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Earthbound Re-Released, Why The ESRB Change From E/K-A to T Is Important!I


Now in case if you were under a rock few days ago Earthbound one of the biggest SNES JRPG's was re-released on the Virtual Console for the Wii U. That was a big day for fans like myself 'n others. Sadly though I don't have a Wii U so I can't officially play the game as of yet. Like the original release on the SNES you can also download for free the official strategy guide for the game as well to use on your computer or Wii U Gamepad:

For $10 you get a game and you can download the guide for the game for free, that's an amazing deal. Especially compared to the crazy prices to get the game on the SNES and complete too. I theorize in a few months like with many other games getting a digital re-release the prices of the physical copies will drop too. But Earthbound I doubt will be cheap cheap I think it'll drop to around the $100 or $80 give or take or who knows may not drop at all depends what happens. It was a big for fans and Nintendo as we speak Earthbound is currently jumping high in sales landing second in the sales chart for the eShop to Donkey Kong, but I imagine won't be long till it hits the number one spot.

One thing I noticed that changed (besides some affects to update/smooth it) is the game changed from an E/K-A game to a Rated T game for Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Suggestive Themes, and Crude Humor. This is actual a big importance more then what people can understand.

Let's go back in time to 1998 with Version 1.0 and 1.1 of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Now for those who don't know Ocarina of Time had some difference changed from the game to keep itself from getting a T Rating and various other reasons. Biggest reason was because of blood, the most notable splatter of Red Blood was Ganondorf and Ganon cutscenes. It also didn't help with the controversial Islamic Song in the Fire Temple so the change had to be done straight away and Nintendo wanted to cover of their tracks to keep the rating T because they had enough controversy on their hands as is.

Reason why I am bringing this up of why Earthbound Changing to T is important is you think Nintendo would want to change the game to keep how it was before in the ratings. Seems they are a bit more okay with what is in their games when it comes to whats in it's contents. Meaning Mother 3 could potential come to the US. 


Why must I bring up Mother 3? There is many theory's and reasons why this game didn't come oversea's back in the day. Biggest theory I believe more is because of the Magypsy's. They are a group men who look like women wearing women's clothes and wear makeup, knowing that they wanted to try and sell it as a E Rated Game the Magypsy's would make it not happen they would have to alter them and their story arches completely in order to release makes sense to me. But what I am getting at at the end of the day is if Nintendo is okay letting Earthbound become a T game I would imagine they will be fine releasing Mother 3 Rated T as well.

It also seems good timing that the group who translated the game is willing to give all their work to Nintendo for free! Meaning if Nintendo accepts the offer all they have to do is put it together fix some bugs do some tests and release the game digitally or whatever they plan to do with it. No needing for extra work or translation process or many other problems when taking games from the Japan to the US! Heck at the same time officially release Mother/Earth Bound/Earthbound Zero too you already fully translated the game already just release it digitally on the Wii U and 3DS Virtual Console services!

All we need to do is wait for Nintendo to take action with the Earthbound Franchise or Itou to do it himself. We will see what the future lies ahead for this interesting JRPG Series. If you like some futher details on the games I am going to leave details about the Earth Bound Prototype Cartridge and a giant History Lesson on the Earthbound Franchise too, enjoy the videos and helps support the series as much as you can and thank you for your time reading my blog.


Hands On: EarthBound (NES) Prototype

Part 1:

Part 2: 


16-Bit Gems : #10: EarthBound - A History

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Behold My Flaming A** Crack Of Death, Let's Talk About Shin Chan


Shin Chan where do I begin with this show? It's rude, crude, random, and at times incredible! A little history lesson before I get into it.

Shin Chan originally in Japan Crayon Shin Chan is a Comedy/Black Comedy Slapstick anime about Shin and his adventures with his family, friends, and new people going through everyday life. Crayon Shin Chan is very popular in Japan because of the Manga and Anime even spawning video games, merchandise, and various other things it can grab onto. The Anime started in 1992 and currently still airing and being worked on that as we speak there is over 1000 EPISODES!

Now the English Dub twas done by Funimation and is different but it seems at times not too different. What I mean by that is when Funimation got the license to go ahead and dub the show they went off original writing and scrips instead of following the source material, but a lot of the jokes they see whats in the show still translate either being over dramatized or various ways you have to watch to understand it. The Funimation Dub isn't meant to be taken serious it's a pure comedy through and through, it really isn't meant for kids even though the show is stylized like a kids show.

