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Let's see if I can get back into this...

I'm not gonna lie here.  I just haven't been blogging as much as I used to.  Hell, I haven't been blogging as much as I should've.  I don't know whether life is catching up with me, or whether gaming itself is starting to fall off my priority list.

Honestly, right now, all I've been playing lately is Fight Night Round 3 and Karaoke Revolution (let's face it, I'm a crazed Filipino).  Of course, there's the occasional switch due to games I'm scheduled to review for IGO, but other than that--I really haven't been into gaming as much as I used to.  I don't know whether it's been the workload at school, or the fact that money really hasn't been anything I've had lately.

When I actually have time to go on a computer, I'm just getting through an IGO deadline, or I'm just browsing through this forum and this site just to see what's up, along with moderating the boards.  So while I haven't been gaming as much, I still know what's going on with the industry, and believe me--I'm still interested.  I just don't know why I haven't sparked much as a gamer myself.

I'm pretty sure the problem is the money thing.  It sucks being a gamer without money.  But when you look at reality--games are expensive, even with a job.  Games aren't even things that'll help you live.  It's food and furniture that really supply that.  Actually I'm at the point where I really can't give a damn about new releases anymore unless they're truly appealing.  The last really new game I bought was The New Super Mario Bros., but I don't even own a DS.  I just use my cousin's.  But when he leaves, man--it's gonna be hell.  Rarely do I have over $30, so it's gonna be really tough to have $130.  Actually, I usually always have $30, because I still buy GBA games when I see something that's worth the money.  Take the new Dragon Ball game instance.  That game was tight.

I don't know--I guess I've just been feeling off the edges for a while.  I failed my driving test on Monday, and I have to wait 2 weeks to re-take it.  Failing in something as easy as driving is just stupid.  Now I'm starting to ramble, and that's bad for a writer.

Anyway, to get back into a groove, I'm gonna try and re-visit my past.  I'm gonna play some older games to get back into it, and I'm gonna bring back a segment... Forumite Chronicles.  Yeah, I always say that, so now... I'll just say GET READY BECAUSE ANOTHER EDITION IS COMING SOON.

The featured forumer?  That's a surprise.  I'll blog more... as soon as I find something to talk about.

D-Notebook: Really late thoughts

- General (Personal Side)
- Revolution Controller Thoughts
- Upcoming Releases
- Thought of the Week


Yeah, I realize that it's been months since I last blogged, but that happens. School started, and I have poor grades in Pre-Calculus and Spanish III, but they'll be up... I hope.

For those of you who know me well, you've probably already heard about Amped IGO. The site was launched around 3 weeks ago, and it's really taken off.  In case you didn't know, this is the product of Inside Gamer Online merging with WiredLabs--the owner of the Amped News Network. I've taken more of an administrative role, so this forum downtime has actually benefitted me to pay more attention to other things. Either way, when these boards are back in action, DRV will be too.

Today was a very important part of my life. It's the first time I've ever driven (a car). I trained with my instructor, and we learned some of the basics. Geez, I SUCK. I can't turn for crap. Gran Turismo and Forza aren't great sims, at all. Driving is a totally different and hard experience. I really hope I learned more in those 2 hours than I thought I did, because my turns were SO UGLY.

Revolution Controller Thoughts

Well, the Revolution controller was unveiled a few weeks ago duriing the eve of the Tokyo Game Show, and nobody here on GameSpot has really knew what I felt about it. Here's some primers:

- It's quirky.
- SSB. Online won'r work
- *sigh*

Okay, here's the deal. The games might actually be pretty fun to play. If you watched the demonstration, you'd probably agree with me. Either way, gaming has always been a relaxing pastime for me, and it'll be strange to actually use a lot of energy.

But before I actually made fun of the controller, I grabbed a DVD Remote and held the thing horizontally. To tell you the truth, it was actually pretty comfortable. So will we have any problems playing the classics? I don't expect it.

Nintendo has balls though. But they're probably going a bit overboard. The DS had an interesting, but completely fitting, interface. The Revolution, on the other hand, looks like something a pot-smoker thought of, Sites like IGN have been showing off some mock-ups of certain add-ons to the current Revolution controller that would make it a little more like their competitors, and if you ask me, Nintendo HAS to consider some of these add-ons. Because honestly, I don't think they'll survive the fight.

If you expect me to play games like Smash Bros. or Zelda with this piece of trash, then I'm gonna have to leave Nintendo's consoles alone.

