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I don't agree with him. Devs (or former devs in this case) need to realize that those types of videos are making people decide whether to buy their game or not. And frankly, i watch let's plays for the commentator, not the game.

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Everybody knew this, i don't understand why some people were expecting a miracle.

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Analyzing a unfinished game? WTF! DF can go suck a di7k with their biased bullshit!

Yes, I'm having a drunk meltdown. FU

Isn't that what 99% of your posts are about? LOL

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@jsmoke03 said:

  1. they dress up in scantily clad outfits, go to a club and wonder why guys wont leave her alone and disrespect her
  2. They post up twerking videos and not expect derogatory comments
  3. they fall for a guy based on looks but wonder later why they are jerks
  4. courtship is one sided. its the guys who are supposed to show their worth to women. women dont have the obligation to make an effort to show guys that they are worthy of their courtship
  5. use their attractiveness to get away from traffic tickets, get discounts or any number of favors. guys do the same, SEXUAL HARASSMENT
  6. for a lot of young relationships (and even older ones) guys are supposed to be at their best. any form of laziness, horrible hygiene , unattractiveness should be corrected. guys cant tell girls they are fat, or they are emotionally abusive

both sides have their faults and not everyone is like these please each gender should do their best before attacking an opposite genders domain. and video games is one avenue that is further down the spectrum of what needs to be changed. video games will naturally change as a reflection of societies changing habits. If society is violent, video games will continue to have violence. if society is tired of sexism....sexist games will not sell.

  1. Wearing provocative clothes doesn't give anyone the right to harass that person, male or female.
  2. Same thing applies.
  3. Everyone does that.
  4. That's true, i've seen it happen many times.
  5. Both genders do that, but men are more likely to help out a woman if she's cute.
  6. Actually the opposite but you're right on the weight thing.

Why sit and wait for change to happen when you can do something right now?

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Who was Blake again?

He's the man who can't tolerate injustice and thinks a bus will protect children from nuclear bombs.

Oh right right. I thought his character was pretty meh but i would be open to that. Has something like this happened before?

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Who was Blake again?

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Well, my favorite game is multiplatform.