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Giantbomb = GameSpot

So it seems like the old crew is going to be owned by the same company who they use to work for. Not sure what to think about it.

Personal Game of the Year

Well I'm here again, but just updating my blog mainly. Sorry I haven't been in the forums but it has kinda grown stale to me. Maybe it is some of the dumb questions that people are asking or maybe that sometimes it feels like it is only a bunch of teenagers in it. Who knows maybe it is just me and I am just weird. I'm all over the internet but GameSpot is getting old to me. My main gaming sites are besides GameSpot are: GiantBomb, IGN, Kotaku, Destructoid, and Joystiq. I mainly just search those sites but still don't do anything really in the forums. But back to my main point, it is the end of the year and everyone is doing their Game of the Year stuff which leads me to mine. I'll put it short and sweet.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Okay so here is my reason. I haven't gotten to play a lot of games this year and my PS3 broke so all I have been playing is Wii games all year but this game has to be the best of the year in my opinion because I got it in June for my birthday and I played it none stop through September. That's a big chuck of my year knowing that my wife and I had our second child this year and have not really had any money for other games this year. The graphics were amazing and the gameplay was the best ever. Yes I beat it in under 20 hours but by the time I completed the game I ended up putting in over 35 hours into this game. That's a lot for me and I can't even remember the last time I played a game that long. That is just how addicted I was to this game. I know there were other great games for other great systems but I was unable to play them so if you are going to hate on me for that well then you should be ashamed of yourself since I am almost always broke after every paycheck due to bills. Other than that I hope you all had a great 2010 and can't wait to play some more games in 2011, but who knows that maybe my 2011 Game of the Year might be a game from 2010 since I just got Kirby and Donkey Kong for Christmas. But if Zelda comes out like expected I will definitelyhave that pre-ordered and that will probably end up being a front runner for my 2011 Game of the Year just because it is my all time favorite franchise. Well have a great New Year and maybe I'll see you guys around the interwebs.

Master of Galaxies!

Well fellow gamers I did it! I finally got all 242 Stars in Super Mario Galaxy 2! This game was absolutely amazing and I loved every moment of the game. I feel amazing after completing this game, and with only owning this game for three months I did it. Yes I am sure more people did this faster than me but I do not care. For a person who works 40 hours a week and is a husband and a father of two young children under the age of 4 made me feel like I really accomplished something in the gaming world.

Life Update

Well as most of you probably know I haven't been on lately and the main reason is because my workload has picked up which sucks but yeah that is the main reason. Other things that have happened in my life is that my PS3 is dying cause the blu-ray lens is going out and I can only play a game for about 15 minutes until it freezes so that is a major bummer for me since I can not afford another PS3 at the moment or probably not one for a year or so. I can still get on and play my PSN games and watch DVDs but the blu-ray discs won't read so that really pissed me off. Other than that I was sad last week cause of childhood hero, Ken Griffey Jr., retired from baseball and it finally made me realize I wasn't a kid anymore. Even though I am married and have two kids, watching him play baseball throughout the years was always a treat for me. After that there is the whole NCAA football drama that is going on and IMO I think it would kinda be cool for the PAC-16 to form and I would get to see another one of my favorite teams Oregon come OSU every four years. The only school I will really miss is Kansas but oh well I assume. I think that is it for me now, I guess I will have to dust off my Wii and start playing those games now, but I will anyways since I am getting Super Mario Galaxy 2 for my birthday on the 20th. Well to end things off I need more money cause hospital and credit card bills are kicking my ass right now and I can barely afford gas to get to work so that really sucks. Maybe one day I will hit it rich but I highly doubt it knowing my luck in life. Hopefully once this project I am working on slows down I can get on the forums again but until then to be continued....

P.S. I want MGS: Peace Walker but my PSP-1000 analog stick is broken so I can't play that either so my Sony products are both dead.

I'm back baby!

Well this one is going to be short and sweet but I am back at my work. It really sucks since I have a ton of work to do since no one really did it while I was gone. I hope to be able to get on the site later this week once I finally get caught up on my work. Everything is going well with me and I hope to see you all in the forums.

Leave of Absence -- Update!

Well now is the time that I will be taking some time off of GameSpot and the internet in general. I'm sure most of you know my wife is pregnant and they are going to have to take the baby tomorrow. The thing is that the baby will be a month early so I hope that the both of them don't have to be in the hospital for very long. The thing that is worrying that there is a chance I might lose my wife by bleeding to death and I am scared to death cause of it. I hope everything goes well but I am a nervous over this but hopefully everything goes well. Anyways since my stupid company doesn't offer paternity time I will have to take off using my vacation, which I don't get cause taking care of a newborn is no vacation for anyone. Well I am off and I should be back around 4/26 when I get back to work but I am sure I will check in on some of the comments if I get a chance. Until next time hope everything is going well in everyone elses life.

