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Most anticipated games shown at E3


The Evil Within

the evil within screenshot

The Evil Within looks so scary! I'm so hyped about this game , i love the creatures , the creepy atmosphere , the blood that is practically everywhere! The trailer reminded me of American Horror Story (amazing tv show btw). I can't wait to play this game with the lights off alone in my room at night!! :D

The Order: 1886

the order 1886 logo

By far the most interesting game at E3 , for me at least. Victorian/cyber-punk/werewolf/demon type of game lol what? :lol: It's also a third-person shooter so it is very different than what i'm used to. I can't wait to learn more about it. :)



For those who don't already know this , my name is Rein so when i found out about this i was like "They're making a game about me whhaaaaaaat!!!!" :P I like the fact that it's always raining in the game (or at least that's what i think) and i also like the fact that the ghosts are revealed by the rain. It looks like a very simple and cute game. I bet the story is great , maybe this will be my first digital download , i doubt they'll put it in a disk since it looks like psn mini game. 

Kingdom Hearts 3

kh3 , kingdom hearts 3

FINALLY AFTER 8 YEARS KH3 OMG OMG OMG!!! I'm so happy... :cry: When the final fantasy trailer ended i gave up hope , then i saw the Disney logo and i was like O_O and then i saw Sora and my heart stopped for a minute and then i had butterflies and heavenly music started playing and the world made sense again!!! :cry: I CAN'T WAAAAIIIT!!!! :)

deep down

deep down

I love dragons so this game got my attention. We don't know much about Deep Down , even the title could change , but i'm interested in seeing what this game is about besides dragons of course. :P Let's just hope CAPCOM doesn't screw it up...

Which games got your attention at E3 this year? Have you pre-ordered your next gen console or are you playing it safe? Personally i'm going to wait before getting a PS4. I have a lot of things i need to buy first like a new tv that doesn't cut the edges of my screen...:( I'm also pretty sure they'll release a slim or better version of the PS4 , isn't that what they always do? :P

Thank you for reading! Until next time. :)