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Most Epic Mario Kart Wii Win!!!

First off hello, i have not died..i am just much to lazy to write blogs.

To go with the title, i just had the most epic win on mario kart wii (wifi) just now. For those that have the game it happened on the map Koopa Cape - the map i NEVER lose at. On the second lap i get attacked by shells and everything else and pushed off an edge. I almost give up...but i had one lap to redeem myself.

I caught up using skill, but was still 4th. Towards the end of the lap i get an item box and mash the button like nothing else. In my mashing, i use my item too uickly - a giant mushroom. I grow and see the 2nd and 3rd placed people, i squished both. I see the first person was a second away from crossing the line, but a blue shell swoops down, explodes and i go through and win!!!

Its the way Jesus wants it, me to NEVER lose at Koopa Cape. Its insane!
My score on Mario Kart Wii (wifi) is 7916 :D

I have also been playing a bit of pokemon diamond lately. I thought i'll try and fill up my pokedex. I've seen 470 and caught something along the lines of 354 give or take a few.

woohoo! :P

"Doesn't Europe have faster internet than America? I hear you guys still use dial-up." - f00Had

"Foreigners? Don't you mean Communists!?" - BladePenguin

Dont tase godzilla bro

Before you ask about the rather odd choice of blog title, but it reflects two events that i found very funny of late


To start i'd like to inform you (for those that care) i am in singapore!!! I arrived earlyin Singapore on the 29th of Dec. My flight on Singapore Airlines wasnt too bad. I sat next to a nice couple who were going to India to get married. But in front of me was a person who liked to have their seat back alot, which isnt good for anyone, even worse for someone who is (not meaning to brag) my height or taller (im 184cm/6 foot).

Anyway, when i landed i was greeted by a mate with a sign saying 'Simple Plan Fans Only', because i hate Simple Plan with a passion. Anyway, we chatted for a fair while and got in a cab to my mates house i was staying with. It was like 5am local time, so we decided to get some sleep because we were going out that same day. I finally got some sleep and when i got up we went off to Orchard Road (big street full of shops) to pick up his Ipod then go out to Burger king to get lunch and catch up with the rest of my old mates. After seeing them all, and finding i am a very similar height to a guy who always annoyed me for being ever so slightly shorter than him, we went to see 'I Am Legend'


I cant say I was overly interested in this movie, but it was that or National Treasure, so I guess I', glad it was this. The trailer doesn't reflect much of wot happens in the movie, so im not sure I should point out what happens, if you wanna know, PM me and ill tell u. I guess the movie wasn't too bad, but it overused the bits in a movie that make u 'jump' which slightly bothered me.

After the movie we met up with another firend of mine and we sat outside and had a coffee and some had a bit of cake. We made a bit of a mess (not my fault I might add :P) then we all went home.

The 30th of December 2007 is a big note to put in the diary of my life because it was the day I had the best burger EVER. I first met up with a few friends and we went to a place called 'Carls Jr.'. I went up to order and was recommended not 2 upsize and get 4 patties. I put in my order and the cashier dude was like "would you like four patties or five, sir?" straight away I thought 'this place = win!'. When my meal came, I tried to eat the burger and I could only JUST fit it in my mouth. I did end up finishing it, but felt sickly content. I am so going back there, best place ever!

One of my mates thought that the meal was 'boring' because it was just meat and called the guys fools for finding it slightly tasty (of course this is a girl who thinks she is fat when she obviously isn't). She also said it was boring because it had no vegetables in it and when my mate took out the tomato and lettuce for some reason unknown to me, she said "you took out the only interesting thing in there!".

After lunch and still being able to stand up, we went to IKEA because my chick friend had to get a plate and mug for her boyfriends Christmas present. That took a while since she was really quite indecisive about everything and asked the cashier if she thought the mug and plate 'matched'. I told her she was every cashiers nightmare :P When we got out of IKEA it was raining a bit, but we needed to get a cab to get back to buy some paints for this plate and mug. My friend didn't like the idea of getting wet and saw a slightly broken umbrella in the bin and after a few minutes of looking really stupid she decided to take it and we walked to get a cab...and im lucky to still have my two eyes because she nearly jabbed me several times...

When we got back we spent another while getting the right paints and then she had to leave to a family dinner. me and the other two guys decided against a 'DUDES NIGHT OUT! *raises hands in air*' and just went home.

31st (new years)
I didn't do much for a large portion of the day because I had no idea what was happening in concern to the new years party. I cleaned up the place im staying at and eventually got people to come over to watch a movie and just hang around. I had to go to the shops however to buy food for the night...which was much more difficult than expected. Let's just say I find shopping in Australia a lot easier :P

When the first three people arrived, we decided we were hungry from not having dinner and went down to Burger King, then after we met up with the rest of my mates.
It all started off us just talking and me sharing around my stash of caramellow koalas until we decided to watch the movie 'Alien'. A few people didn't wanna watch it, so played ds and 'dug' in pokemon diamond underground, lol. One of the girls wanted to use the computer, and somehow we all migrated into the room with the computer and (mainly) I started ta;lking to her mates on msn. I think I was on a high because I told people I am Godzilla and a 'rawr-ed' saying I was hungry for their family. So most of those people think she's a tad odd now :P

It got close to midnight, so we turned on the TV and watched the countdown. We wished each other a happy new year then watched a bit more tv before we decided to get some sleep.

