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For last couple of weeks i've been playing on the Gamespots Minecraft Server.

Note that there are some weird happenings on this erver like Creepers all to ready to blow up! Endermen are very pro-active as in any large build will end up as swiss Cheese..

Other than that its a good server with friendly faces... not including the ones with creeper faces... o_O

So far i've built my home on stilts (creeper proof) (did not work! a creeper walked up the stairs and blew up in my face!!)

made a Rail system to 2 remote outposts that are good for resources, then connected that system up too the skyway (a very large walk way that was converted to a Rail way with stations)

Built my Airship (MASS Dragon) (MASS = Minecraft AirShip Squadron)

Then with Dromfel (his idea) we made a submarine with a 12 piston engine! (i made the endine and hull) and Named it "Subber" ( my idea... sorry)

and now we ventured out far to build an epic build!!

Most of what i said has been covered in a video made by Sheetbike (think thats his name)

Hope to play with ya sometime!!