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If you get the 1 year PLUS subscription , that's 50$. Sony now will give us 12(i think) free games each month. I mostly buy used games so i know that i will probably find these games about 15$ - 20$ each. That's a minimum of 180$ per month but with just 4$ a month we get them for free! I think that's really awesome because it's like renting the games but you also get trophies! And if you really like a game you can go buy it :) Your library will have games that know are good , isn't that great?

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we'll see , i can't wait for it though!! 2012 is a great year for gamers!! :P

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Did you go to college or a university and what did you study?

Funny enough, I studied communication arts.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?


Do you have any pets?

Virtually or IRL? :P YEP!

Do you like RPGs?:D


Would say that games are the best thing that ever happened to you?

Probably not the best thing. Video games just make life much more interesting.

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Yeah get the slim , it's cuter(but bad a$$ at the same time:P) , smaller so it fits almost everywhere and it's eco friendly( or something like that:)) And as for PS2 games , you can play those on your ps2 , my cousin has his PSone PS2 and PS3 consoles all on the same TV(don't ask me how he does it:))

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i don't play sports because of the annual release thingy:roll: but i hope it's good , i hate it when people are excited about games and then they end up being disappointed:|

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A bit hard to read but i think i got your point.:) I don't think the cable is the problem , you obviously have some loading issues , maybe there's a problem with the CPU or the game itself (idk anything about this stuff:P). You should probably have someone who knows better to take a look at it.

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I can't change my banner , my profile picture nor my blog banner , i can delete them but i can't change them. When i try to change my user pic to GIF the image glitches somehow and when i try to replace it with a static image it shows my previous avatar and sometimes it doesn't change at all. It also says that i left 1 comment :|(i left like a thousand of tem!!!) and like 480 forum posts :shock: (i only posted like 5 times...)

So my question to you guys is Are you doing anything about it? :(

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i already have a psp so i'm not going to get the KH one :(