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Wrestling Standings/ Superbowl and more!

Hello, everyone! Been a long time since I've last blogged, but whenever I had the time, I didn't have anything to blog about. Then when I had something to say, I didn't have the time. I guess that's how it goes, but I finally have the time, so lets-a go!

Steelers vs. The Packers at the Superbowl!

Once again, my Steelers are going to the Superbowl to try and get yet another win. Of course, we have to beat the Packers to do it. I hope this is a good clean one.I really am looking forward to this game, not just because of the two teams, but for the trailers as well. I've read that a lot of good movie trailers will debut then, and while I don't want to give anything away, one of them will have Johnny Depp and hopefully some rum. Also, the Black Eyed Peas are the half-time show. Your mileage may very on if you like them or not. I don't mind them, but after The Who, why the Peas were choosen is beyond me.

Music, Movies and Games

After Christmas, naturally I got bombarded by the said 3 things above. Not that I'm complaining, as I love'em, but I've just now gotten finished with them. It didn't help that I traded in my old box TV for a new HD flatscreen, not knowing how to hook it up like an idiot. I got that settled and I'll I have to do is figure out the WHS to DVD recorder. So, I guess I should get to it, then.


Mario 64 DS- Good game. Never played the original 64 one, but this was a nice port to handheld. At times a bit awkard with the camera, but after that it was smooth. Still working on getting the stars, but I love it.

Wipeout- A game based on the ABC show. Like most games based off something, this wasn't amazing, but it was fun and something different to try.


A got a gift card from my Uncle for Barns and Noble, so I went on my own little spree, picking up the new Disturbed cd, some Breaking Benjamin and a lovely little case for my car.


Taking of Pelham 123- Not a bad movie. LOTS of cussing and it wasa lot faster pacedthan the original one. Butit was reallyJohn Travolta and Denzel Washington that kept me interested. Not the best I've seen, but the movie was a nice break from the crap on regular TV. 3/5

The Last Airbender: *Sigh* Where do I freaking start? You know what? I'm going to start and end with one line: M. Night must never touch another movie script for as long as he lives. It's not even how he did this one, it seems to be every movie he touches that just leaves me shaking my head. Now, I like the show, I know what was going on. Those are the only reasons why I'm not as judgemental on this one. Butif they follow it up, the only thing I hope for is that they don'tdo toAzula's and Toph's characters what they did to some of the others. 2/5

Alice in Wonderland: Ah, yes. I really enjoyed this one. Not just because of Depp's work with the Hatter, but because it actually felt like a nice, dark follow up to the original Alice. The acting was good and the references made sense. Again, I think the actors saved this from being"just okay".4/5

Wrestling Standings

Spidey posted a blog a while back where hetold about who he liked and didn't like when it came to wrestlers in a defined manner. It seemed like a good idea, so I took the same idea to clear up any doubts on my feelings on the current WWE starsas far as character/gimmick. If they aren't listed, I don't have an opinion on them or they slipped my mind due to relevence. I'll also save TNA and the Divas/Knockouts for another time.

Wrestlers I like:

CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
John Morrison
Mark Henry
The Miz
Randy Orton!
Santino Marella
Triple H (More DX than anything else)
Del Rio
Justin G.
Tyler Reks


Big Show
John Cena
Michael Migillicutterwhat'shisname
Drew McIntyre (his theme is one of the best though.)
Trent Baretta

Wrestlers I don't care for gimmick or wrestling-wise

Primo (Clearing up: I don't have Primo, I just hate that he's being wasted like a lot of stars. This is more me not liking Creative than Primo.)
Anyone I've forgotten about

Question of the Blog: For the football fans, who are you rooting for at the Big Game? And for everyone else, what kind of gimmick would you like to see that hasn't been done before?

Song of the blog: Lonely Train by Black Stone Cherry:

Collage Year 2- Tips for the Freshmen/ Updated Thoughts

Hello, everyone! It's the end of August, climate is calming down and the traffic is picking up. You know what that means. It's getting close the Fall and the start of the new school year. About this time last year, I was doing through my first year and I had little idea what to expect. However, I got through it and during my year, I notice a few things. So, since I know that there is at least one member starting their first year soon, I figured I would give out a few helpful tips.