Upcoming Releases
October is really looking good if you're a sports fan or a GameCube owner. If you're a sports fan, Blitz: The League's extreme football game looks like it's crazy enough to warrant your extreme tastes. And if you haven't already, you can pickup NBA Live 06 or NBA 2K6 for your basketball needs.

As I stated earlier, it's a positive month for GameCube owners. If you didn't pick up Pokémon XD, don't. Just rent it. Aside from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance--which I believe is Nintendo's killer app title this year, we also have Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. We also have SSX On Tour. Yeah, it ain't a GameCube-exclusive, but it has Mario, Luigi, and Peach. Sure, it was stupid in NBA Street V3, but snowboarding is different.

If you're old school, pick up Gunstar Super Heroes. I don't care if you don't have money.

Thought of the Week
When all else fails, mimic the guy in front of you.

It works in a lot of competitive games and competition itself. Hey, it even works occasionally in driving.

Man, I hope I get used to driving.


D-Notebook: The Lands of Promise, Witchcraft, and gridiron Metal Gear.

I decided to have a weekly "What's Up" kind of entry here in the journal. It's pretty much a traditional blog that everyone else does, but I add my little own twists on it.

Anyway, it's been a great week, and I finally beat Riviera on Saturday. **SPOILER ALERT, DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING ITALICIZED CONTENT** It was a bit crazy too, because there was a certain plot twist that caused me to fight the final boss without a healer. And you know how crazy JRPG bosses are, they love to bend the rules and attack you more than once a turn. Anyway, it took some real luck and thinking to do it, and I murdered that bastard. I actually consider that to be an accomplishment. I haven't felt accomplished beating an RPG since capturing all 150 Pokémon in Pokémon Yellow. (Heh, it's practically impossible to do that feat now. They have like a million Pokémon now.)

So anyway, if you haven't read my review of Riviera: The Promised Land yet, do so. It's my first feature in about a month, so I poured myself into this one. I WANT FEEDBACK! It was done before GameSpot's...:D

Meanwhile, I was Barnes & Noble's official website last week intending to use my two $20 gift cards that I got during a field trip to HP back in the school year. So I did what any obsessed teenager did; I pre-ordered Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Sorry, gamers, but I'm a sucker for this Harry Potter stuff. Speaking of Harry Potter, have you heard about what's been going on in the world? While Scholastic has been shipping boxes upon boxes of this sixth book, a Barnes & Noble in Canada accidently sold the books a week early, and now the government has taken action. If any secrets are let out between now and the book's official release, they can serve time in prison. I find that insane. While it makes sense to be disappointed about spoilers, it's kind of over-the-top to start taking legal action! In the meantime, people who return their books apparently get an autrograph from the author, J.K. Rowling. That's not half bad.

Anyway, back to gaming. I had one more $20 gift card left, and while I was looking at some CD's on the Barnes & Noble website, I couldn't believe me eyes--they were selling games too! Yep,GameStop is apparently supporting Barnes & Noble with video games. Now that's business right there. So one thought came to my mind; I really had to widen my GameCube library. Since they didn't have F-Zero GX, with the guidance of Ted Dedon (Frizzy) and Jeremy Yerby (Raging Gamer), I decided on picking up Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, and DAMN--this game is good.

It's actually the first time I played the original Metal Gear Solid, and I love almost everything about it. The cutscenes are slick, the voices are perfect, and it also has some pretty interesting stuff in here. There's this one puzzle about a package and obtaining certain info, and it turns out that this "package" is actually the back of the Twin Snakes box. There's also some weird Easter Eggs in here too. During the fight against Psycho Mantis, there's pictures of Kojima and Dyack, and there's also a GameCube, WaveBird, a Mario statuette, and a Yoshi statuette in the place where you fight the Ninja for the first time. The surprises just keep on coming, and I'm surprised I'm actually just sitting here typing about it.

But, I came online for a reason. I'm currently writing my review on NCAA Football '06. The game is also pretty good. It's my first collegiate sports game, and it definitely gives me a new outlook on college football. The modes, the playtime experience, something tells me there's more within the game I've yet to uncover. I'll have a review ready by Friday.

In the meantime, hope you enjoyed D-Notebook.