Well that was a short leave of absence even though I will still be gone. First I want to say thanks for everyone out there who cared about what was going on and everyone made it through fine. Addison Lynn was born at 7:57am on April 9th weighing 7lbs 9oz and 20.5in long with long brown hair. Her mother didn't end up having to many complications and is resting pretty good right now. We are still in the hospital but should be out by Monday. Thanks again for everything everyone and @rawsavon whenever you get your union up invite me and I will be an officer lol and if you already do have it up sorry for not joining it yet. Til next time my fellow GameSpotters!

My Top 5 Gaming Franchises.

Well I have been wanting to do this for a while now but have been to lazy to do it but here it is.

1. The Legend of Zelda

Well the main reason why I love Zelda is because it was one of the first games that I ever got addicted to when I was a kid. I remember renting, yes renting, Link to the Past when I was a kid one weekend and was instantly addicted to it. When I finally got it for my birthday I couldn't stop playing it and to this day, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is my all time favorite game and my favorite Zelda game. I own every Zelda game except for Zelda's Adventure on CD-I, I own the other two and even own a Zelda watch that is a game and a Zelda Game and Watch game.

2. Mega Man

Ah yes Mega Man, the Blue Bomber, what is there not good to say about Mega Man. I remember my brother got Mega Man 1 for his birthday and laughing at the cover art. But inside that stupid box was an awesome game that I ended up playing more than my brother! I love the original series, but the X series is the best in my opinion. I would say Mega Man 2 is my favorite original series game and my favorite X series game would either be X1 or X3. X1 I have mastered that game cause I always borrowed it from my neighbor I loved it so much. But X3 was the only Mega Man game I rented over a weekend and couldn't beat so I ended up finally buying the game used in like 2002 for $60 from Funcoland and finally beat it. I own every Mega Man original series and X series game except for Mega Man 7 and Soccer.

3. Metal Gear Solid

I'm sure you can tell by my icon and pics that I love Metal Gear Solid. I'm not really a fan of Metal Gear 1 and 2 that were on the NES cause they were hard. My brother got Metal Gear 1 for the NES when he was in 6th grade and they had some thing at school where they could buy stuff so he used his fake money to buy an old NES game, I think this was around 1992. We laughed at the stupid cover like we did with every old game but the game was super hard and I never got into it. The I'm getting sleepy guy was funny. Anyways when I bought MGS on PlayStation from my friend it was really awesome and a fun game and I think that was like my sophomore year in high school so around 2000-01. Then I really never knew about MGS2 until I was a freshmen in college and borrowed it for my dorm neighbor and wow that game was awesome. I loved it and got stuck into the series, I beat the game multiple times just to figure out what the hell is going on. So after that I was hooked and have loved every game ever since. It also has a soft spot in my heart because it was a game I would always play while my late brother would watch. He loved the story but never played it, so it was our bonding time I guess. The week before he passed away I bought MGS3 Subsistence and we watched the 3 hour movie that was included with it. It was the last thing we really did together and I wish he was around to watch me play the masterpiece that is Metal Gear Solid 4, I know he would have loved it.

4. Pokémon

Yes Pokémon, I know it is kinda embarrassing but I don't really care. This was another game that my brother first bought cause he had money and I pretty much took it from him. Well we went to Wal-Mart day one and picked this up without having any clue what it was about. I mean come on a red Game Boy cartridge is a must buy! This game was awesome, I was in 8th grade and that was all I talked about and played hell I even got the Pokémon Pikachu walker for Christmas and wore it EVERYDAY to school. I was hooked and I actually caught all 151 in the first one, the only other game I caught them all in was Ruby. Red will always be my favorite but Ruby is a close second cause I spent well over 200 game hours in that game trying to catch them all and got most of my Pokémon to level 90. I did this because I always played it while I was working, I had a job at a lake so there wasn't much to do during the weekdays. I still love these games today cause it is an easy to get into RPG where I can still play while not really paying attention to it.

5. Mario

How can anyone have a list that doesn't include Mario. The Mario games are truly fun and one of the first game that I ever played in my life. I didn't have to many of the games when I was younger but my favorites are Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. I liked Super Mario World more though cause I actually owned it and could play it all the time, but these games have always been fun for me except for Mario Sunshine. Hell even in 2nd grade I would screw around and draw all sorts of different Yoshi's and give them cool names like Lava Yoshi and Rainbow Yoshi. It was also my nickname but only for the 2nd grade. :) Anyways with recently beating Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy a year or so ago these games are still fun for me and I can't wait for Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Well there is my list you can agree or disagree with any of them and if you want you can tell me your favorite gaming franchises.

