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I did it!!! #2

I did again!! ANOTHER PLATINUM PEOPLE!!! I know , you're thinking "Rein , you are unstoppable , we can't compete with you! Oh please show us mercy you incredible gamer!!!!" Don't worry my minions , i shall let you live another day to experience my awesomeness and learn tactics from the best EPIC gamer of all times that is ME!!


Just kidding :lol: This is my second trophy , Fallout : New Vegas!!! :D

I'd like to thank my PS3 , my chair that is falling apart , my love for RPGs and YouTube videos that helped me understand how to play Caravan!!

I'm saving money for the ultimate edition so i can complete the DLCs , hopefully this summer. I'm also getting Skyrim this summer. (oh God i'll never see light of day! O.o)

Thank you for reading , take care everyone! :)