We all had a late start and went down to the very close McDonalds for lunch. After lunch we went to the big IT shop known as 'Funan'. My mate picked up the game 'World In Conflict' then quickly disappeared.

Me and my other mate didn't really know what to do, so he called another mate and asked if we could spend the arvo there. We spent the next 40-60mins getting there after getting lost. When we got there he told us he had family over and we couldn't come in. So we went all the way back and went LAN-ing. We played CS for an hour aginst really good players (or I just suck :P), then once again, head home.

When i got home i remembered a movie was gonna be on the movie channel that i'd wanted to see for AGES!


This movie reminds me of the good old 'Jaws' series. Both being incredibly pointless, but still stupidly awesome! Singapore did cut out the most famous line from it though (being: "I'm sick and tired of these motherf**king snakes on this motherf**king plane!"). But all in all an awesome movie :P

On this day, me and a mate who had left the school the same time as me decided to go for a bike ride. I met up with him and had the very Singaporean meal of 'chicken rice'. After eating he showed me his school that he goes to these days, then we thought we'd go down to the place to ride the bikes.

After a fair while we got there and met up with another mate and went to go hire a bike/rollerblades. One of my mates decided to show off and get rollerblades which turned out to be a bad idea. After 10mins he found he wasn't too good on them and got a bike instead. We rode for literally 2 hours stopping at the pier to see a few planes fly over, but didn't see anyone with any fish.

The place we rode at is normally fairly packed too, but it had slightly rained that day so we had it all to ourselves! Ok, not really, there were a few people around, but not very many at all. One of my mates fell off his bike 3 times which was amusing each time. Also when we stopped once my mate had a drink of water only to spit it out that same second which was one of the funniest things I'd ever seen!

We also tried to show off our skills of riding without any hands on the handlebars...but failed each time :P

After the bike ride I was pooped and we got Subway for dinner. I had another local drink known as 'bubble tea' which was really weird...wasn't bad, but not too great either. After that we went home.

Today I met up with the chick friend who bought the plate and mug for her boyfriend. Why? so we can decorate the plate and mug, lol. First we got some lunch and she had to look at a skirt and a pair of shoes before the long travel to my mates place. On the train ride there we listened to her ipod and I was introduced to some sappy-ish songs and some random hip-hop rap stuff which I really don't like. However, she did have some good stuff like 'Sweet Child 'O Mine' by Guns 'N' Roses.

When we got to my mates place I told them I had to make them listen to some 'Disturbed' (a band) songs. They weren't too impressed :? They got stuck into work with the plate and mug. I couldn't contribute because I have absolutely no creativity in me at all. When my mates mum came home she asked if I was doing anything, I told her I was "sitting there and looking pretty", so she offered me a drink because it must be thirsty work :P

It took ages to finish the plate and after talks with my mate about him suddenly having a brother, it was done. Lierally hours had gone into getting it perfect, so into the oven it went for it to be all finished up. While it was cooking my mate printed out pictures she was gonna put in frames to give to her other mates for Christmas or something, and just before she finished we had dinner. After dinner the plate came out and she was very unimpressed with the word 'full' everything else looked fine but the word 'full' was thicker than everything else and had like lumps or she really wasn't happy. Once she printed out the photos we decided we should go home since it was a while away. Before we left she said we had to take some pictures. She had forgotten to pick up the glue though, so my mate went up to get it while me and her stayed at the entrance and took pictures. When he came back down with the glue she decided she wanted pictures of us jumping. So we jumped around like spastics for a while until she was content with her amount of pictures of us jumping and her kneeling on my back. We listened to her ipod on the way back, this time to songs that I thought were actually good :P

I woke up early compared to other days and knew i should get up and clean up the place for our Star Wars marathon. I cleaned up the place then grabbed some lunch and other supplies and before long some mates showed up. We watched the first to episodes of star wars 'rewinding' it when there was something odd one of us had spotted (lol at end of podracing in ep.1). My mate also had to go real slow mo for some scenes 'for the lulz' :P
Also during the movies 2 of my mates went out to get McDonalds because they needed food and one guy said he couldn't get 'mcnuggets' in India - so he came back with 40 and polished them off nicely.

After we watched the movies we went on youtube showing friends of my plate-maker friend doing a great stop motion ( and we also watched the shortened video of the 'don't tase me bro' incident which left me with a great pain in my chest and back from laughing so much.