1. Procrastination is your worst enemy

Coming from a huge procrastinator, don't wait until the last minute to study, do homework, research, etc. It will save you a lot of stress and frustration to pace yourself and do a little work every so often. I am extremely guilty of waiting until the last minute to do something, and I learn my lesson last year. I'm not saying rush through everything or be a mole that only does work, but be mindful of deadlines.

2. Getting Homework done and Studying

In high school, you could get C's,D's and F's for 75% of the year and make a comeback at the last minute to get a passing grade. In collage, blowing off academics will catch up to you quickly. Tests are major moments and homework is like an airbag. In most c-lasses I had, there were about 4 tests for the whole c-lass, so you can imagine that if you blow off one test and bomb another, how much you really need to get good marks on the last two. Studying will really help keep you out of that position and getting all your Homework in (which is surprisingly not that difficult) will give you the boost you need if you happen to fall short on tests or projects.

3. Eat, Drink and be Merry, within reason.

Collage is supposed to be a place where you not only learn, but enjoy the prime of life. There's nothing wrong with going to a party, catching a movie, entering into tournaments and enjoying yourself. But watch your back and keep in mind that with pleasure comes business. Try to make sure you're inthe clear with all the school work before you go all party-hardy. And one word: if you don't drink or do drugs, good for you. But watch yourself. Don't leave your bags, your open drinks or your food alone, as who never know who isaround you at some party/raves/etc.

4. Take heed of the weather and your ride

A big one if you commute like I do or spend a lot of time driving to...well....anywhere. Nothing ruins your day like a flat tire(hasn't happened to me yet, thank goodness)or finding out too late that a huge nightmare storm is on the way. It only takes a moment to punch up the weather on the computer orcheck out the Early 8's so see how the roads and the climate will be. The better care you take of your ride, the less time you have to deal with anything that may come up, and the less time you have to deal with problems, the more time you have for fun. So practice a little "stitch in time". It helps.

5. It's all about theMonnn-nnnaaayy!

Not in a greedy way, buta good balance of money in your wallet and accounts will help. As Hurricane stated last year,have quarters for the washers. Think before you blow your money on "toys". Don't waste cash on snacks when you just had lunch (a problem for a friend of mine :P ). Take advantage of any sales or free "Collage-Funded" activities (as a student, I get to go to my collage's movie theater for free. Helps me watch new movies without blowing 17 bucks plus snacks. :) ). If you keep an eye on your budget, you'll have plenty of cash to enjoy collage and not go broke doing it.

A lot of those are common sense and I'm not trying to be preachy, but trust me, little things like this make a difference. I hope everyone enjoys the new year and don't forget that no matter what comes up, try to have fun. Without humor and enjoyment, life can get gloomy at times, so let your friends, family, hobbieslight you up when things get down. I wish everyone good luck. :D

Well, the World Cup has been over for a while and now we have the 2010 Season to look forward to. Of course I'll be rooting for my Steelers and Eagles. In all honesty, does anyone else think of Ric Flair when they think of Farve? Dude's annoying with his on again off again stuff.

Been branching out into different types of music lately, mostly in the "Club" section, if I can call it that. Psytrance, breakbeats, etc. But if there is anything that's caught my eye lately, it's foreign language songs. I can't understandmost of them, but it's interesting to see what the world comes up with, including rock. Still haven't gotten around to Eminem's new stuff or Disturbed's newstuff. Gotta catch up. I'll get my chance next week when the album drops.

Two thingsI found and just felt like sharing, because the whole Nexus vs. WWE thing is so easy to mock after a while and because I love the chibi's.

Cena meets the Nexus:

Summerslam Revenge:

Question of the Blog: Don't think I've ever asked this and I've only picked up on a few people's are you rooting for at the start of the Football year?

Song of the Blog:Reise Reise By Rammstein: of those "foreign language" songs I mentioned. I found the lyrics, and it's alright. I just like the guitar work and strong beat. Helps that I like Rammstein anyway.)

Vacation, World Cup, and Raw!

