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My Paranormal Stories

Story 1 :

I was 9 years old when we moved to a new house. I was over the moon , i finally had my own room and i felt independent. About a week after we had moved i started having these dreams. I don't remember how many times or how often but i remember being scared to death. We had a backyard with a big garden , in my dream i would see one of those outdoor toilets with a crescent moon on the door. The door was shut , it was just there , in the middle of the garden. Then the door would open and i could feel this evil , sinister presence. I remember thinking it was a vampire at the time , it was this dark mass and could see it's eyes looking at me. I remember waking up without my covers and freezing. 

My theory is that i was afraid sleeping on my own...:(


Story 2 :

After a couple of years we buy an apartment and we move again. So it's night , we had just settled in and my dad asks me for a glass of water. I go to the kitchen , i click the switch to open the light and while i was waiting for the light to turn on the dishwasher starts shaking like crazy. It felt like a small earthquake , i remember it starting slow and the then just shaking frantically. The light turns on , everything stops and i take a step back. All this happened instantly. I called my father over and asked him if there where dishes in the dishwasher , of course he said that it wasn't even plugged in. At this point he's next to me so i give him him glass to get water on his own. I was still staring at that dishwasher waiting for something to happen again just so my dad would believe me. But nothing happened ever again in that kitchen besides the occasional whisper now and then. 


Story 3 :

Same house , summertime and the livin is easy. It's night (again) and it's hot as hell. My fan was broken and i was pissed , sometimes it stops working on it's own... So i close my eyes and try to sleep. While my eyes were closed i thought " I wish someone would turn on my fan" and i imagined my hand pressing the button. Can you guess what happened next? I hear this *wooshhh* , i open my eyes and i see the fan spinning and changing direction which i found weird because i had locked towards my bed. My heart was beating so fast. Did someone turn it on? But i opened my eyes immediately , why didn't i see anyone? I was frozen in place , i managed to get under the covers covering everything but my eyes , ironic isn't it? Did that just happen? i kept thinking... I slept eventually. I didn't know whether to be amazed or terrified.


Story 4 :

I think this happened a while before the previous story. It was Saturday if i remember correctly , i watched "The Omen" that evening and i remember waking up in the middle of the night that same day , i don't remember why but i remember hearing something under my bed. It sounded like a small glass ball , bouncing as if someone was dropping it , then picking it up and dropping it again. Once i realized what was happening i started screaming at my mom. She came running thinking i was being butchered or something. I told her to listen , it happened one more time and then it didn't happen again. She looked under the bed and didn't see anything and told me to go sleep with my brothers. At least my mom heard it so i knew i wasn't hallucinating. :?


Story 5 :

This happened a couple years ago. It was almost midnight , everybody was in their beds and i was waiting to fall asleep. Out of nowhere i felt like someone was running in the house. You know when someone is walking and you feel the thumbing on the ground , like when the music is very loud and you can feel the bass in your heart. That's what i felt/heard , it was all over the place. Then i felt something running on the hall , my room is facing the hall so my eyes were locked on my open door. I could feel it getting closer , i knew i was about to see something , i was bracing myself. I started praying , i've never felt so scared in my entire life. It stopped after a while but needless to say it wasn't going to be a very relaxing night. 

Why is everything out to get me... :cry:


Do you have any scary stories or unexplained events? Share them in the comments section. Thank you for reading! :D