OH WAIT! You all really came to my journal to check out the results on who'll be featured on Forumite Chronicles right? Yeah, there's no denying it. Anyway, it'll be none other than N3M0. She's been a moderator and forumer for GameSpot for a while, and she's the new owner of the Virtual Underground, so it seems right that she'll be the one being interviewed.

That's all.

Forumite Chronicles: Featured Forumer -- Voting

Thanks to all of you supporting the return of Forumite Chronicles by nominating a forumer to be featured! Today, we'll take it to the next level. The forumers who were nominated the most, and the ones I've gathered slight interest in have made it to the voting round. This list of forumers includes...

  • *DarkCatalyst
  • Pegnose
  • Shame-us Blackey
  • *-TheGamer-
  • N3MO
  • scomer
  • Oilers99
  • Mystik
  • Shleco

Please choose ONE of those forumers to be featured in Forumite Chronicles. The forumer with the most votes will be featured in the segment, here in the journal, sometime within the month.

Also, don't just vote for friends because you want them in. Vote for someone who you've garnered interest in since the time you started seriously posted on the boards. Vote for someone you'd really like to know, and you believe really deserves this high honor.

* indicates someone who's been featured before

Impressions - Riviera: The Promised Land

The game just came in today, and I'm roughly an hour and a half into it (Chapter 2). I thought I'd post my impressions.

The story is pretty much your average deal with Norse Mythology. I'm not really going to go over it because Ricardo Torres wrote a pretty good preview that you can find in GameSpot's GameSpace. Anyway, it's pretty much the same ordeal about gods, demons, pixies, and everything else that concerns mythology. So far, I've gone through one plot twist, but it was pretty much expected.

While I don't find the story very interesting yet, the character relations are pretty involved throughout the gameplay. The reason is because there's constant conversation/dialog going on as you're on the quest. Unlike most RPG's, you can't really "explore" in the game. Instead, the environments are mostly Metroid-style maps with pre-rendered backgrounds for you to closely examine. You're also limited on things to examine.

As you quest around the environments, demons (enemies) will sometimes show up. The battles are a lot similar to the ones you go through in Valkyrie. You choose which members you want to fight with, put them in a 2-1 or 1-2 formation, and then choose 4 items to take with you. This is where everything gets pretty strategic. Since you only get to bring four items, the number of healing, stat-enhancing, or attacking items is your choice... and if you choose wrong--then you're probably done. Thankfully, the battle system isn't really that complicated and the characters teach you about things you need to know about as you progress.

The graphics are superb. Whether you're looking at the lush pre-rendered backgrounds or the good detail put into the anime-style characters, you can't help but feel good about the game's visuals. There was instance when I thought a guy was a girl, but when does that not happen in Japanese stuff?

The sound is probably the game's strongest area. The music is good, but I haven't found anything worth humming to. The sound effects are good too--clanks of swords and swooshes of magic use find a good home and sound pretty pleasant to the ear. Also, the use of voice acting after battles and during some cutscenes work to the game's favor.

So far there's a lot to like about Riviera, but this is something that won't appeal to very many people. If you don't know about the "questing" stuff that goes on in the game, you're better off spending your money on Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana. Otherwise, if you REALLY want to try the game out without actually buying it, REMEMBER that GameCrazy allows you to try games before you actually buy it. USE THAT PRIVILEGE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

I'll have a review up at IGO in a week or two. I can't post anymore Reader Reviews here because GameSpot copyrights any material you post on their site.

The Return of Forumite Chronicles

For those who don't know, Forumite Chronicles is an interview segment I created about two years ago that was discontinued as soon as these new forums were created. Now, it's gonna be a long summer, and I don't have a job nor am I attending any summer classes. So I want to easily pass the time with Forumite Chronicles.

The segment consists of some background information about you, the forumite. Aside from that, it's usually a 10-question deal here. Unless you're someone as high-profile as a moderator or an administrator, you probably won't have more than 10 questions.

Like it's always been, I want this segment to be interactive for the rest of the GS Community. The way to do that is for YOU to decide who I'm going to feature in the segment. Once we decide who I'm going to feature, I want people to PM me questions they want asked to the forumer. Sound simple? It is that simple.

So right now, all I ask is that you provide the GS username of the forumer you want me to feature on this segment's revival. By the way, you can name ANYBODY, including me, excluding yourself.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy this reincarnation of Forumite Chronicles.:)


All good things come to an end, but here's to new beginnings.

