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I'm starting college this year so we'll see. The last two years of high school weren't the best but that's my fault tbh.

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Chicken, it's the only meat that doesn't smell like animals.

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farts are good for your health. They should stink as much as possible. Otherwise they're no good. Farts are kawaii.

I guess my brother is really healthy then.......

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I'm not comfortable with this subject matter.

It's ok bud, we all fart. #everybodyfarts

I didn't know girls farted

We do but they smell like strawberries and rainbows. :)

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I'm not comfortable with this subject matter.

It's ok bud, we all fart. #everybodyfarts

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Wow that's impressive! I can't imagine what we'll make 20 years from now.

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It depends on the drug, i wouldn't want cocaine to be legalized.

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I'm a big Spiderman fan so i'm not complaining about the reboot, though i do prefer the first two spiderman movies.

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I also had suicidal thoughts in high school but i talked myself out of it. However, if in the future i want to take my own life i wouldn't want anyone to try and stop me.

As for assisted suicide, i'm not sure what you mean. Are you talking about asking your friend to kill you because you're afraid to do it yourself?

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I'm not American but here:

Tier 1: Abraham Lincoln, George Washington

Tier 5: George W. Bush, Barack Obama

Barack Obama is as bad as Franklin Pierce, Millard Filmore and James Buchanan (the three guys who allowed the civil war to happen)?

People really lack objectivity. Every president is hated during their term. Its a normal phenomenon.

Overriding the Constitution of the United States to illegally bomb Libya and overthrow their government, releasing high level Taliban terrorists without Congress approval, lying to sell Obamacare to the American people, promising to decrease the debt deficit and then increasing the national debt to 6 trillion (lol), leading a government sponsored gun-running scheme known as Operation Fast & Furious and giving $500 million for weapons to known al-Qaeda militias and figures is worse than allowing a civil war to take place. But that's just me.