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Impressive. But do these PS4 owners have any games to play? You know... The whole point to a gaming console?

Why wouldn't they?

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@Scipio8 said:

Lol all Dem cows dropping the PS3 like a brick for the PS4 while most Xbox fans are still enjoying the 360. Just wait for the sales to drop off the cliff once the hard core cows got the PS4.

What a baseless and retarded statement.

Also, "cows" and "xbox fans".....

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Your so jelly that the AAA game called Titanfall (not Titanshit) is not on the Ps4 and better game than killzone sf, knack and the rest of the ps4 games lol

Cows havent mentioned killzone sf in ages, still playing it cows? probably not, too busy hyping Infamous ss because it has good graphics but is only a aa game lol

Cows are mad jelly of lems since they are the ones playing the AAA game called Titanfall

Cows can play Titanfall on their PC.

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Graphics vs Gameplay arguments are stupid and are made by people who are butthurt because their game doesn't have both. Because simply having fun is not good enough anymore.

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Yoshida going HARD! I'm surprised he didn't get arrested.

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Dang! He failed to infiltrate the base and steal Nintendos secret data. Nice cover up though.

Didn't he learn anything from MGS???

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I knew this was going to happen right after i saw the gameplay footage. Will anyone ever make an actual horror game? I'm sick of all this action/horror crap.... If i could make a horror game i would make people shit their pants.

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I love how everyone compares Second Son with Titanfall.

A single player game with a multiplayer only game.

An exclusive with a multiplat. Bacause Titanfall will never be X1 exclusive, no matter how much you cry. Sorry. :/

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@Korvus85 said:

Although you would probably be better off with a nicer, less confrontational approach, I'm here to tell you that even though there's not currently a set date for when this will happen, we will (thankfully) be changing our comment system.

When that happens i will throw a party. >.>

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@shawn30 said:

@misterpmedia said:

But PS4 still in control. Dat Titanfall boost. What happens when that dies down :o

Honestly, the jump is all about the price drop. MS needs to drop the one to 399 or even 350. Yeah, I know I'm not an investor so its easy to say what a company should and shouldn't do. But realistically the One has games and features and more big games to come. It is simply to expensive. Titanfall is a huge game, but just one game. Its one of the powerful titles the One has even though its not exclusive. MS should bite the bullet and drop the price. That will help in sales being stronger over a longer period of time. Then when the Gears and Halos and Quantum Breaks arrive they will be in good shape. Titanfall has likely done its job. Sold a couple hundred thousand Xbox Ones, reviewed very well, and added value to the console. That's all you can ask from a big name game.

I'm sorry but there is no way MS will drop the price 350. And if Titanfall was really an X1 exclusive (not on PC or 360) it would have helped the console significantly more.