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[QUOTE="AmazonTreeBoa"][QUOTE="Jakandsigz"]People forget that even Sony admitted that they focused on most of their tech and architecture on easy to make dev kits. While the Xbox One has all its inside optimized to do each tax to bring out the most of whats there. Especially for actually running games. A lot of PS4 games are having trouble running at certain FPS even now. While a lot of shown Xbox one games with a few exceptions (< people will ignore this) are usually running at higher frames while also keeping graphics stable. This is similar to the Xbox 360 and PS3. Sure, the PS4 on paper seems more powerful this time around by a noticeable amount,. but if the PS4 like the PS3, is full of unoptimized tech that was not implemented correctly despite some of the parts being more powerful, the Ps4 could have similar issues like the PS3, where only certain games when stripped down and linear could show of a piece of its full potential. People say that the PS4 and XBOX ONE are similar tech, and that's all that matters. But how do you know that Sony did not throw some of those chips and such on without knowing how to fully use them? So far there clearly is not one game on the PS4 that shows that the PS4 is much more powerful. How will games use the PS4? no one knows. From the looks of things right now, it seems that the Xbox One will have an easier time with running games.


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Title. PS3 is the suckiest console out there. Sony can't do anything right.

I find this strange since you have a psn card as your signature and a Second Son avatar....
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Why not get a tablet instead? It'll be closer to your $300 price range and it'll handle simple tasks just fine.ferrari2001
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Short? I'm 18 and i'm 5'2 , that's short! But i'm a girl so i guess it's ok lol:lol:

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I would be very sad and wonder what i did wrong. Then make a new account with a better name.:P

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No but this makes me cry

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I like my username but i know a lot of people who want to remove that xX from their account. :P

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Jersey Shore......