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Lol guys I think OP has been misunderstood. We all like pretty girls:-P and if they can game then its a plus. Your best bet OP is to try find them at a local gamestore or on PS HOME if you own a PS3.

Definitely DON'T do that, it's weird and you look desperate.

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I want to know, why are they updating useless features when there are more serious issues to deal with?

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Why should it matter if you want it or not? A game is a game and if your friend likes it then that's all that matters. :)

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hmm 8 days and no response, despite staff posting in other threads

pretty much tells us all we need to know... staff dont give a shit about any of this.

It's been 2 months since this thread started and only 2 - very simple - features have been implemented. I think we should take the hint.

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I think the forum has become better.

Edit: Just saw that one of your complaints was ads on the site. I never noticed this because I use Adblock on Firefox. If the ads are really that bad then I would suggest getting the addon.

The last time i visited GS without AdBlock an ad slid down from the top of the main page and started playing a video advertisement. That was a year ago.

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@psx2514 said:

the gameplay is pretty mediocre and generic, you feel like it's a chore to play through the game just to see what happens next in the story, and you could just watch a movie or TV show with the same thing which will most likely have a better plot/story, characters, acting, etc.?

What is your question exactly?

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@Lulu_Lulu: What's this? Lulu_Lulu has an avatar? Am i dreaming?

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I don't accept people i don't know but yeah, we exist. lol

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