- The End of GameSpotting

As most of you GameSpot Journal-Hoppers may already know, GameSpot has just published the final GameSpotting. I'm not gonna lie here--sometimes I can't bear to read EVERYTHING EVERYBODY writes on it, because I just don't have the time. (That doesn't mean I don't check out the re-runs when I have time though.;)) However, since it was the last one, I thought I'd make time to check it all out.

In this apocalyptic special, you'll find pieces from Greg Kasavin, Jeff Gerstmann, Andrew Park, Ricado Torres, Alex Navarro, Ryan Davis, Brad Shoemaker, Jason Ocampo, Brian Ekberg, Justin Calvert, Carrie Gouskos, Steve Palley, Avery Score, Matthew Rorie, Greg Mueller, Kurt Collins, and that crazy guy who used to be a forumer... Adam Buchen.

Each of these GameSpot staff members poured the hearts into some of the best editorials found anywhere. Some of the most notable (actually, they're just my favorite) ones include a controversial twist on a popular GameSpot Community contest by Greg Kasavin, a big lie presented by Jeff Gerstmann, an inside-look at the "hardcore" and "casual" by Alex Navarro, a piece about bizarre gaming twists by Brian Ekberg, thoughts on how appealing the the festivities of E3 are by Carrie Gouskos, and a hilarious letter for the fanboys written by Adam Buchen.

- Selected GameSpotting Thoughts and Analysis

Greg Kasavin - Confessions of a Poseur
Now, a lot of you GameSpot forumers are probably still extremely shocked and or pissed about Greg Kasavin's last entry. For those of you who haven't checked it out and are too lazy to do so, Kasavin stated that he entered DFTD 2 and 3 as September23--the winner of both contests. Considering the fact that I've never entered both of the contests, I'm still going to offer my opinion defending Greg. Before he even mentions the fact that he was a poseur, he talks about certain things critics and other "powerful" people can and cannot do. People are what they are because they can't do other certain things. Greg critiques games because he can't make them, so he used DFTD as a test. Sure, he wasn't supposed to enter, but isn't it common for people to want to do what they cannot do? Either way, Greg impressed everybody. Nobody knew who the hell September23 was, but the guy was a genius. Seems to me that Greg proved himself wrong. Not only could he critique games (of course, some of you may think he can't), but he also has the creative mind of a developer, as proven. Nobody has any reason to be mad about this. You lose contests because someone beat you, and that someone turned out to be Greg. Too bad. It doesn't matter how qualified or how old you are, the better person will always win unless there's a conspiracy going on. Believe me, there was no conspiracy with the judges.

Jeff Gerstmann - You Are Being Lied To
I'd first like to admit that I've never seen The Last Starfighter. I mean hey, I was born in 1988--I never even knew this film existed. But to hear (or read) that this film has visual effects that beat the graphics of today's standards? That's insane. It makes me think, "When are we actually going to achieve photorealism?" A lot of people seem to think that it will happen this coming gaming generation because of those jaw-dropping trailers we're seeing for games that'll appear on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. But really, is that what you really expecting? As another GameSpot writer said in their own GameSpotting, Sony showed us amazing clips of games we can expect on the PS2--but hey, we didn't get those kinds of visuals. Anybody can make games like good, but we aren't really seeing any kind of "evolution." Do you think the jump from the last era into this one was big? Not even. It was the jump we had from the 16-bit era to the last era where we really started to see some changes. Mario wasn't about going to the right and jumping on things anymore, now he's about finding shiny things. RPG's like Final Fantasy aren't so choppy and flat anymore, now they have to show us how great the cutscenes are. But on a serious note, I don't think we should be expecting much on graphics. Instead of a technical thing, it's starting to become more of an expectation, and quite frankly--I don't think we'll really be met on our expectations during our lives.

Alex Navarro - Casual Every Day
So it is true, not all of GameSpot's employees are "true" gamers. Like it already hasn't been addressed. *rolls eyes* We have people reviewing mobile games now, but do people consider them to be gaming achievements? I haven't seen anybody call them those. Casual gamers get jumped on by elitists every day for buying games like Madden every year, and why is that? NOBODY is in the position to bad mouth any kind of purchase. If you buy a game just because someone thinks its cool or just because it gets good reviews, doesn't mean it's a good game. In a lot of cases, some of the "greatest games of all time" just happen to be someone's least favorite (minus the fanboys, people). It's not like people are born with gaming intelligence. I'm sure there's been a day where someone bought a game just because the box looked cool. I was one of them. Today, we don't have much of those anymore. Now I look at the back of a box, and see screenshots with darn good visuals. You've all done it before. Does the game really end up looking like that? Not always. Madden never looked like that throughout the whole game, neither did Final Fantasy. In my mind, there is no hardcore or casual. You just have someone who just likes games, and you have someone who just likes few a developers/publishers. Where you do fall in this? Are you willing to try a game with a weird name like Katamari Damacy? Are you willing to try popular games like Burnout 3: Takedown? It's always your own decision.