Well, it's that time again. Summer is in full swing, the heat is killing me and the summer rains are as unpredictable as ever. I'm loving every minute of it. I'll love it even more next Saturday, though, as I'll be heading out on Vacation to my grand-parents place and the surrounding areas. It my not sound like much, but any chance to get away is welcomed at this point. I'll be back the first week of August, but I'll still be online at some point if grandma didn't break her computer again. :P

World Cup- Holland vs. Spain

Alright, so the big matches of the World Cup will air this Weekend. Me, I'm rooting for Spain and Germany in their matches, but it's been a great tournament thus far. This is the first year that I've watched the entire World Cup and I gotta say I enjoyed it. So, it's time to wait and see how this one ends. Should be great.

Raw Review

About two weeks ago, I went to the Raw house show in Erie and afterwards, I realized just how different WWE is from TNA. I'll get to that later, but first, a quick run-down of the matches:

John Morrison vs. Ted D. w/ Maryse- John won after the Starship Pain. Maryse and Ted gave a great promo about us being broke, which was funny because it's true.

Zack Ryder and William Regal vs. Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust- Yoshi and Goldy won after a top rope wheel kick from Yoshi to Regal. It started as a singles match between Zack and Goldy, but Regal jumped Goldy as he came to the ring, and Yoshi made the save after a moment. Goldy challenged both to a tag match, and it went on. It was funny how big a pop Goldust got. Dude is popular over here. Yoshi got NO reaction, at all. Not even from little kids. Kinda sad.

Diva's match: Eve vs. Alicia Fox for the Diva's title with Santino as the referee- Alicia won cleanly with an Axe-kick. Eve missed that damn dropkick of hers again, but she was a hell of a lot better live than she has ever been on TV. Fox is HOT. A pretty good diva's match, for once. And Santino is a comedic genius. He made that match great, just with his goofiness. Erie loves Santino for sure.

Main Event 1: Evan Bourne vs. Chris Jericho- Evan won after the SSP. Evan had thethird biggest pop of the night, while Jericho had the biggest heat of the night. And very good back and forth match. Jericho is such a great worker and it made me smile to see Bourne get ME 1 honors and the win. I still don't see him winning the big title, but if Rey-Rey can do it, this guy (who is so much better) can too!

*Intermission, where I got a Cena shirt for my mom and an Orton shirt for me. I also got an authentic Cena autographed picture, which were sold to the first 200 people who could get to them. Considering that there was at least 600 people there, I say to the other 400, sorry about yo' damn luck.*

The Miz vs. R-Truth for the US title- Miz won with the the SCF. Miz did a great promo about how is Dad was AWESOME and said he dedicated this match to his Dad, who was an R-Truth fan. :PKinda came off creepy when Miz said "......this one's for you, Dad." No, his dad wasn't there, but still good promo work. R-Truth and everyone in the building did that "What's up" song. Best match of the night. Miz got the second biggest heat of the night after he won, but a lot of us in the front row shouted "AWESOME!" as he went by. I think it was hard for him to keep in character because he started laughing to the back.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Mark Henry- Mark won with the World's SS. Not the best match, but it's always worth seeing it live. I will note that Kozlov was doing heel duty for this match and that Mark was wearing his black suit, which makes him look better, IMO.

Main Event 2: Cena and Orton vs. Sheamus and Edge in a steel cage. It was a no-contest, as Nexus (minus Wade Barrett, who was having Visa issues at this time) came to the ring and attacked Cena and Orton (Edge and Sheamus hauled out of there when they came, and Sheamus had that "ZOMG!" look on his face. :lol: ). After a while, the faces came out and chased Nexus away. Cena and Orton celebrated as it came to and end. Great Ending for sure.

Biggest Pops:
1. Cena
2. Orton
3. Bourne
4. Goldy (Not kidding. I never knew this guy was that popular here.)
5. Santino

Biggest Heat:
1. Jericho
2. Miz
3. Edge
4. Nexus
5. Sheamus

The only Raw stars not there were the Harts, the Usos, Khali and Wade, so it was packed.

