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The first thing that comes in mind is Killzone 2 , have you seen those mp trophies? DAMN!

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Personally i think it's stupid that we even pay "medical bills" , if someone doesn't have enough money you'll just leave him to die?. It should be free for everyone.

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[QUOTE="cfstar"]I'm bisexual, so obviously i'm pro-homosexuality. As for incest, i don't really have a problem with it, i would never do it but if someone else wants to... Well whatever. I don't support incestual procreation though, theres a chance that some terrible mutation would happen to the child.TheShadowLord07

could just get a surrogate mother/father to prevent the mutation. pretty sure some homosexuals do that (and adopt a kid as well)

Still how will that work? "Honey , i'm your mother/aunt and this is your father/uncle"?
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Two very different things. Incest is not a sexuality , you can't start by dating your brother , then your cousin and then your uncle lol! Maybe some people have a fantasy of sleeping with their cute cousin or hot aunt , where homosexuals are attracted to people of the same gender.

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Graduate , get a good job , live happily. :)

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Looks ok , i hope they add more exclusive characters!

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It's probably a fake. Don't feel bad , i bought 2 controllers on ebay for 15 euros each and when i got them i realized they were fake. The Left analog stick got stuck after i clicked on it too many times and now i can't move properly. :( If it's too good to be true it's probably fake. :cry:

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I played RE5 in my friends house and i didn't like it and i just thought resident evil games sucked , but the RE6 demo changed my mind. I'll probably get it when the price drops. :)

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Fallout 3 all the way!! You'll have tons of ours of gameplay not to mention it's one of the best games ever!! O.O

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Battle City , Pac Man , Contra and Metroid. I've only played two of those but they all look really fun! :)