The Funimation Dub takes multiple clips from multiple episodes so the episodes aren't in order. You can tell from the first episode alone by that with the older style then the newer style of Crayon Shin Chan in the mix. It at time does have story arches they do keep it going like any other show for instance moving into an apartment complex then moving into a new house but still having wacky adventures 'n poop jokes to go along.

All the characters have been done pretty well in the Funimation Dub if I say so myself you got the likes of Laura Bailey playing the main child Shin Chan, Troy Baker, Brina Palencia, and plenty of other good actors. If you want a full list of the actors check here.

From this alone if your interested of checking out the series (at least the english dub) or you just need to know more/see it for yourself first thing is you can watch it via Hulu or Funimations Website for free. After you get some episodes in or watch all 3 Seasons of the english dub tell me how it was for you.

Hello Everyone And Welcome To Let's Play *Insert Game Title*


More specifically Pokemon Red. If some know while back when I started up my Let's Play channel CLBGamer this game was the first of my Let's Play series, but due to at the time a really bad laptop being in low specs doing console recordings was a pain 'n a chore so I ended up giving up doing console Let's Plays with mY Dazzle. I still kept doing Let's Plays with Sailor Moon RPG it in the end can't be finished at least for this time or possibly never finished.

Recently with this laptop that I do borrow I thought hey this is my year and time to actually do something for my channel, after a long thinking especially with more equipment then before I thought I should do a Let's Play a throw back to my original first game I tried to do Let's Plays with. This time around I can feel I can finally finish a game for my Youtube Channel and do even more then just Pokemon Red. At this time I have up to Part 5 recorded 'n I still have a lot to edit as well. 

In a way I am a bit more serious about doing Let's Plays at least the recording, editing, uploading part of it all. I still am not gonna be like a super completionast about doing games for my channel. Sure there maybe some I will do completed runs the most obvious being Zelda games but not all I know how to 100% anyway.

If you would like to check out my channel you can look there:

Give me any kind of feedback if you can here good or bad okay :D and thank you if you do check out my channel.

Where Do I Begin Yet Again?!

Okay since my latest blog I have had an interesting past few months of things going from moving, all my laptops dying on me, still being jobless, and having to borrow my mom's laptop to use for in general uses. Pretty much sums up in a nice one sentence of things that have been going on since January. But going through all the bad things like both the laptops dying on me I am surprised I just am so calm about it. I know in time once I get a new job I will get the money to get me a Desktop then be set for a long time with a Gaming PC.

Enough about me though I am wondering mostly how are you all doing? Most of you I haven't spoken to in ages I feel in a way terrible for not keeping up with everyone!

What Is GameCenter CX And Why You Should Watch It!

My Other Accounts!

Before I go into this blog if you look above I have shiny new buttons. If you click these they will take you to my other accounts, pretty neat huh?!


GameCenter CX, GameCenter CX, let me say it/type it out one more time GameCenter CX. Where do I honestly begin talking about this show really. It's a very simple idea that it's brilliant! The show is about comedian Shinya Arino who plays video games, that's it. There is a little more to it then that but it's plain and simple that's it it's about a Japanese guy who plays video games. Ranging from Japanese Classics like Super Puyo Puyo to games we know like PaRappa the Rapper. This guy I will say isn't the best at these games, but some of the more older games on the Famicom look very challenging but he ends up finishing them or they finish him off instead. It's really amazing how much trial Arino goes through to end up defeating the game at times!



There is also segments through the show that either through fan mail Arino goes to check out locations where there is games to video games or simple machine games to win prizes, a place where it has really good food to eat, or everything inbetween. From other episodes I seen Arino does a segment where from fans sending in lyrics he sings it to video game music.



So you might be saying "why should I watch this show?" For that matter is why shouldn't you watch this show? The main appeal (at least for me) is to see how Arino struggles so much through a game but still overall has an amazingly fun time over the game. Usually people who play old school games for the first time rage quit and go end up playing Call of Duty or something typically. This guy from what I seen so far he doesn't rage quit, he just keeps on playing taking his time to enjoy it while still running his show either finish's the game or not. What more could you want from a pretty normal gamer like Arino!

Another appeal to this show is how informative it can be about video games. Ranging from Arino interviewing about the Biohazard/Resident Evil Series to even showcasing games released in certain years. This game mixes things up here and there to not have the same segments played in every episode in a row.

