabbed what I wanted. I looked at the controllers, just to see if they had any new designs for the controllers. I found something eles. A Modern Warfare 2 controller. I grabbed it, and looked at the things it had included. It has these switches on the back of the controllerand small buttons just below that. Two switches and two small buttons on each side of the controllers, and with the switches, you can re-map the buttons. On the right side, you can re-map for either the X or the Y button, and on the left, A or B. And when you press the small buttons, they act as if you pressed the buttons on the front of the controller. The sticks [can't remember the names of them, it's where you look/move in a game] light up green when you plug it in [it's a wired controller..].

I got that, a rechargable battery pack [$20], a pre-owned CoD4 [$30] and the Modern Warfare 2 controller [$50]. All added up to $100.

It's a bit difficult for me to remember to press the small buttons, but I'm trying to get used to it a bit more.

Holy Cow..

Well, I fogot to post this a bit earlier today, but today I've gotten a 3 month card for Xbox Live. I put the code on at xbox.com and it said I had redeemed a 12 month card. My first expression was "Holy **** are you serious?! What're the chances of THAT happening?"

I just can't believe that a 3 month card ended up becoming a 12 month card.. Just.. Wow.

Merry Christmas!

Well, today is December 25th A.K.A Christmas! And I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone on Gamespot and I hope that everyone got something they've asked for!

Today I got an Electric Guitar, a 22-250 Remington rifle [kinda small, but alot better than a 22 long-rifle], Left 4 Dead 2, 2 pairs of pants, and other things.

We went over to my grandma's house to eat dinner with the family and her. It was weird without my grandpa. I still miss him very much..