The E3 Me - Carrie Gouskos
I don't really know who Carrie is, but this is someone I can relate to. We all know that E3 is probably the best time of the year for gamers. We get all sorts of surprising announcements, and we get to see the latest and greatest games hit the floor. But one thing's for sure, this is starting to be one hell of a place for pop culture. We're seeing a lot of movie stars, professional athletes, and celebrities here. Are they there because they like gaming, or are they there for our benefit? I'm a guy, and I like girls. Would I ditch a free GB Micro to touch Stacy Keibler? Sadly... I probably would, and I know a lot of you would too. They might as well lengthen this convention, because how often have we heard the editors say that they didn't get to play everything? Is it their fault, or is it everybody else's fault? Sometimes, I'm glad I don't get to go to E3. It's a lot of work, and that work can be a hassle for things you'd really want to do. I wanna check out Spore, and I wanna meet Stacy Keibler--but sometimes, we just can't have both. Temptation sucks.

- New goodies?

That's pretty much it for my thoughts on the latest GameSpotting, but I'll probably provide more on some threads people write about. Either way, it kind of sucks to see GameSpotting leave. While I haven't really been as active in it as I'd like (I was never featured either, but it's okay as others my age haven't), it's safe to say that it's one of my favorite weekly features GameSpot has to offer. From here on out, Freeplay is here to address our editorial needs, but can it live up to the success GameSpotting had? To tell you the truth, the two are pretty much the same. Freeplay is just updated daily with one new entry.

- GameSpot, DRV, and the Future...

Now that GameSpotting is over, GameSpot is sure to offer some "other good" stuff. We have to be aware that this site has been getting better and better as time progresses. It's true, if it weren't--we all wouldn't be here. I applaud GameSpot for always living up to our expectations, and I know they won't stop anytime soon. As an aspiring writer, I look up to GameSpot.

I, too, want to be someone who guides and helps other people. That's why I'm a part of IGO. Like one Jeremy Yerby said, it looks like GameSpot's Moderators are posing as GameSpot Employees through our jobs at IGO and our titles in the community. What we do means something, and we take pride in doing it. Some good things may certain have ended, but that doesn't mean we can't allow some new things to take surface. Who knows? They might turn out to be better.

BOTW - Round 1: Thoughts from the Perspective of Reggie Fils-Aime

This is my entry for the first round of Battle of the Writers. For those of you who don't already know, the results have been posted.

I wrote this because I thought it'd be most interesting to try to be Reggie. I tried to mix in some of my own humor to it, but I don't think it worked. To add my own originality to it, I made it in the form of a "blog" (short for weblog). EIther way, I've also marked some words in italics, that pretty much foreshadw what Nintendo did at this year's E3. For those of you who are confused with the italics, click the link above to find my response to the judge's critiques and what my italics stood for. Congratulations to everybody who made it this far in the contest, and I wish you all well in the future.

DISCLAIMER: The following has been written by Danreb Victorio and will not be reproduced in any form in anyway. The only people with access to this file are Jeremy Yerby and Danreb Victorio. Only these persons may be able to post this in any place or leak to any members, preferably BOTW moderators. Thank you for your cooperation!

Reggie’s Blog, http://www.reggielution.com/blog.html


Well, Nintendo has finally made their way into the convention center. Once again, we take up the most space in the auditorium, and as expected, the lines are ever so long for the latest Zelda. We have some crazy things to show tomorrow, but I’m making my way into the Nintendo Press Room to watch Microsoft’s press conference. I bet it’ll be nothing interesting. If that company is stupid enough to show us their new console two weeks before this event, then I don’t know what they’re trying to prove. One thing’s for sure, our fans will be leaping and doing all sorts of tricks that we’ll have no choice but to give them the bone.

Posted by Reggie Fils-Aime.