This all around makes a gamer like self keep watching because at the same time of how Arino is playing these video games I'm also learning about video games in Japan's history. Makes for an interesting learning television experience for myself as a viewer.



Arino will through his challenge of him playing these games get help through his fellow co-workers/AD's to help assist to finish the game. Though that may sound cheap to some but you know you too have needed help to finish a game whether it's a helpful time to something more as them doing a solution of a puzzle for you. At times the AD aren't straight up about helping him they give him material like in the Dragon Ball episode a manga to have him figure out how to defeat the boss in the game like in the manga.



So after reading all about it and looking at the links I've provided with the show you might ask where you could watch it? The quicker easier way is through Youtube! I'll provide a channels you all should check out that has lots of episodes up that are subtitled for you non-Japanese speakers.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post it was sort of quickly done but I hope you all got into this amazing show like I did. Enjoy and see you all next time!

Bad News, The Future!

Hello everyone yet again it's been a while since I last did a blog. Especially to tell you all to have a happy holidays and all that jazz. I hoped you all had a good one with your family, friends, and stuff.


Let's go ahead and get the bad news straight out of the way, I lost my job back in early December 2012 that also meant I lost my house too. I really hate how I do my job from day to day struggling daily from pushing myself like I should to be a good employee I should be I get shafted out the door. I really hate how I do my job like you should be I get fired for it, yet people who don't work and do their job way worse then a 2 year old get's to stay working there. Really honestly to me isn't fair but I guess it is how it works here in Arizona! Going home for the holidays was very very depressing for me I had some interesting plans to do and it got ruined completely.

I've shrugged it off now I'm just waiting on another job for now. Though I'm glad this time around my mom isn't as hellish on me about it which is good for a change. I actually haven't had any jobs call for me to work for them, which in a I'm glad they haven't I'm finally relaxing for once in a long time.

As for the holidays it was pretty good nothing special but I rather not celebrate the holidays anyways. I've never been a Christmas lover or any other holiday except possibly Halloween. Though I like to wish some people some joy for whatever they worship, believe in, or whatever really.

Now as for video games go well I gotta get my 2012 list put together to post on here just so people know what video games I've beaten and such those that are interested. I've talked with DarKage13 and I didn't even know me 'n him were still contesting in who has the most completed games in the year. He has some different rules that what I normally go buy so my beaten list will really be lists one with my normal rules and another with his rules so the numbers with DarKage13's rule is gonna be really high!

The matter with whether I'm still gonna try to be active again on Gamespot it's very questionable, as for the blog posting itself I'm gonna keep posting as long as they let me. It's kind of odd me typing it out but yes honestly all I do on Gamespot nowadays is just blog. I don't even have my games collection list up to date on here, that's what I use backloggery for!

I'm gonna be setting up a whole new blog post here soon to talk about some video games and all that I been really up to. Even talking about a tv show that I heard about on here when I first joined Gamespot back in 2006 that I finally got around to watching that I'm really addicted to right now! Hope you all have a good one now excuse me while I blacken my lungs some more with this tasty cigar!


OH YEAH! I also got new glasses what do you all think:cool:

Long Time No Talk I See!

Hello everyone, I'm sorry to say I literally almost forgot I had a gamespot account of how busy I gotten. I moved to my own place actually in the middle of September. Finally on my own is an amazing thing!


Not the best picture but oh well that's me after signing the papers for me to get the house. It's kinda too quiet with just me and my cat Skully but I've been fine about it I finally can ge ta lot of things plus gaming done!

Speaking of gaming while I was moving I got inspired to start working on my speed running for Resident Evil video games. Well I started to get some above average times like this....


Resident Evil 2 (NTSC PSX 11/2/2012)

Since September I started to take my speedrunning since my move then once I got internet I streamed nearly constantly even today I'm still streaming like crazy. This has allowed me to join up a Resident Evil Speedrunning group 'n meet with people like Carcinogen,TheMixedHerb,and many other pro Resident Evil speedrunners. It's fun talking everyone in the group about speedrunning, video games, and anything else that we just randomly talk about to each other.

Through my streaming I started to see some cool people pop up in my chat and gaining a lot of cool followers. Since I started streaming about a month ago I went from having around 160 Followers and 4000 views to my current stats at the moment of 8,496 views and 215 followers! It's crazy now that I think about it, all I do is speedrun Resident Evil games 'n sometimes play casual games on there 'n just wow.


Yes I'm excited that Season 3 is gonna be starting soon! Is anyone else pumped or am I the only one? To get myself ready for more awesomness I'm gonna go ahead and re-watch Seasons 1 and 2 while I just wait a bit longer.


