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Tons of games and no time

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Oh the horror. Before my vacation I was having fun playing Prototype and couldn't wait till I went overseas and got games from there. Now that I'm back I have like 10 games to play and ironically I just started practicing my old hobby, tag making. I played a bit of all of the games I played (Dead Space, Far Cry 2, Crysis, HAWX, Fallaout 3, Lost Planet, Mirrors Edge and half-life). Now I have finished Mirror's Edge which was the game I enjoyed the most out of them all and then I completed Prototype today.

Now it's just a matter of finishing the games, to make matters worse tomorrow I'll be getting the copy of World in Conflict I asked for, by then I would have finished it and some other game than it's Batman:AA and then I'll have AC2 and MW2. Also being addicted to MW's multiplayer doesn't help me.

Any of you had these problems?

Economy not punishing enough?

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A small rant. Games aren't really improving a lot nowadays except in the field of graphics. I mean you'd think with technology improvments games would get longer, more feature/gameplay packed and certainly improved replayability. Yet all attention goes to multiplayer. This is taking games nowhere at all. What's the use of gaming studio's anymore if all they're gonna produce are multiplayer games?

You'd think with this economy studios would attract customers by offering something new and no adding cool "bling" with 2-3 extra weapons in a multiplayer game with a half *** singleplayer isn't attractive. I thought with the money problems they would work harder to stay aloft after Midway set a pretty good example. It seems I was wrong. Luckily there are some good games by the summer but I still have some doubts.