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Elder Scrolls is finally.......almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow I have been biting my nails waiting for this game since I saw the game footage at E3 and now its just 5 days away. There hasn't been alot of press released information in the last 3 days which is pretty lame considering the scope of the game. Its strange actually because I never wanted to play Elder Scrolls 4, but when I finally did I literally must have poured over 100 hours into just 1 play through. Soon I'll be pouring another hundred hours into Elder Scrolls 5. The next RPG I'm looking out for is Kingdom of Amalur which looks like another great open world RPG.

Later life, hello virtual worlds.

So I've been looking at all the games coming out this Fall and I seriously doubt I am going to be running around outside. I just predict I am going to be completely absorbed with Elder Scrolls Skyrim that I'm not going to want to do anything else. I mean after seeing the gameplay videos and the map size and how every mountain in the game could actually be climbed. I can see myself spending as much as 100 hours playing that game. I did that with FallOut so I have long term addiction when it comes to RPGs.


I'm also looking forword to Assassins Creed, however after I beat Brotherhood in about 2-3 days I don't think it'll take up too much of my time, however if the multiplayer is as good as in Brotherhood then I'm sure I'll be devoting around 40-60 hours total which is a good amount of time so again another life absorbing game, still deciding if this should be a rental or purchase considering its either this game or BatMan and I tend to favor The Bat over Enzio.


Then theres Rage, I have this game in Gamefly queue and I plan on playing it out and seeing if I can beat it without having to resort to paying 60.00 considering I'm saving that for Skyrim. I did hear on OnTheSpot that the game is 3 discs long, so that has me a bit nervous that I'll be holding onto it for a while. If I end up get as sucked into it as I did with Borderlands then I might reconsider buying it. I remember I rented Borderlands and it was in my possession for at least 3 weeks before I just gave up and bought it.

Rage comic

I just hope I have time to eat or use the bathroom, there was this one time.......come to think of it I just can not seriously wait for these games to come out, just another excuse not to have a job, "Sorry MOM working on my shooting stats.........I'll help"

Netflix, I'll cancel before hike!

Wow, I can not believe what I just read on MSNBC Netflix is raising their prices to over 50% and they can't believe people are upset, duh!!!!!!! Let me just say I have ALWAYS been an avid Netflix user, its actually one of the only reasons why I have xboxgold account(which already costs me 10.00-5.00 a month). I even went out and bought a rokuHD device for my living room (another 80.00) and was planning on buying another one for my moms room. Only now after 2 years of solid loyalty they have decided to screw people like me, the ones that are living on their last dollar. I went from have hundreds of cable channels and even subscribed to starz and HBO back when I had a good constant paying job, had to cancel all those extra's and the 1 luxery scrapped to keep was Netflix's Unlimited streaming and 1 DVD a month plan which I felt was an amazing deal. I mean it sucks but I had a good run I've been able to see a HUGE amount of movies and shows I never would have checked out had I not had the account. However sadly with this new announcment I am going to have to downgrade my plan yet again to no DVD and if they don't seriously upgrade their streamingshows' and DVDs then I might have to cancel all together.It seems netflix recycles their streaming movies, what I mean is they're on for 3 months and off for afew months then returnas (NEW!).Having hadNetflix for 2 years I have seen just about every show/ tv series/ movies/ documentary available and it just doesn't seem like they want to add anything new. Letshope with this price hike they at least add more movies to their streaming or they'llcontinue lossing loyal fans like myself. I can't say I don't see the reason for the hike, I always thoght 9.99 wasWAYTOOGOOD TO BE TRUE, turns out now that it is.

What do you guys think of Netflix's hike?????

In love with my new Controller!!!!

So I got aknock on my door and there it was my new controller. I bought it because my old one wasn't responding well, especially they L stick. I wanted to buy something different like one of those limited edition controllers. So I figured why not get the Halo Reach controller is got great graphics and I am a bit of a Halo fan, it was either that or the Fable 3 controller and sadly wasn't a huge fan of Fable 3. So heres my controller. Definetly worth the 40.00 off amazon.

What happened to Fire Emblem??

