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That's the cost of giving health coverage all these people who either can't afford insurance or have a pre-existing condition that prevents insurance companies from covering them, for better or worse.
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Not saying it's a good idea, but we can print our own money so we could never truly "run out" of money to pay our debts at the expense of devaluing our currency noticeably.
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I'm in the opposite situation. I'm 22 but work with a lot of guys old enough to be my dad (a few old enough to be my grandfather). It is a little weird after college to be in that position, especially since I wonder the exact thing you touched upon: do they take me seriously?
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Slightly overweight I'd have no problem with, but if someone were noticeably overweight or obese, I probably wouldn't date them. No problem being their friend but I probably wouldn't be attracted to them.
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Because there are lessons to be learned from the earlier parts of the Bible? Even if the stories are just allegory, many still attempt to teach fundamental lessons about God. I'm not religious but that's how I interpret it, anyway.
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Amazing film. I have found its a bit of a love it or hate it kind of movie though.
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I honestly don't see what the big deal is. It might not be the wisest purchase, but if you get a lot of texts it might be convenient in the evening.
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I think about it this way: would people feel differently if they were called he blackskins? Yellowskins? I know those aren't "real" terms but I bet the black and Asian communities would be upset if the team had those names with a black guy or a chinese guy on the helmet and that name would change pretty quickly.
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I personally don't like it but don't feel confident enough that a fertilized embryo/fetus is a person to favor outlawing it. I guess that makes me pro-choice.
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[QUOTE="Truf89"][QUOTE="mrmusicman247"]watch FMA first then FMAB

^^ This I can't stress this more

I agree. FMA spends more time developing the characters, while FMAB kind of skips that step somewhat and rushes to the new stuff the original series didn't cover.