I was right. Almost nothing they said was interesting. They have the tenure to even say that their console will be mighty? They haven’t seen anything yet. I’m more concerned with Sony right now. I mean, the people who attended Microsoft’s conference hardly showed any emotion at all. I’d feel the same way, hell I did. Why would we want to see all sorts of graphs and pie charts? I wanted to see a press conference with all the latest and greatest games, not some trigonometry class. It makes me wonder if we’ll even have to revert to plan C with out presentation. Should we even bother with the smallest micromini things in life?

Posted by Reggie Fils-Aime.

A bit of perspective…

Before we hit it up with Sony’s press conference, I just want to say that I am in no way envious of what Sony has accomplished. When I put the jumbo screen on, I’m going to expect to be amazed. Sony has made better decisions in the last few years, and they’re showing what kind of business they’ve become. But let me say it now; we at Nintendo have pinpointed our mistakes and now we’re going to build off of them. What am I talking about? Heh, maybe you’ll see later as you enter our twilight

Posted by Reggie Fils-Aime.


When I think about it, Sony doesn’t really surprise anybody with their stuff anymore. I mean, PS3? Come on now, I don’t see what that accomplishes. Some random scrub told me it was because PlayStation is becoming a household name. He may be right, but then again… I doubt that scrub even knew who he was talking to. Anyway, as for Sony’s conference, they just talked about power. It sounded a lot like Microsoft’s first public showing at E3 with their Xbox console. They have a strong lineup in the 4th quarter this year, but I’m sure Nintendo will be ready. We have a lot of addictive paths of radiance to show.

Posted by Reggie Fils-Aime.

A**holes & Time

Like I’ve said last year, I’m about kicking ass, and I’m about taking names. Some fool had the nerve to walk up to me and say, “Hey Reggie, if you’re so full of quality, wear a tie!” Seriously, what the heck is wrong with people? If he said that to me outside, there’d probably be some sort of fight.

Edit – I’d like to apologize for this entry. I was just so pissed at the time and I couldn’t delete it. I felt like I was in a gale of darkness.

Posted by Reggie Fils-Aime.
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Pancakes with Iwata

I had the pleasure of having breakfast with Nintendo’s CEO and President, Satoru Iwata, this morning. He thanked me for being the voice of Nintendo last year, and of course, I said it was a pleasure. Honestly, you Nintendo fans don’t know what you’re missing. Iwata is one of the nicest people in the world, and I’m glad to be working with someone as daring as him. By the way, our press conference is in a few hours, and I’m sure you’ll be surprised with what we have to say. One thing’s for sure though, I put the magic jacket on. Prepare for some things to be revealed.

Posted by Reggie Fils-Aime.


We just ended the press conference, and I can’t help but feel relieved that it was all over. Let the games begin, I say! If you didn’t watch it, you need to head to some sort of website and check it out, we had the revealing of the GB Micro, a demonstration of Nintendogs, an appearance of the gaming god—Shiggy himself playing Nintendogs, a brief talk about Electroplankton, information of our Revoltuion, and talks about the latest and greatest games to be shipped out to gamers from now to the end of next year’s first quarter. I just want to say thank you to the fans that have supported us, and we won’t turn our backs on you. See, as a sign of Nintendo’s appreciation, we gave the first 100 people who entered our doors a free GB Micro. Also, anybody who found time to play Mario Kart DS with its new Wi-Fi capabilities got a free Mario Kart stylus. See, at Nintendo, you don’t leave empty handed. If you continue to support us, your hands will always be full.

Posted by Reggie Fils-Aime.

E3 closes its doors

Another year, another E3. We’ve shown the GBA Micro, the Revolution, Twilight Princess, and a whole lot of other things. If you haven’t seen any of it, I recommend that you check out our website for what we announced. Note that we don’t have a price range for our console (who cares? The others don’t either), and due to certain purposes, we won’t reveal the controller either. Let me tell you now, the controller is perhaps the coolest thing about the Revolution. It’s slick, it’s clean, and it’s not at the slightest bit complicated. Iwata says we’re showing it off around November or December, so keep your eyes peeled. Whatever is shown earlier than that is fake. Stay tuned, guys. I have one more entry.

Posted by Reggie Fils-Aime.

E3 as a whole.