Let me start by saying I am a huge turn based RPG gamer. Whether its Final Fantasy or Tactics Ogre, Jeanne D' Arc or yes...Fire Emblem. With the new revamped version of both Final Fantasy and Tactcis Ogre for the PSP I pose the question when will there be a good Fire Emblem remake. The story in Fire Emblem has always been good and the evolution process has always been one of my favorite aspects of the game, it felt like Pokemonin that you hadto decide how to strengthen your team by changing each characters **** Granted the game is alittle behind other turn based games in the genre in that it still utilized the gride movement.I completely feel it is still a great franchise worth improving upon. Especially considering the disater that was Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

Why I say disaster is because the game was too complex, too huge and contained too many characters it was hard to foster an attachment with individual characters as was the case with the first 2 games. Therefore if they do make a remake I hope they can really focus on those great key elements that made the games worth calling ****cs.

So in the end I ask am I the only one enamered by the franchise or are they other Fire Emblem fans looking and hoping for a remake.

Wii U, are you serious??

Okay so after being dissapointed by both Microsoft and Sony I was really hoping Nintendo would pull out something amazing like a hard core system instead we get another Wii, only more complicated cause you got to look at 2 screens while dealing with motion control. I really wish Nintendo would go back to the past, look at the consoles they built and make an actual 3rd Generation console. I see Wii U as being another pitfall for Nintendo. I'm just soooo confused Nintendo had the SNES, N64, and Gamecube all systems I owned and loved and now its all bout motion control, Nintendo needs to realize Hardcore gamers like sitting and working out puzzles and blood and action from the confort of their sofas not monsters turning into coins and stars and super heros that only say "YAHOOOOOOO" or "ITS A ME MARIO!". I would love to see a new Mario game that had more action even an M rated game every now and again. Nintendo's wrong about 1 thing they're not the console for everyone they're the consoles for kids under 10. If Nintendo ever wants me to buy one of their systems its going to have to have an actual controller and gamers that make the console worth buying.

$100 what would you buy?

Gameinformer once did this artical I was recently reading and $100. It involved giving 3 of their editors 100 and pitting them against each other to buy the most and best video game related stuff. So I came up with my listof what I would get with $100.

1.LA NOIRE Strategy Guide, this game has 50 hidden reels, 90+ cars and 34 landmarks, all of which are hard if not IMPOSSIBLE to find. Seeing as how love a good achievment I think this book is needed.

14.00 on $86.00 left

2.Kingdom Hearts Necklace, Always been a fan of the series, saw this necklace in a shop and wanted to buy it only I found 28.00 out of my budget. Found one on Amazon for half the price.

73.00 left

3. Darksiders War Poster, Always been a fan of the series now even more so with that Darksiders 2 was announced.

63.20 Left

4.Far Cry 2, never played a Far Cry game but after I saw Far Cry 3 at E3 I thought I should really look at the series and see what the fuse is about. Found the game at a local store for 13.00

$50.20 left

5. Metro 2033 the novel, after playing the game I found out it was based on a Russian novel. Never though about buying it until now, found it at on for a decent priced. Reviews claim not as much shooter action as the game but rather interesting story so I thought it deserved a spot on this list.

$44.32 left

6. Recently I started getting into online multiplayer games like Modern Warefar 2 and Magic. I also started realizing how cheap the mics microsoft gives with the system so I found a different one at my local store only for $15.00.

27.70 left

7. 400 Microsoft points, speaking of Magic brrn wanting to upgrade my deck. 400 pointsunlocks a bunch of cards worth the 5.00

22.70 left

8. House of the Dead (2003) the Film. OKAY I know this is not the best film made, or even the best zombie film what it is to me at least is the best adaptation from game - film. Its one of the few game-film adaptations that actually holds some connection story wise. Silent Hill would have been my next choice only never remember a super power posessed girl in any of the games. Its got awesome rotatingaction footage the type you'd see in a good game. Also a steal found it for under 5.00 at my local used video store.

22.00 Left

9. So I don't have a Sega Genesis but when I did I was obsessed with 1 game, must have put at least 60+ hours that game is Zombies Ate my Neighbors. So its only fitting that my last item would be one that I actually love so my last 22.00 goes to buying a used copy of Zombies Ate my Neighbors the game, call it nostalgia.