We decided to go get dinner and get ready to watch Aliens vs Predator 2.


wow, I loved this movie! It would have been so much better however if I didn't get confused between the alien and the predator towards the end >_> the looked the same in the darkness. It would have been sooo much better too if a few people, who shall go unnamed, didn't talk during the ENTIRE movie!!! I swear if I gathered up the parts where they weren't talking I would have like 5mins of the movie! Annoying much. After the movie we sort of just loitered around and walked around before deciding we should all go home before the public transport goes off for the night.


well altely i havent been playing any games since all i've had is my ds and i've been going out alot. However i am thinkong about when i get back to Australia to trade in Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Final Fantasyt 3 (both DS games) in order to get a few dollars off 'Pokemon Battle Revolution', despite how bad some people say it is.

That's it from me for now, thanks for reading, please leave a comment (i might add however these day by day accounts are more or less for my own memory, thanks)

We don't have names, we have numbers

Hey everyone, hope your all doing well, because im definately not. I was on myspace just before and saw a bulletin posted by a friend titled 'these people deserve to die', i thought that was rather tight, so i opened it to look what it was. Inside was an animal creutly video. I've seen these before and didn't think i would watch it, until i saw the words 'I HATE THESE F**KING ASIANS WHO DO THIS!' and im like 'hey wtf! this happens outside asia!' so i watched it so i could possibly say 'yeh, cause thats not in america, is it?'. Bad idea. I won't describe it, as since i would think i am not a skweemish person and i was close to vomitting...not cool. Absolutely disgusting.

Quite random, but it did sort of give me another reason to understand the way people think by possibly going after a future in psychology...but we'll see how year 12 goes first.


Me and my mate decided to get out of the house on a rather warm Australian day and went to see 'Hitman' (also where my blog title comes form)


This movie was great even without me playing any of the Hitman games. My mate was also very impressed by saying it had the 3 essential things which make a good movie - guns, violence and sex (or in this movies case, unnecessary female nudity). This movie has great fight scenes and a fairly understandable story. I also like the little bits of humour they put in, makes it a very good movie. I've been finding it funny of late by the amount of movies and stuff that are taking the p1ss out of the Russians. There is this movie, and i saw an ad for some 'Mightyducks' movie which is about some hockey game against the Russians...meh
Back on topic, this movie is great, i'd recomend it to everyone


Another interesting thing that has happened of late was me staying at my mates place. I got there to be greeted by another mate jumping out from behind the door. I was expecting something of the sort when my other mate had said "Now meet my evil twin" and then he jumped out. Similar thing happened to the next mate of mine to came...but he got scared - funny stuff :P For the few while it was just us talking, playing N64 and DS - until we got serious and fired up the Wii. We each made our own Mii's to start (mine called sxcbackPat - and no i do not like Justin Timberlake, i just find myself saying "cause i'm bringing sexy back" alot :P). My 1337 wii sports skills were tested first at Tennis, to which i shrugged 'em off easily. After everyone had a go or two, we switch to the big league - wii boxing. Me and the host started off with us not aware we were being recorded on my mates flash-bang new nokia phone. Its one of the latest ones out, and has a great picture. We look like fools playing and i will upload the 3 videos after i finish typing this for you all to laugh at :P

After the wii, we went to watch some TV while having some drink, ships and whatever food the host could find :P we watched 'Mony Pythons The Meaning of Life' which is always good, especially since i hadn't seen it in ages...only thing was my mate sang along with all the songs :? After that the host wanted to show off the powers of his fav pokemon, charizard. Me and my mate have this 'rivalry' so to speak between Mr Mime (my fav poke) and Charizard, his fav. So we watched the show, whilst laughing at all its faults. It was rather late/early and my mate said "if anyone asks, we weren't watching pokemon, we were up moving very heavy furnature and having lots of sex....with women". We continued to watch a few more episodes of the show, until we decided to call it a night. We woke up at like 10 the same morning and played PS2 and ds until we were all picked up.


The last interesting thing that's been happening is my grandma getting a knee surgery and getting a whole new knee in. She got out of the hospital/rehab place today and returned home, meaning my grandpa is out of my house and i get my room back :D sounds mean i know, but i was woken up very early so my lil bro and sis could go to school and my grandpa said a total of 5 things :S
1) this sodoku is hard - maybe i'm getting dumber. Your dad does them in INK!! i have to do them in pencil
2) i dont eat much these days - at every meal
3) your gran cleaned the house and got every ready for christmas before she went into hospital you know - to which we all replied "we know" since we helped.
4) you kids don't help your mum much - which i guess is true, but there is little point because my mum is a perfectionist and would re-do whatever we did anyway :P
5) finding some strange way to bag the now ex-Prime Minister John Howard. just image that the only things a person says...gets a little repetitive :?


22 days till i go to Singapore :D :D :D :D
i've also been considering telling this girl that i like her there...but still not sure...


Battlefield 2 and Pokemon diamond are the games that have gotten a fair workout of late. However, I've been trying to get further in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I have gotten further, but the bit i'm on now is rather annoying:? i wont spol it for others.

