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Sleep Paralysis

My first experience with sleep paralysis was last summer , thankfully i had heard of it before it happened. I used to think it was a real supernatural event though.

sleep paralysis


So last summer i would , like every other summer , sleep in the morning and wake up at night. The only problem with this is that it's really hot during the day and it get's uncomfortable and sweaty... So i was lying on my bed , looking at the sealing when i fell asleep. Shortly after i wake up and i try to move but i can't. I was completely frozen in place. I would feel like my soul(?) was moving but my body wouldn't , like i was trapped inside my body. It was funny because i could see my room but my eyes weren't open , i guess it was the last image i saw before going to sleep. While i was trying to "escape" and move my body i heard the most chilling voice in my head. "You'll never escape..." said the voice along with other stuff i don't remember. At that point i was convinced there was a demon in my room holding me down and probably trying to take my soul. But then i woke up , soaking sweat , trying to figure out what happened. 

Next time this happened it was a school night. I woke up in the middle of the night unable to move , but this time i knew what was happening. This was different though. I heard the chilling voice again , it was whispering to me , but this time i started having goosebumps. Not regular goosebumps , there were waves hitting my body causing me to have chills all over. I felt like this ghost/demon was passing through me or something. Then something happened that convinced me that it was all in my head. I though about a movie where a girl gets possesed and the bed starts shaking , well guess what , my bed started shaking violently. It was complete chaos with so many things going on at once.    I had this familiar feeling , this "dream" feeling. I feel this way everytime i'm dreaming but i'm somewhat conscious , not completely aware i'm in a dream though. So after realizing it wasn't really a ghostly event i was like screw this and i woke up almost immediately. I felt pretty disappointed but also relieved. I've been traumatized by this experience , i can't sleep on my back anymore in fear that it might happen again. :(

Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis before? If yes what happened and if not would like to have that happen to you?

Let me know , and as always , thank you for reading. :)