My thoughts on the PlayStation Move

I know a lot of people are probably writing about this but I think I will come at this blog from a different perspective, a left handed perspective. See I own a Wii and yes sometimes it is great and sometimes it sucks but some of the game I just can not get into because I am left handed and I end up switching the Wii Remote into my left hand and the nunchuck into my right hand. Playing that way is extremely confusing to me since I have been playing games with the D-pad or analog stick with my left thumb, but I can not stand having the Wii Remote in my right hand due to the fact that I am left handed and it is just plan weird for me. Anyways after looking at some of the stuff from the PlayStation Move I am quite intrigued about this. After watching the SOCOM 4 video it put some of my worries at ease, you see the guy playing it is just sitting in his chair having a good time it seems. What I liked about it was that he wasn't pointing the Move at the screen like you do with the Wii Remote. You see for me I like that since I get tired of having to point the Wii Remote at the screen like in Metroid Prime 3 and for that reason I don't think I will ever beat it. With that reason it is just hard for me to have the Wii Remote in my left hand always pointing at the screen and then trying to maneuver with my right hand which for me is really hard to do. I know most of you will say to me well just switch the controllers back, well for me that is hard to do since I don't have as much control with my right hand than my left. If you are one of those people saying that trying playing Wii games the way I do and feel my pain. Back to the topic the Move actually looks very comfortable to play with and play the way they have been showing you, with the Move in your right hand and the sub-controller in your left hand. I am actually curious the way this will play out in some games like SOCOM and other shooters. It looks very easy to do and I can relax while I am playing my games unlike when I play me Wii. But if this controller fails miserably I will always have my trusty DualShock to fall back on for other games. I won't be wanting to always use this controller to play my normal PS3 games but the ones that I own and are compatibleI will at least give it a try and if they don't work for me I can just switch back. Unlike the Wii where motion controls are forced on you in most games the PS3 version of motion controls seem like a nice little addition that may or may not work out I will let the games speak out on that but from what I see about the PlayStation Move I like. I will probably get it once it comes out depending on the price and if it is to high I will just ask for it for Christmas. To end this blog I want to just say that I am not trying to be a PS3 fanboy here and bash Nintendo all the time because in the end of it all I will always love Nintendo, I mean come on the NES came out the year I was born! I grew up with Nintendo and always buy a Nintendo product before anything else on the market first. But it just seems this generation that they have kinda let me down. I think the only reason why is that I am left handed and live in a world full of righties! I still think the Wii can do amazing stuff, but it only seems like Nintendo is the only company that can do that system right. My only hope is that the new Zelda game will let me play as left handed Link again and not have to fuddle around with switching the controllers all the time just to get past something. Maybe the Wii isn't made for left handed people but as of this moment I think that the PlayStation Move was built for people who are both left handed and right handed.

New Wii Game/Nintendo Rant

Well I haven't wrote in a while cause I really don't have anything on my mind, but I guess this is something new. Last weekend I bought a new Wii game in almost two years.... yes TWO YEARS! I think the last game I bought new was Smash Bros. Brawl and after that NOTHING on the Wii has appealed to me at all. Well the game I bought was New Super Mario Bros. Wii and I bought it cause I had a $25 GameStop gift card that I got for doing the stupid u talk back crap from GameStop. It is some dumb thing where they ask you questions and you get points back for answering them, well it took me over 3 years to earn enough points to get that gift card so I finally just blew my points so I could finally cancel my account. Anyways I finally bought the game cause it looked cool and it was something that I could actually play while my family is awake, I don't want to play any M rated games around my 3 year old even though it would teach him a lot of things :) Well I have been playing it and it isn't to bad, pretty easy so far but I'm only at world 2-3, but my gripe about this game is nothing with the game itself but the damn Wii Remote. The stupid D-pad is so damn tiny it hurts my thumb, I know it looks like it is about the same size as the GBA D-pad but still it could've been bigger and more comfortable especially when playing old school games and some new ones that need precision timing on jumps and everything. My favorite D-pad of all time is the PlayStation D-pad it is just perfect and I can't find anything wrong with it. But come on Nintendo I hope you know that more than just 5 year olds play Wii games and don't only play the stupid waggle games. I feel if I had my PS3 controller instead of the Wii Remote I would have a much more enjoyable time playing this game. Unfortunately I can't so I am stuck playing with a little kids controller. This is probably another reason why I bought Mega Man 9 on my PS3 and will also buy Mega Man 10 on my PS3 is just better controls and IMO it is just a better system overall. I am coming to realize that the only reason why I even own a Nintendo system is for Zelda and Mario, yes I know they're good games for the Wii but the controls just kill me when wanting to play something on it. As for now I am playing NSMBW but once I am done I will probably let my Wii collect some more dust until some random person wants to play it. But in the meantime I will enjoy this Mario game to the fullest until I beat it and then I will be going back to my faithful PS3.