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Things would have been very different if i had asked my dad to buy me an XBOX or a GameCube instead of a PlayStation when i was 10 years old. If that hadn't happened , now i would be mocking PS Move and i would have another console in my bedroom. Maybe i would have been a SuperMario fanatic or have Halo posters in my room and be trolling about how PS3 sucks.

What i'm trying to say is that PlayStation became a part of my life , i grow up loving Sony . Picking up the controller and pressing those ΔOΧ#(that's the square by the way!:P) buttons is just natural to me... I'm sure Microsoft and Nintendo fans feel the same way about their consoles.

And it doesn't matter which console is the most popular because each one fits into a different way of living and different people! It's the gaming experience that matters and as long as you enjoy the game you're playing , from playing Killzone3 alone in your room at 3:00 in the morning to having fun with friends playing WiiSports , nothing else matters!!8);)

Take care!!:D