19.00 total

Let me know what you guys thinks and tell me what you'd buy with $100.00 could be 1 thing or 20. Most for your buck is key.

E3 Lame so far!

Okay I haven't posted in a while but after seeing all major confrences yestirday I just had to say something. I literally woke up early set my laptop up for nothing. I mean Assassins Creed Revalations was lready anounced, and we've know about uncharted 3 for months. Basically Sony's confrence was a big apology with no real exclusive games worth paying attention too, as for the NGP all those that buy it will have 2-3 good games and it'll gather dust just like every other handheld sony has come up with. Microsoft wasn't as dissapointing, but it almost came across as a Nintendo presentation with the whole Disneyland Kinect, Fun Labdemonstrations. The MW3 tailer was amazing, but then I saw it on one of the other confrences, so again not an exclusive pieace of content. I just wish Sony and Microsoft would focus on exclusive titles, games that set the systems apart and make each one worth buying in their own right; other then Gears of War and Uncharted those are established. E3 is about creativity being shown, about things gamers never though possible and yet nothing really jaw dropping came out of the confrences like Kinect did last year.

After what I saw yestirday for once I am actually looking forword to Nintendo's confrence and I never thought I'd say that. With the reveal of "Project Cafe", and the hopes that it will bea new hardcore gamers consoleup to par with Xbox360 and PS3 makes me pretty amped. I'm hoping to see some of the titles they plan to bring to the console, perhaps a new Mario game or even a revamped version of my favorite Nintendo game "ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS". Who knows I'm just glad Nintendo is aknowledging that the Wii is all but a fishout of water, they've really tried to bring great games to the console and I mean Super Mario Galaxy is one of my favorite games, its just when you look at the video quality and the difference in the systems its just makes sense to wave the wiimote for the last time. I'm crossing my fingers Nintendo to steal this years E3 top honors.

As for Microsoft I get that they're trying to appeal to a younger crowd with "Fun Labs" and "Disney Kinect" but hasn't Microsoft always stood alone as THE HARDCORE GAMERS SYSTEM to give in to business suits that only care about figures and profit seems like a step in the wrong direction. Kinect has some good titles, dance central mainly,and I can see the futuristic applications, but to make their major selling point for the comng year to be "a virtual walk through disney unlike any other" just makes me feel robbed.

Sony really needs to focus on getting their fans back, after what happened with the PSN outage and identity theft claims they really needed to put on a showat E3 and from what I saw I just wasn't sold to buy a PS3 this year. Same purple stage, same dorky over fed CEO analytically running through the future of Sony but what they showed didn't stir the gamer inside me. As for their Move Controller I think they're beating a dead horse, it looks ridiculous and no game is worth playing with a wand. Sony used to stand for inovation now its just 2nd best to Microsoft. They came out with the "Sony Eye" firstonly Microsoft did it better and worth buying, they have a handheld that continually sucks no matter how many versions they make, and they have countless 3rd party companies at their disposal and instead waste their time fixing hacker issues which should havenever occured to begin with. I mean when I givea corporation like Sony or Microsoft my credit card, my address, basically my life just to buy some content every now and then I expect it to at least be secure and protected. Think Sony's all but lost me, not that they ever had me.

Should I get Marvel Vs Capcom 3

I'm still not 100% sold on this game. It looks amazing however I could never really master the moves in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 so I think my lack of quick reflexs and blinding button massing speed will really take the fun out of getting this game. Like I said it does look amazng and 36 playable characters, some of which I love and grew up with, does sound amazingly fun, just not sure. Last fighter I couldn't master (Street Fighter 4) ended up being retraded cause I couldn't master any of the specials or ultimate moves. I think I might just wait to see the reviews for it before I willingly spend 60.00 on it. Does anyone know if they're going to offer a Demo on Xbox live, that would really help in my decision. Still if I preorder I can get some awesome decals. What to do????????

Pokemon Kinect?????

Imagine a fully realize 3D world where not only could you "Catch them All" but you could play with them all. If Nintendo would really look at the technological capabilities of Microsofts Kinect itcould foreverchange the way we play Pokemon games. Interaction would become key, commanding your pokemon with simply voice command, attacks so realistic you can feel the shake of attacks like Rock throw and Earthquake. Battles sofluid you really feel like Ash Ketchumon a journey to thePokemon League. If fightings not your ****choose to become a Pokemon coordinator, orPokemon Watcher,or try your luck as a Pokemon Ranger rescuing pokemon from the grips and peril of evil.