I battled my mate on Wifi (pokemon) today. I just lost. If he didn't have counter on his Hitmonchan and he didnt have his stupid Starmie i would have won :P

That's it from me for now, thanks for reading, please leave a comment

So i herd you vote Kevin Ruddkipz

Today, November the 24th Australia voted for their new government, the result? Kevin Rudd has replaced John Howard as Australia's Prime Minister.

Kevin Rudd has become Australia's 26th prime Minister, and introduces the first labor government since the last fall of the party in 1996.

Now ex-Prime Minister John Howard may also find himself out of Parliament all together with his seat of Bennelong (NSW) possibly falling to the labor leader in the area, former reporter, Maxine McKew.

Now, I'm 17 so was therefore unable to vote, however my mum and grandpa did vote for labor (for which Kevin Rudd represents), so i was pleased with that.
I just couldn't believe at one of my mates stupidity. I have been a supporter of Rudd for most of the year, and my friends know it. As soon as it was obvious Rudd had won, i went on msn to have my mate doubt Rudd and say "just wait for China to invade now". His arguements to why this would happen were very weak obviously, saying that because Rudd spoke Chinese they would incade us...yeh, nice theory [end sarcasm] I replied saying, well either way we would have a Prime Minister who spoke english, does that mean England would invade us? along with the United States and all other english speaking countries...anyway, enough of that

So next time you watch the news and see your countries leader talking to a different looking representative of Australia, it will be Kevin Rudd

for those that have no faith i quote Darth Vader: "I find your lack of faith disturbing"

My Life

I saw a good mate of mine just the other day, we had a day out in the city and got up to a few things. First off we went to get lunch...well I did. I got myself a good KFC meal to which she said "i'll steal your chips....and i have an apple, they are filling", i shook my head with dissapointment. Anyway, soon after we went to the movies and saw 'Lions For Lambs'


Apart from it obviously being a movie to convince the American, and world's population that what countries are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan for example are not only reasonable, but good, it was a good movie. I for one have never really supported the wars, yet they are necessary to show that the world's superpower will not take c**p from anyone, developing, or developed country, doesnt matter. Which is good...if you keep giving into a bully they'll walk all over you..but enough of my talk. If your wondering why the odd title for the movie, it is because of one point during the movie where one of the characters makes reference to World War Two where the (if i remembered correctly) Germans referred to the British army as Lions - courageous, valiant and great fighters, but were all the while held back by commanders and generals who were not so - the lambs. The whole movie is in a space of 1-2 hours of 6 peoples lives - A uni teacher and a student, a reporter and a Congressman and finally, two soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. It makes for a good movie, i recommend it to anyone who is into politics and world issues.

After the my mate talked about how she is going to Singapore the 1st of December and how she would be staying at her mums house for a while, and being all alone for both christmas and new year, so she asked if i could try to come up and stay with her. I did not bother trying to get out of Christmas because it is a pretty big deal in my family, even though nearly none of us are religious..but anyway. I asked and eventually dad booked me in to travel to singapore from the 29th of dec to 13th of jan. :D :D :D :D

Later we left to try and find the Labor office to try to get me a Kevin '07 shirt (marketing shirts made by the party obviously). We walked out inthe rain searching until we finally found it, a bit wet. I walked in and asked "do you have any Kevin 07 shirts?" to which my mate just started laughing. the lady behind the counter just said "we dont supply them here" we left. Just to get more wet until we decided on something to do. We went back into the main part of the city to where she finally took me to the Big W so i could buy her the rest of her b'day present i owed her since May. After that, we decided to head off to Chinatown and get some dinner.

I was dying for some Singapore 5tyle pork and rice, so that's what we got. It tasted sooo good, and was sooo nice, so i was happy. We didn't have too much else to do, so we sat in the place for a while just talking while she made a mess with the tea they gave us. She drew pictures of the split stuff on the table while i spun my unused chopsticks on the table. After literally an hour and a half sitting there, and plenty of dirty, weird looks from the waitresses, we paid and left. It was getting late, and i still had an hour trip ahead of me, so i decided i should leave. So we got on a tram, gave her the usual goodbye and got on the train home.


