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You are missing the launch title Kameo. You are also missing the remakes to Banjo Kazzoie and Banjo Tooie on XBL.

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Personally, I thought it looked great. The graphics looked much better, although it still looks like the original copy of Halo 3. The lighting was much better, and the textures were much sharper. But I'm more looking forward to playing this co-op, and the 3 new maps that come with it for Halo 3 multiplayer.

The Halo:Reach beta is just an added bonus to a good expansion with 3 new maps for Halo 3 multiplayer.

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Is Conker that stupid game with excessive gore and chipmunks?

First off, it's not that stupid. It just has a dark sense of humour for a more mature crowd....it's still incredibly fun. I think the Xbox version is worse because of the censorship....but it had great multiplayer, and the updated graphics were a nice touch. I really hope they bring this back to Xbox Originals. It would definitely sell.
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Which reminds me.

They could be bringing Conquers Live and Reloaded to XBOX Originals. Or possibly Conquer's Bad Fur Day (N64) to XBL, but that isn't as likely.

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9)More Variety. PSN offers more "unique" gaming experiences than LIVE. LittleBigPlanet, FLower, Eye of Judgement, Warhawk, etc. are all very unique gaming epxeriences. You can't find them on LIVE.


We can't find PS3 exclusives on the 360? My mind? Blown. And if we're talking about variety here...weeeeeeell, which system has the bigger library out of the two?

I am not talking about exclusive games. I am talking about exclusive "unique experiences".

Are you implying that Killzone 2 is unique? That's not true at all. It's just another FPS that has amazing graphics and really polished gameplay. But even so, there is nothing in it's gameplay that has not been done before, but this can be said with a lot of shooters. Anyway, I understand your point, MGS4 is quite unique, but not just MGS4, but the whole series in fact. LBP is also unique, as is Resistance (in a sense).
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The huge library of fun games.

Main reason I would not get a 360 as a gamer. ^^

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I'm only going to say no because Bioware has been making rpg's such as Mass Effect on PC/360 only since KOTOR 1. Maybe even earlier. But this doesn't single out the chance that Bioware could change it's ways with the PS3 at any given moment. Anything can happen at this point.

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[QUOTE="Adrian_Cloud"]Final Fantasy XIII- PS3 Timed exclusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII -PS3 exclusive Final Fantasy Agito- PSP exclusive FFVII- PSN Exclusive FF:AC FFXIII Demo -PS3 exclusive (anyhow, FF series has always been on multiple platforms; FFXI was on 360 a long time ago, and FFCC is on Wii.) I'm not quite sure where your trying to go with this, get some further knowledge about the FF series and you'll see that even the biggest FF title was released on the PC. A better question is when is Sony going to gain more support from Square-Enix? Probably when square-enix gets a handle on PS3's hardware.

FFVII is coming out for PSN? I never heard of this. I thought Square just made a tech demo.
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Oh, it seems like you forgot too tell us all about how a regular game update takes 5 mins uppward,(not a first time install, which takes long anyway) while the same update on the 360 takes about 20 seconds.

That's a pretty important one, because if something updates faster, you would generally think it's superior.

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Rare is currently working on several unannounced projects. I wouldn't be surprised if one of those would be a Conker's sequel. Rare is in a bit of a slump right now, if they did make a Conker's sequel, it would probably sell like mad.