This year has brought alot to the future of motion gaming, all major players came out strong with some vision of the future of gaming. Sony's vision is a wand inspired controller that acts as a bridge to motion gaming while still relying on act of holding and pressinga controller. Nintendo came out swinging with 3D gaming and the acess of Netflix to all American Wii consoles. Microsoft came out blazing with Kinect and heavy hitters games like Dance Central (8.3 average critic score), Kinectimals (7.7 average critic score),and excited people withtalks of Gears of Warparent company, Epic looking into integrating the new kinectsensor controller-lesshardwarewith their big budget up in coming monster hit Gears ofWar 3. Even still with all thatbuzzin the bizz I can't help but find myself curious of thefuture of Kinect and the new and exciting ways it will inspire gamers to get up and moveonly adding to the overall expeirence of gaming.

In unrelated news, for now, Nintendo Japan just released Pokemon Black and White onlyexpanding the Pokemon Universe by 150 more individually different and diverse Pokemon.Over the years Nintendo haskept a firm hold on the Pokemon franchise, 15 years to be exact,and has become the company's 2'nd highest grossing series only behind Mario. However lucrative the series has been the connection between trainer andPokemon was never as established and deep as it appeared in the Japanesse/American Anime. Thats wherethis blog serves as a speakerbox for the future of Pokemon video games and the possibilitesof what can be.

Image if you would a game hybrid of the following:

5Parts Pokemons- The Game would star a vast cast of up to 600 different Pokemon, and the batteling mechanics would be partially inspired by the previous RPG games. No longer turn based but based on Pokemon speed, battling would be more fast paced but quick to pick up and hard to stop, with Kinect hardware capturing and poke ball throwing would be almost completely realistic.

4 Parts "Milo"- When this THING, hard to call this a game, was unvieled at E3 it was quietthe buzz maker, never before were gamers able to expierence such deep almost real connection with a completely virtual entity. Movies like Weird Science seem to be almost within reach. Only time can tell how much deeper Microsoft can take it. This "game"would allow interacteraction between you and your pokemon to be as realistic as seen in the Cartoon Series. Talk with villagers and advance in your own quest.

3Parts Pokemon Anime and Lore- Experience an adventure as vast and as realistic as that in the Cartoon series, with the software behind Milo pokemon battling against famous rivals and friends as Gary, Paul, and Barry,Officer Jenny, andNurse Joyand come across famous gym leaders as Roark, Misty, Brock, etc... Get advice from famous professors from both Anime series andPokemon video games.

2Parts Sims- Go on an adventure as realistic as that in the Video Game only with an even more real feel. Walk in your room to control your Avatar character, walk up to trainers and start a real conversation and challenge those willing to a Pokemon battle, characters will give hints to secret conversations which can unlock gifts and TMs, HMs and Hold Items.

1 Part Kinectimals- Interaction between you (as a trainer) and your Pokemoncan become as close as the connection Ash has with Pikachu or you can keep itstricly business and limit interaction to only training fostering stronger pokemon with slower speeds and less likly to obey your command.

= 100% AWESOMENESS!!!!!!

True PokemonFans like me are waiting for the daythat Pokemon battling is not just a handheld affair but a deepintricateconsole adventure so addictive and realisticthat it shatters all other Pokemon Reviews and shines as a one of a kind and not merley a game but a true experience only comparable to the likes of Tron. Were gamers can enter analmost completely realistic universe and create for themselves a new identity and foster friendships with Pokemon as complex as seen in the Anime series.

If your reallywould like to see this gamebecome a reality share this thread with friends get the word out of the "Pokemon Kinect Game"

*Note: This game is not in production, the Idea of Pokemon Kinect is the merley the brain child of Pokemon fan, Christopher Newby of Panorama City CA. This is the 1st EVER threat regarding the possibilitiy of Kinect and Pokemon joining. This would require years of open communication between Microsoft and Nintendo. Spread the word and lets bring Pokemon to the 360!