Another big bit of my life right now is my grandma. Just yesterday (23rd of Nov) she went into the hospital to get surgery done on her knee. She's had a dodgy knee for a while, and i thikn she's getting a whole new metal knee put it. Now my grandpa wouldnt be able to stay by himself, so he is staying with my family for, well, as long as it takes. Since we have no spare bedroom, he is staying in my room while i sleep in various parts of the house, for which dad said he would compensate me for :D

its certaintly different with him here. the ABC (Australian Broadccasting Coperation) is n alot more than usual, and more documentaties and 'old people' shows are on. I'vw also found myself being less noisy, and holding my tongue alot more...which is a change i should make anyway...meh :P


A few games have been receiving workouts from me since my school is over for the year. Over the past few days Battlefield 2 has gone up with me enjoying doing various flips in black hawks (tricky business that), and strapping C4 to my jeeps and charging all over the place...great fun. A mini story i have from that is, if anyone knows the map Wake Island, i put C4 on the front of my jeep then charged into enemy territory so to speak, half way i see a tank on a destroyable bridge. I drive into the tank, kill myself and the tank in the process and the bridge is destroyed, i just laughed.
A second story i have is once again with C4 on the front of my jeep, also on wake island. i drove into the airfield and saw an attack chopper (Apache if you wanna be clever) coming in for repairs. i took my chance and slammed into it as it touched the ground, killing both pilot and gunner, i was most impressed :D

I have also decided to get going on my borrowed version of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I finally got passed the bit i was stuck on, and am now about to battle the Boss in the Goron mines.

I also started up Super Paper Mario again. I also got passed my stuck point and got further...i am however, stuck again :?

I also beat Zelda: Phantom Hourglass the other day. Great game, you can check out my review here(and yes, clicking this will open a new window, that way you can see the rest of my blog)

Pokemon diamond has also been racking up its usual play time, which is alot. I have changed my team for the millionth time, this time taking out Probopass (meinFuhrer) and Tentacruel and replacing them with Hitmontop (now one of my favorite pokemon) and Weezing.

My new members




That's all from me, thanks for reading, please leave a comment

added on for lulz:No, think about it. Colonel Sanders does sell chicken (KFC). Blaziken is a chicken who knows kung-fu, making him a kung-fu chicken (KFC). Infernape stole Blaziken's job. Therefore, Infernape stole Colonel Sanders job.

Time is an illusion - now with funny bf2 story

Well i said i was gonna do i blog a bit after my bday....but havent gotten around to it. so here we go.

BF2 Story

A break from the norm, i shall start with my funny BF2 story as i promised you in the title.
A long time ago in a galaxy similar to ours, there was....BATTLEFIELD 2! Anyway, seriously, it was yesterday when i was playing battlefield 2 like a good simaritin when there was an arguement. Of course most people stop what they're doing to watch these arguements progress, i was no different.
They were throwing insults and comebacks at each other until one of them stopped. A little bt of time passed when the other player then said "what, got no comeback for that, punk?" and the other player soon replied with a "if i wanted my come back, i'd wipe it off your face"
This resulted in much lulz and alot of 'ooohhh burnt!' and 'bow chicka wow wow' (lynx ad). Anyway, if you dont get the joke, think of come, minus the 'o' and 'e' and placing in a 'u'....ill leave you with that.

Another story from BF2 came not so long ago. I was playing normally, not like a spastic until in the middle of the screen someone had said 'INTERNODE IS RACIST', now i love annoying people, its good fun, so i took the cue and ran with it. This somehow led to me and another player talking about our 'chickunz' (chicken). We debated who had had our chicken longer which resulted in a mini talk about evolution, jesus being my home boy and me stealing chickunz from communist Russia. The topic of Africa also came up and the guy said "Africa is where its at...minus all the aids". So i said aids is good for mah chickunz, to which the guy replied "aidz makes mah chickunz taste sweeter".
Everyone seemed to hate me and this guy alot, which only made it more fun for us. We were both TK-ed a fair bit saying "the white man is a playa hater" and "the white man wont let the black man play"
Nearing the end of the round i was tired of getting shot by team mates on the US carrier, so, since i was commander i used our own artillery on it....jumped in the black hawk so no one could escape and watched as we quickly lost. I took off and was about to crash this black hawk when one of my team mates said "nice one spudz, ur too busy talking about your stupid chickens to lost it for us", which i did :D

All the while i was telling my mate about this to which he had much lulz and said "lol, as always you can turn an entire damn server against you", which i did, so much fun doing so too. He also asked if i got screenshots and my jaw dropped. I couldnt believe i forgot to take even just one! so maybe ill do it again :D


I am still unemployed and still looking for my first job. I had an interview at a nearby Coles last week but i havent heard from them its not looking so great :?


I HAVE MY OWN COMP!!!! yes, finally. My sister got a fancy laptop for her b'day and so i adopted her comp. It's so nice going on whenever i want without my parents getting crabby. Too bad it really heats up my room so i get really hot even when its below 25 degrees (celcius).

I may also update that there is a new lady in my life. No we're not going out or anything like that...i'm planning on telling her next week maybe...once our exams are over..just incase you know? So who knows? maybe all will go good

After a while of waiting and sleepless nights, i saw my most anticipated movie this year, Saw IV (my blog title is a quote from the movie)


Call it bias, but i really liked the movie. Why not the 10/10 then? well because at the end of it i was sitting with one eyebrow raised thinking 'eh?'. Its a good movie that you know will havea smart ending...but the ending stumped me this time. They needed to show somehow the differences in time. Whoever has seen this movie may understand. Also a down side was the traps didn't seem to have that usual intelligence behind them, the seemed to be more 'u suck, die now!' than in previous saws where their life would reflect the trap....if that makes any sense. And some don't even have the tape playing telling them why they're in there, which didn't impress me one bit!

