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Been Too Long

It has been far too long since I have been on Gamespot properly! I missed the place!

Perfect time for me to come back just before E3 Kicks off!!

Hopefully there will be a few surprises from all of the conferences!


Can't we all just get along?

There have been many a blog like this one where someone like myself sees all the people fighting over which console is the best! But recently, especially post-E3 there have been countless forum posts, comments on blogs and blogs where people are arguing and complaining about other consoles.

Don't people understand that out of a world population of 6billion+ that some of us are going to have different tastes, and different opinions. Couldn't people just accecpt this and complain in private or else at least complain maturely about it? If I had enough money I would have all three consoles, the PS3, the Wii and the Xbox360(Or in all its combinations to keep people happy). But as it is I only own a Xbox360. This does not mean that I instanly defend Microsoft or think that Sony is "crap" or Wii owners are gay for thinking "Xbox stole the motion control idea". I think that the PS3 has some very decent up coming games, and some amazing current games which I enjoy playing. I have friends who are Wii owners and normally have the most fun when in their house playing games such as Mario Kart and other games that are great fun to play! But I also enjoy my 360. I love the look and feel of it and many of the games that it has. Granted the console has it's faults but what console doesn't? And what console has ever been problem free down through the years?

Being non religious I believe that humans have evolved and are still evolving and hope hope hope that somewhere down the line we can evolve to respect others opinions but when mankind is what it is I can't see that ever happening. Not when man naturally seems conflict with others! Ah well, one can dream.

Magnum Pleasure

So I won a "Credit Card" with €10 credit on it from Magnum Ice creams "Pleasure Card" competition.
Seeing as it was such a small amount I decided that I could afford two months of Gamespots Total Access so I said why not? I'm now a total access member for a whole two months before I go back to being the regular joe soap.
Lets see if it's worth it :)

E "TheSims"3

I finally have all my emblems! I don't know what I care so much but I think it's partially due to the fact that they are stunning emblems!

I got the Sims3 the other day and finally been able to get a small decent amount of time played on it(as I have been opperating two theartre shows) and I think it's brilliant! It's fun as Sims games are, it's entertaining and the new features are really really clever.
Going to play some more and I'll see how it fairs out!


E3. Project Natal. Bioshock 2. & Christmas

I'd like to thank GS for the E3 coverage although I know that noone will read this but thanks anyway! Really entertaining, great fun, insightful and infomation overload which can be a good thing.

I'm in two minds over Project Natal. Onone hand I can't wait for more information, to try it out for myself and see what it is capabale of. On the other hand I like my controller. I like the fell of the pad in my hand, the atmospehere of something physical in my hands controlling what it is I'm doing on screen.

The idea behind Natal is fantastic though. With it so much more seems tobe capable. The demo on the Microsoft Stage was entertaining and interesting and one of the biggest cheers of all the conferences. Although I really liked the PS3 Conference, mostly due to the fact that it was BIG! Big screen etc.

CHRISTMAS! Ahhhhh. There is loads of people talking about Christmas and it's only what, the 5th of June? I'm looking forward to the Summer not Christmas and yet people are looking forward to something that is 6 months away! Come on like. This is just a big moan I know but can't people just enjoy their Summer (or winter if your down South) and then worry or whatever about Christmas! Seriously!

Thanks for reading, those that do.

Edit: I realise that I haven't talked about Bioshock 2 but all I really had to say was that it looks, sounds and more than likely is going to be amazing!

E3 2009 No More

Well thats a wrap for E3 2009.

Well Gamespots coverage at least! Have to say that it was a very entertaining year and that there is so much to look forward to on all platforms!

I'm off to bed so I'll post a proper blog tomorrow and get back into the swing of properly blogging on Gamespot and being fully involved again.


Trailers R.U.S.E and Mass Effect 2

I'm just after watching one of the best trailers for a game that I have seen in a long long time. The trailer is from the game R.U.S.E which is being developed by Ubisoft and is a WWII stratagy game. It looks and sounds pretty brilliant from what I can gather. Check out the official site.

Plus the other game plucking at my excitement strings is Mass Effect 2

Bit too much...

Evertime I start writing a new blog it's like I can't find any of the words that I want to say. Starting with the riots at the NATO conference to North Korea trying to launch a missile to the launch of the Nintendo DSi coming out soon.

I dunno. Feels like alot of effort.