After that, that was it. No autographs or anything. Turns out they did what they came to do and high tailed it. Compared to TNA, RAW had bigger stars, but TNA was far more friendly to the fans and it didn't seem like "another job" to them. But I can't blame them. TNA needs the money and thefans. WWE doesn't. So, while I enjoyed bothshows, TNA seemed to be surprisingly a better experience for fans of wrestling and seems to be more in touch with the audience. But I'd do either show again ina heart-beat.

Question of the Blog: Who are you rooting for in the World Cup?

Song of the Blog: We Are One by 12 Stones:, the Nexus theme. I can't tell you how much I love this theme. It fits a group perfectly and I can't help but think it wasoriginallymade for the Armed Forces. We are one, and we won't tire!)

Well, I see a storm coming and don't feel like getting fried, so until next time, I'm outta here! Later all!

One down, three to go....AKA....The Plan Man is born! With Pictures!

Ello, poppits! Figured it's been long enough since I've last blogged, so I bringing the speed back up to max on what's been going on lately.

Close Call: No Virus for me!

For the last week, I thought I had a virus because my computer was screwing up and I couldn't seem to get this working for more than a half-hour. Hence why I've been posting a lot morefrom the college lately. Turns out it's not that bad, just some problems with my DSL line and my computer's old age. Phew! How embarrassing would it be for someone who has called himself "the virus" beforeto get one? Glad I didn't. Laughing

Summer Begins Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my last day of College, as I have to take my final in Math and then I'm out for the summer. One year down, three to go!I have no idea how I've gotten to this point. It seems the year just flew by so quick. I'd like to thank Hurricane for hisblog last year. Helped me out on some things. Maybe I'll make a bloglike that near August. Hmmm....Cool

Back to the Ring:!

JandSman isn't the only one heading to a WWE event. Next month I'm heading to my second house show. This time for the Raw World Tour or whatever it's called. Being that it's Raw, I imagine it'll have a bigger turn-out then the TNA show. I'm so psyched! Also, I figured out how to workthe camera, but I still have to get the pics on here. I hate technology sometimes. :(

DJ Plan Man: Tribute slideshow guy!

Got a Youtube account before my run-in with computer troubles and finally got one of my tribute videos up. I'm thinking that will be my main deal, seeing as I don't have a camcorder, but whatever.If anyone else has an account, I'd be happy to subscribe to ya, but you gotta let me know where to find you. Here's mine: be obvious because of my (world famous) avatar. Also, don't be afraid to ask for a tribute video if you'd like one made. I need all the suggestions I can get. :roll:

Thinking of joining the NewGen Gamers...

I've been thinking about finally getting either a playstation 3 or an Xbox 360. But which one is better? A lot of games I'd want to get work on both systems, so I guess the only thing I want to know is which is more reliable and less likely to die/break. Any suggestions?

Question of the blog: See Above

Song of the Blog: Techno Metal (not kidding, that's the name. No imagination, sheesh) By The Andrea Lonardoni Group & Johnny Beretta-

Thanks for reading! We'll see what the next few months bring us. Until next time, this is the Elemental Demon Crulex, signing off!

Total Nonstop Erie!

What's up everybody? Man, I'm so sick of this rain......and that's coming from a rain lover. UndecidedAt least my B-day is Monday. Anyway, last Friday, I went to my first house show ever, with TNA. Seeing as I feel like it (and to test how how the blogs do under this awful new posting format), I decided to do a little show and tell. Unfortunately, the pictures with have to come in a later blog, because my camera doesn't want to agree with my computer (I think they want to have a fight at Wrestlemania. :P )

Getting inside: Insane Deals!

The event started at 7:00, but knowing that it would be crowded as hell, we left an hour early and got there at around 6:00. That should be enough time, right Edge?


Thought so. It was packed. But we made it inside the building before the line had to be moved outside. *Phew* Anyway, to combat the restlessness of the crowd, good ol' Don West gave us a "Let's make a deal"-like peep talk by telling everyone who would be there and what events would take place. Everyone was stir crazy and we grabbed some autograph books before the ravage fans took them all. Don signed everyone's book and we finally got inside the main arena. BTW, one of Don's deal's during the waiting period was that if you bought any TNA shirt, you got a nice TNA gym bag with four random TNA DVD's in it. Sold! I now have a new gym bag for collage, four DVD's and a Hulk Hogan shirt for my cousin's birthday.