I got a new game too :D i got Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. A great game that, except for Temple of the Ocean King...anyone who has the game will know what i mean. It's so annoying. I'm a fair way through the game...but i cannot be bothered to go thru that stupid temple again, it just gets annoying and way repetitive!

Lastly, i have exams coming up...not looking forward to them. But by the 22nd i think it is i am done with school for the year and will only have tear 12 left to complete. I still have no idea of my 'dream occupation' tho...whic isnt too good i guess..but we'll see how we go.

Pogemanz (Pokemon)

I have been playing pokemon diamond a fair bit lately, raising up a new team of mine. Here is my trainer card:

I have also been telling people that Probopass is Mein Fuhrer (German for 'my leader' which Hitler was pretty well known as) after a topic on the pokemon D/P Boards someone said that Probopass wanted to put in the 3rd Reich (The government Hitler wanted to install that he said would last 1000 years)
here is the link
So yes, that encouraged me to put a Probopass on my team nicknamed MeinFuhrer

Mein Fuhrer

I've also been battling my mates a fair bit. I beat em all...except for a guy who hacks his pokes...moves, EV's the lot. But he hacked me a Pelipper which no, i am not going to use online.


thanks for reading, please leave a comment

Iz Mah Birfdayz

no joke. I'm 17 today, yay for me.

17 is the stage where you cant do much though - 16 you get your L's and 18 is where you can legally drink and get your full drivers licence...but still.

I got Super Paper Mario (Wii) and played that for a bit, good stuff. Also any Australians may know the show 'We could be Heroes'. i got that - ive only seen one episode due to living in Singapore. I also got the Auzzie movie 'The Castle' and everyones fav movie Borat.

I got plenty of cash from relatives and i also got chocolate (rocky road..yummm) and a new sorta CD player/ipod dock station/radio thing - its really awesome.

i'll make a better blog in a while with alot more updates, but until then, cya

The more you care, the more you have to lose

Well well well, i havent had a blog post in about a month, and you can blame several things for it...but mostly my laziness.
Oh, and incase you were wondering, my blog title came from a quote i found memerable in Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix (the movie).


Well most of my family were desperate to see it, so a day or two after it came out, mum said we could see the 10am showing of jaw dropped at the thought of it. So on the school holidays i was up at an un-godly hourto see and my older sister were close to falling asleep...lucky the movie started before we did. Anyway,I was kinda dissapointed with the movie...everything seemed to piece together much too quickly and once i realised the were in the ministry i'm thinking 'hang on, this is nearly over' (id read the book). I wouldnt say its the best movie so far mainly because i expected so much more from it...But like some others i thought Emma Watson did a good job in the movie ;) :P


Now i must admit this was the FIRST die hard movie i had watched from start to finish...dont ask why, ive just never really sat down to watch them...nor has anyone pressured me to watch them. Anyway, i loved this movie for a few reasons, the action was great, special effects were great and the story was pretty good too. The major dissapointment was as bruce willis says 'the hot ninja chick' died :( lol


what can i say, an absolutely FANTASTIC movie. if you havent seen it, go see it now!!!


this was another pretty good movie ive seen. When me and my mate saw it the movie wasnt too full and by the end of it we thought we were like the only ones that laughed during the entire course of the movie. I thought it was really funny, mainly because it was so stupid and random.I would probably reccomend this to ANY teenager or a young adult


This was probably the most dissapointing movie ive seen in a while...I was so pumped for this movie. I stupidly watched a 'making of the simpsons' movie which showed 95% of all the funny bits in the movie. I was hoping the movie didnt seem like they were TRYING to be funny, but it was naturally funny like the simpsons series...The movie had its moments but i wasnt too impressed with the final solution...

Now onto life. Nothing much has been happening around here except for the happenings of whether me and a few of my family members return to singapore next year. I welcome the option since i learn NOTHING in half my subjects and it would be nice to be back around my old group of mates. Its yet to be confirmed if i will go really has any idea.

I also had a 'career day' the other day. My 'interview' was period 4, yet i had to come to period 1 for a year 12 **** luckily one of my mates came period 1 too because his parents were working. Anyway, after my ****had finished, we played pokemon for a while then we decided to actually use the DS's built in PictoChat. We mainly laughed at the fact it was rather pointless.
My interview about my future lasted literally 1minute TOPS! the teacher asked what subjects i will be doing next year, what im interested in and then pretty much sent me on my way.
My mum was more helpful by saying i really shouldnt be a tradie (electrician, plumber, carpenter, builder etc.), rather she said i should get into the tourism industry and im like 'where did you pull that from?'