I’m not gonna lie here. Being the last to come out definitely gave us an advantage. We knew that Microsoft was going to show their console, and we knew that the PS3 was eventually going to come out. Don’t be totally disappointed with the “lack” of power that the Revolution has compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 though. Developers go on and on about how cool their stuff is and they never pull through and make use of their raw power or talent. Here at Nintendo, we know what we’re doing. We’re still all about the games. We’re about all the games. So with the Revolution, we’re giving amateurs the chance to make some good titles. I mean, look at those guys who made Alien Hominid and Tetris—those were absolute accidents, and now they’re great games. Each booth has had a nice share of visitors, and I’m sure everyone enjoyed them. But it’s pretty obvious that everyone enjoyed this one a bit more… What beats wireless Mario Kart on a machine with two screens? Two!

Watch out next year. The theme next year is brawling online.;)

Posted by Reggie Fils-Aime.

My thoughts after finishing DMC3.

I received the game about a week and a half ago. It's a shame really. The game was one of the most excruciating games I've played in my life as a gamer. I'm both glad and disappointed that I didn't pay for the game.

When you first turn the game on (yeah... load screens), you just can't help but get into the game's music. Like Greg Kasavin says, you'll find yourself actualy singing along with the artist. The last time this happened to me was probably... the GBA Island in Animal Crossing. You know... that thing that sings. Yeah call me kiddy, but that little guy owned even though we never knew half of what it was saying.

I started off with the gunslinger style hoping I'd just kill everything from a long range. Bad idea. I was scythed in about 45 seconds after I fired 3 shots. No more cheap juggling tricks from the original DMC.:(

I tried Royal Guard out and just died. That's all you have to know.

Trickster is one of the easier ways to get through the beginning. You have to dodge a lot, time your attacks. That sort of thing. Again, I died early.

I went through most of the game using swordmaster. Since I'm used to games such as Zelda and Prince of Persia, it just seemed more normal to me. Mind you, this game isn't Zelda.:-p The puzzles are too braindamaged.

Course design can be better. Graphics can be better... oh wait--it's a PS2. Game can be easier. But hey, I'll call beating it an accomplishment.

I went ahead and tried it out on hard. Got owned in the second area. It's really funny having your ass handed to you after beating the game.

You can find my GS Reader Review here, the same review you'll find on IGO tomorrow after it's edited.

The W@nker Party: Valentine's Day - PREVIEW (Scene 1)

Due to popular demand, The Forum Party is back! Well, it was never popular… nor is it really back. This is just a little something I have time to do. This time around, it’s only during certain holidays, so they can’t get old. Which means, more stupidity and stereotypical business from all your favorite fellow forumers! If you have any questions, please check out the following F.A.Q. If it doesn’t answer a question, then please, ask away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Forum Party?

The Forum Party was a segment that debuted in the GameSpot Forums powered by Lithium in late 2002. Written in the form of a script, readers got to grow and somehow learn from the forumers in a way of total stupidity.

Can I be in The Forum Party?

Sure. You just have to have people to know—most importantly, me. Then if I think something you’d usually say would be good in the script, you’re in.

How many seasons of The Forum Party were there?

There was the original, V2, V3, and SS. The original was the best, V2 was good, V3 sucked, and SS gave it a new premise that seemed to work well but was discontinued because of the errors that went on the GameSpot Forums?

Will you ever do another season?

That’ll depend if I ever give up gaming journalism.

The Wanker Party – Valentine’s Day

(phone rings on a snowy morning in someone’s bedroom)

Person: (waking up) Hello?

RagingGamer: Hey, Pat! Happy Valentine’s Day, man!

DarkCatalyst: Dude, I hate Valentine’s Day.

RagingGamer: Really? Okay, I hate it too. (moves web-created Valentine card to the recycle bin)

DarkCatalyst: Okay, was there anything you needed, Jer?

RagingGamer: Oh… yeah. D-Mon called me. He said he’s throwing a party over at Donutta’s house.

DarkCatalyst: (sigh) Another party? And how exactly are we going to get to Donutta’s house?


DarkCatalyst: (opens door)

Delivery Man: Telegram for Mr. Patrick Mifflin!

DarkCatalyst: That’ll be me.

Delivery Man: Yeah, your parcel’s in the truck.

DarkCatalyst: You said telegram.

Delivery Man: Que?

DarkCatalyst: Forget it.

That's all you're all going to get. Tune into The Virtual Underground right when Valentine's Day strikes at 12 ET for this holiday special of The Wanker Party. Don't be offended. You know it's all fun.

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