Sitting down: Jeff Jarrett and the "over-selling-kayfabe security guard".

So, who here knows that Kayfabe still exists? Officer Blart does. Wow, I don't know what they were paying this big boy, but he should have his on show. This guard had to be the most ridiculous actor I've ever seen. Let me start at the top. While we were getting seated, Jeffy was signing autographs and so I got in line. I got his autograph, but that wasn't the best part. The best part was that Jeff and this security guard were having this never ending promo that went back and forth. Let me give you an example of some of the things said:

Guard: Jeff Jarrett will only be signing autograph books and TNA merchandise! ONLY!!!!

Jeff: Shut up. I'll sign whatever the fans want. What is your problem?

Guard: Bishoff told me to keep you and the rest of these fans in line! I will not have any problems here tonight, or I'll shut this booth down! *People in line: Boo!*

Jeff: Eric's not here, so grab a donut, fatty! *People in line: Yeah! TNA! TNA!*

Oy. And I thought my jokes were bad. But I got the autograph, my drink and sat down at the floor seating. I was four seats from the guard rail and three seats from the front row. Hell yeah!

Match #1: Amazing Red vs. Kaz vs. Doug Williams

Woot! What a way to begin than with the X-division. Naturally, this was for the title, so you already knew who was going to win. Great back and forth action from all men, and Red was insane! The ending came when Kaz was hurricarana-ed out of the ring and Doug Williams hit his Chaos Theory Rolling German Suplex move for the pin on Red. Williams gave off good heat and Kaz helped Red up. Both shook hands in respect and left.

Match #2: Rhino vs. Dr. Stevie

Ha, you know this wasn't going to last long. Rhino is now a face apparently, and took out Stevie in a matter of minutes. But even for a squash, this lasted longer than a TV match and was done so much better. Rhino got the pin after a GORE!!! Jeremy Borash and Earl Hebner (who came out to Tommy Dreamer's theme for some reason) came out and did a promo in which Earl said he was not working the main event unless the fans gave him respect. JB said he'd talk to Jeff about it and the next match began.

Match #3: The Beautiful People (Madison and *Yummy* Velvet) vs. Sarita *double yummy* and Taylor Wilde

Good back and forth match between the teams. It started as a "who's sexier" staredown with Velvet and Sarita, whichSarita won, and Sarita took it to the BP early on. She tagged in Taylor who started well,but using basic tag team moves, the BP beat on Taylor for a good five minutes. Finally, after a hot tag, Taylor got to Sarita while Madison came in, and Sarita looked like she would win, but Velvet caught Sarita with a cheap kick and Madison got the roll-up pin.

Earl and JB came back out and JB asked what was going on. Earl said he would work the main events, becausehe got the respect he wanted, as he now has his own TNA shirt for sale! (Whatever floats your boat, Earl. :roll:)

Main Event #1: AJ vs. Abyss

Typical quality main between the two. Abyss's new theme (although catchy) drives me nuts. Leave him as the Monster andquit making him Hogan 2.0, dammit!AJ tried to do the whole coward thing, but it doesn't suit him. Abyss tossed him around for a while, but AJ started using high flying moves, including the spiral tap to get his way. Abyss chokeslammed AJ to the outside, but AJ had enough and got DQ'ed when he hit Abyss with the belt when Abyss went to get him. AJ taunted Abyss, but the big guy got him with a Black Hold Slam before leaving. Naturally he did the whole "Ring" deal, but whatever.

Intermission (also known as get autographs, take a bathroom break, check battery on camera, get another drink and battle the crowd to my seat within 15 minutes. Wow.): During this time, I got the autographs of the Beautiful People (yeah.......) and did all the above. It was hectic and insane, but I somehow made it with two minutes to spare. I'm just that damn good.

Match #5: Brutus Magnus vs. Big Rob Terry

Let me say something right now. TV makes a lot of dudes look taller than they really are. I'm average sized, and I'm only a few inches shorter than some of the guys. They are a lot shorter than you'd think. That being said, Rob Terry is huge! Him and Abyss were the two tallest guys, but Rob is a big man for real. It was another quick match, with Magnus heeling us by trying to sing the British National Anthem, but Terry came out (to one of my favorite songs, Click Click Boom, no less) and killed him.

