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GTA IV Review

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Well, I just finished writing the review to my second favorite game of all time (second to Shenmue, of course) so I hope it isn't too biased.

New Review

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I haven't reviewed any games in a while, but I've just finished with my review for Mass Effect. Enjoy!

Manhunt Review

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My review for Manhunt might take a while more because im having trouble on the second to last level, but rest assured, it will happen.

It is done

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Spider-man 3 review is out, it's a bit longer this time so be prepared.

Change of Plans

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Okay, some stuff happened and things have changed, instead of Indigo Prophecy, my next review will be for Spiderman 3, same timeframe stands.

It's Confirmed!

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My next review will be for Indigo Prophecy, once again, expect it in about a week or so.

Next Review

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You can expect my next review in about a week or so, probably for Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse, but if not,it'll be Indigo Prophecy.