Sorry to have made this kinda short and not really big bulky with juicy details I will try to maintain this blog a bit more then usual. I hope everything has been well for you all while I was missing.

Been Busy Not Lazy, With Work!

First off wanna say thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. Secondly I have had a job since May, I really didn't want to say and or jinx about it till about 2 months of having the job. So yeah I been working at Home Depot as a Gardner Associate, I thought it would be worse then I thought. It's not that bad all I do is water and take care of the plants while assistingcustomers. That's the hardest part of the job is assistingcustomers when they have questions I really don't know about not the heavy lifting and hot a** sun!

Since I had this job I gotten a new laptop and lots of video games! Here is a sample of what I gotten recently.

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Call of Duty: World at War (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Darkstalkers 3 (PS1C)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (PS1C)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Tomba! (PS1C)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Portal 2 (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Fable: The Lost Chapters (PC)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Half-Life 2 (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Half Life: Source (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:The Binding of Isaac (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Blood II: The Chosen + Expansion (PC)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Shadow Warrior (PC)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Duke Nukem Forever (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Left 4 Dead 2 (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Left 4 Dead (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Heretic (PC)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Hexen: Beyond Heretic (PC)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Doom 3 (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Master Levels for DOOM II (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Final DOOM (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Doom II: Hell on Earth (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:The Ultimate DOOM (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Lollipop Chainsaw (PS3)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Half-Life (PC)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Let's Meow Meow (PC)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Katawa Shoujo (PC)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Quake (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Redneck Rampage Collection (PC)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:One Unit: Whole Blood (PC)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition (PC)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Team Fortress 2 (Steam)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Phantasy Star II (VC)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Wonder Boy (VC)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Phantasy Star (VC)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D (3DS)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:Gex 64: Enter the Gecko (N64)

friend_newgame.gifNew Game:The Legend of Dragoon (PS1C)

Yeah this is just the beginning of what is to come of my even now higher BACKLOG OF VIDEO GAMES! I'm gonna next paycheck get the special editon of Record of Agarest War 2 can't wait to get that! I can't really think of anything else to really say other then how has everyone else been up to and how has your summer been go to you so far?

What I Been Up To Part 2!

While I wasn't working few months back I wasn't able to get a lot of games. I got some but the more of the biggest game of the bunch I played is this...


???? OF THE END or Yakuza Dead Souls. It's literally one of the best of the best zombie video game single player experience your ever gonna find treding on the gaming market. Since most of them nowadays focus on Multiplayer or Co-Op but in the end all of them have a sucking Single Player Campaign! Well this game takes the experiences you had with Zombie games in the past to a whole new crazy level!

Even as we speak right now I'm still playing this game for it's extra's! It's amazing how Sega can make a game so addictive with loads to do that it is worth your time doing so. Sure it doesn't give of what you expect but if you just do it it's all worth it!

This game isn't really for anyone it's more for the dedicated I will say this now! What I mean is this the campaign if you just wanna blaze through it you can probably finish it in about les then 5-10 Hours depending your difficulty 'n such. This game is all about the many many many things this world has hidden like extra quests, fun mini games, and many more that the Yakuza Series is known for but with Zombies!


Speaking of the Yakuza Series I finish before I got my copy of Yakuza: Dead Souls the first game that started it all Yakuza! I gotta say the english voice acting in this game was just really REALLY GOOD! I don't get why since Yakuza 2 Sega just didn't continue to let there to be English Voice Acting in the game? Granted yes it's bada** in Japanese but the guy who played Majima was excellent!

I gotta say only one thing that bugged me about this game especially comparing it to the PS3 Installments was when you would go from I street to another or a different area you have a little tiny loading frozen sequence happen then you would be back into the game. It's just annoying over time especially if you need to go do something of the now!

It's a really interesting start for this fantastic series! I only need Yakuza 2 to complete my collection then I can start importing all that I have 'n the exclusive games in Japan only. I gotta say I'm quite addicted to this series 'n becoming quite a big fan of the series. People regard this game Shenmue done right, I can agree 'n also disagree. I think honestly this is WAY better then Shenmue and ontop of that it's actually a whole different kind of game compared to Shenmue if you look very closely. But that will be for a different time 'n blog too!

Well I guess it wraps it up right quick for this one, I been working my butt off since I got this job. Which I will blog about that next soon till next time laters!