Believe it or not, but since my last blog post i have not bought a single game for ANY console, nor have i downloaded ANYTHING. why you may ask? well im trying to save my money up and also cause the money isnt coming in as much as it used to (i still dont have a job tho :P). I guess i havent bought any games as well because i guess im surviving with the games i have now, especially finding my lost love of Battlefield 2, also the constant changing of my team in Pokemon diamond (update on that later). I REALLY want to get Bioshock for PC and i want to get Super Smash Bros. Brawl the second it comes out..but thats not for a while...

A thing sort of to do with games is me and a friend have returned to Neopia. Those who are thinging 'eh?' its the world of..NEOPETS! lol. we decided to start new accounts and begin with scratch. I have a fat dragon who is now level 7..but no-where near fighting...ive slowly lost interest already though, lol. If you have a neopets account look me up, my username is 'patmanz'

and here's my pokemon diamond update


  1. Seen: 438
  2. Obtained: 407

Badges: 8
Times Beaten E4: 20
Time: 264 hrs :oops:
Money: $278575

  1. Lv 100 Mr Mime
  2. Lv 100 Magmortar
  3. Lv100 Feraligatr
  4. Lv100 Gliscor
  5. Lv 53 Salamence
  6. Lv ? filler (possibly charizard)

Currently Training: Salamence, Charizard
Attempting To Catch: none
Last Obtained: smelly_po (a cranidos via a trade)
Wi-Fi: Yes
WiFi Friend Code:5240 8464 0509
WiFi Trades:163
WiFi Battle Record: 9-4
Last Updated: August 27th, 6pm

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This is 10 times cooler than armageddon!

hello everyone, been a while since my last blog but then again...not much has happened :P my title comes from the movie Transformers

The other day on 'cheap skate tuesday' (movie tickets are cheaper on tuesday) me and my brother decided to go watch Transformers.


I was really quite suprised at this movie. I thought it would be really corny and slow moving, but it was fast moving and really quite good. Anyway, the movie is about a kid getting his first car and suprise suprise, its a transformer! in the end there are evil transformers wanting some big powerful thingo that managed to find its way to earth, so more 'good transformers' come 2 save the day. The only thing i thought was really weird in the movie were two points that the little kids seeing the movie would not understand...if you see it you will understand what im talking about.
And kudos to the special effects team for the movie! it didnt look overly animated like it does in some movies, it all looked good. I would reccomend this movie to not sure many chicks would like it :P

A few days previous to seeing transformers, me and two mates went into the city to watch Fantastic 4.


I was expecting more from this movie than what i got...even though i knew it wasn't going to be that great. It looked ok with the Silver Surfer looking like an unstoppable being...but that is done and dusted at the end of the movie. Suprisingly, my other two mates didnt wanna see it, my guy mate mainly cmae for alba, and my chick friend only came for that flame dude. Anyway, the whole deal is about the silver surfer coming from 'a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away'...ok not star wars era, ut it came from ome random planet and had to come destroy earth for the planet's god or something...

Other than that, the other day it was a party at my house for my uncle and aunts birthday (no, they're not twins). I idnt do all too much except have a few drinks, eat alot and play some pool. We stayed up pretty late playing pool. it was an ok night i guess..

In the world of gaming, i havent been doing all that much after my comp caught a virus that makes a pop up come up literally every minute. i attempted to play 2142 when we first got it, but the game kept minimizing because of it. But thanks to this blog i have just realised it hasnt popped up all...maybe im free from its evil! yay!

i also found this is another blog, and because i love playing pokemon diamond, ill put it in my blog for those that care:


  1. Seen: 416
  2. Obtained: 372

Badges: 8
Times Beaten E4: 9
Time:191 hrs
Money: $916643

  1. Lv 100 Mr Mime
  2. Lv 100 Magmortar
  3. Lv 48 Feraligatr
  4. Lv 49 Gallade
  5. Lv 86 Gliscor
  6. Lv 86 Electivire

Currently Training: Feraligatr and Gallade
Attempting To Catch: Seel
Last Obtained: Tauros, Spinarak
Wi-Fi: Yes
WiFi Friend Code:5240 8464 0509
WiFi Trades:129
WiFi Battle Record: 6-3
Last Updated: July 9, 12pm

If you remember my last blog, i wrote it JUST before the saints vs west coast game. I honestly thought we'd lose by a BIG margin, but the saints actually won...Here are updates from their last few games:

West Coast Eagles: 76
St. Kilda Saints: 99

St. Kilda Saints: 117
Richmond Tigers: 100

Collingwood Magpies: 89
St. Kilda saints: 80

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I know all the guys you'd send to come after me, they like me better than you

Wow, long time no blog ay? im not gonna use the headers since the last time i did, or last few times i should say, they messed yeh.

Anyway, the title comes from Oceans 13


i think i can say quite easily that...well firstly the gamespot blogs are still a bit messed...but apart from that, i was a bit scarred of wasting my money after the very poor effort that they called Oceans 12. Oceans 12 was right down with The Village which i believe to be the worst movie ever - yeh, i swear some chick flicks are better. Anyway, the movie is all about the group stealing from a new hotel. One thing that really got to me was some of the new characters. Throughout the movie they had a minimal role, then in the final theft, they re-appeared and im just sitting there thinking 'ok..who are they?', and yes, this happened more than once.

Over the past few weeks nothing has been happening. I had my year 11 exams and now im on holidays for four weeks! :D But during my psychology exam a weird siren went over the PA system, this was followed by our principal saying "the school is now in lockdown for safety reason over an incedent that has occured in the city (melbourne), this is not a drill". Sure enough people started talking and people thought it may of been a terrorist attack. the exam finished about 5 mins after and i messaged a friend that lives in the city. She told me how 3 people had been shot in the city.
Now gun laws are alot different here (australia) than they are in america. We dont have gun shops down near our local supermarket and not your average joe is allowed to buy, or posses this is a rare occurance in australia
Anyway, 2 of the 3 people that were shot are in a stable condition or have just left hospital, one man wasnt so lucky...
2 men came to the aid of a woman being attacked by the man with a gun, the man turned around and shot the two men, then shot the woman then continued to run away.
One of the men that came to aid passed away about an hour after being shot. He is on the news alot being hailed as a hero, as he should be!
Now i dont know this man, but i believe he is a hero after coming to the womans aid and giving his life for it. I feel for his family - his wife and young children

Well next week me and 3 other mates i knew from singapore are gonna go see fantastic 4. another one of my mates has seen it already. Now he is a bg alba fan, he told me i have something to look forward to because there is a good scene with alba in :D if youve seen it, dont ruin it for me!

Also, for frequent readers of my blog would know lately i have been felling..well...pretty messed up. But since then i have actually been feeling really quite good, i think even some of my mates have noticed yeh, its all good.

On the gaming side of my life, i have been pouring many hours into Pokemon diamond and im pleased to say BEWARE, my mr mime is level 100, as is my magmortar! the other pokemon in my team are in the low to mid 70's. They are at that level because i traded my Empoleon and Abomasnow for....well ill keep that as a suprise just incase i ever battle you.wait...i spose if you look at my sig in the forums youd find out, oh well :P

In footy, saints havent played too well. we're still stuck on the 4 wins and today we play the reigning premiers, West Coast...i think we're gonna get thrashed.

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Watch where you step, i've dropped me brain

this weeks blog title comes from Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End

On Friday night, i quickly got home from school, got changed and all the rest and zipped off to the train station. Why you may ask? because i was going to see Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End


For those that havent seen it and just went ':o i thought it would be 10/10!', well yes, i thought it would be too, but i was actually quite dissapointed. The movie went for close to three hours which means when watching you will either have to go thirsty or have your bladder close to exploding...i chose the latter. Anyway, as far as many people think this is the final instalment in the Pirates of the Carribean trilogy, but..they do leave it open for another one. Anyway, for those that remember the second one well, you will remember Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) was eaten alive by that Kraikan (sp?), but of course the show can't go on without him, so who would of thought? he's alive! Also Captain Barbossa (Geoffery Rush) is alive and kicking...somehow.
Anyway, the movie is worth seeing even though it isn't that great. I think they try to be too funny in it, which just annoys me. I think Geoffery Rush (go auzzies :P) did a really good job on Barbossa, but Depp never quite got back to the Captain Jack we all loved in the first movie...

Anyway, after that it was kinda late and i still had a long trip home infront of me. I was at the train station just wanting time to distort and it to be 2009. In 2009 i will be out of school, living in the city with great mates and TONS of parties (and me recording them getting drunk :P)

and this will tell me who reads my blogs: i've put up some pics on the 'image section' of my profile if you do have a look, make sure u comment :D





While my wii has been semi untouched by me lately, me and my dad have had the odd game of Wii Tennis, but thats about it. I've been sticking with my Battlefield 2142, Pokemon Diamond and my new game, Rise of Nations: thrones and Patriots.

In 2142, i've ranked up to Major Gold which i am pretty impressed about :D

In Diamond i have nearly 300 pokemon in my dex :D Just before i leveled my champion Mr Mime to level 70 (my highest thus far)

And in rise of nations ive just been getting the hang of the game. I'm no good, ill admit, but its a fun game


Not much has been happening at school. I've gotten a fair bit of work from my legal studies **** and not much from other i guess it evens out.

Also the other week i had to write an essay in history about the large scale fighting in western Russia in the Second World War. i got that back the other day and got 18/20, so i was happy...until my mate got his and he got 18.5/20 :?

On friday night the saints had a tough job of playing Fremantle over at Subiaco:

Fremantle Dockers: 101
St. Kilda Saints: 55

I honestly dont have much confidence with the saints this weekend either, taking on Geelong who are in the top 4. They are also the only team thus far to beat the reining premiers the West Coast Eagles.


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