Match #6: Desmond Wolfe vs. The Pope

Sounds like something I've written in the Draft Game lately. Anyway, best match of the night. Pope didn't drop any money, but he was pimpin' as ever. Wolfe was spot on the entire match and used those European moves to perfection, but Pope was quick and even gave Wolfe a few pimp slaps. In the end, Wolfe went for the Tower of London, but Pope countered and hit some sort of "from the top turnbuckle" D'angleo Dinero Express down onto Wolfe for the win.

Main Event #2: Beer Money Inc. vs. Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle

Beer Money came out and EVERYONE sang their theme song on the way out. It was kinda weird, but hell I sang along too. Then they heeled us and said they never performed in front of a bigger crowd of retards. (Vintage James Storm.) Jeff came out and then Kurt came out to the biggest pop of the night (as it was his home state). Jeff and Storm started off with a quick back and forth go-around, but then the comedy picked up when Jeff went for a sunset flip. James tried to get the ropes, and Jeff, still holding onto Storm, pulled Storm's pants down to reveal a grey thong or something. My eyes weren't on that image long enough to make sure. Yell(Agggh, my eyes!). Storm went to tag in Roode with his pants still down, but Roode jumped off the apron and said to the effect of "Hell no, don't touch me!". James pulled up his pants and went after Jeff, and Jeff knocked him into Roode, who for some reason started PETTING Storm's head! (This match got weird every second). The tags were made and Angle fought Roode for most of the match, withone lastweird moment when Angle put on Storm's hat and started riding Roode like a bull. (Yeah,I couldn't believe it either.)Finally it came to the end after a stroke to Storm and an Angle Slam to Roode.

Final Autographs and the ride home

After the match, Angle stayed in the ring, where you could get a picture with him for $20. Yeah, right. Forget that, I got other pictures. Anyway, we waited by the guard rail, where Kaz, Rhino, Amazing Red, Sarita, Wilde, Hebner and JB signed autographs. I snagged them and was about to go when I hear some guy ask if Kaz could get Red (who was on the other side finishing up) to sign his book. Kaz said "Yo, Red, you got one over here!" Red continued toward the ramp and Kaz told the guy "He don't hear too well. Hold on." So what does Kaz do? He takes the guy's book,runs afterRed and has him sign it then, before returning it to the guy. Nicely done Kaz! Never knew Red had hearing problems. :P

Abyss signed graphs at the exit and guess who else was there? Kayfabe Guard Guy! I really wanted to throw this guy in the ring and beat him, but it's his job, so oh well.

I got home about midnight and crashed after about one in the morning. Thank goodness it was Saturday!

Question of the Blog: I've only been to that little house show so far, but what was your best wrestling experience?

Song of the Blog: Click Click Boom by Saliva:

Thanks for checking it out and I see you all on the next blog. (Hopefully I'll something interesting to tell about).

Homework Blog (Help please!)

This is going to be a really short blog because of it mostly deals with your opinions. I was assigned a Homework in which we had to ask the following Health question in our Facebook. Seeing as I don't have Facebook (and I'm NOT getting one, for now), I'm allowed to do it here. So really, this blog is just a "Question of the Blog". If you guys could anwser it real quick, I'd be grateful.

Question of the Blog:Should schools help students deal with stress when needed (with relaxation time, counseling, etc.) or should students handle it themselves no matter what (seeing it as a personal challenge, taking responsibility for their life no matter what is happening at the time, etc.)?

Thanks. :D My longer blogs with return this week with a new idea.

The Demon Crosses the Line/ Tagged Mk.2

I intended for this to be up Wednesday, but's Pm's and Blogs went south for a bit, so yeah, lets try this again. Yes, it's true. I have returned to the world of blogs. After a suggestion from Joe, I agreed to be tagged in order to get out of my bloggers block. That was two weeks ago and after a lot of crazy days, I'll finish the tag at the end of the blog.

Electronics gone wild: After two and a half years of tireless work and being beaten like a rag-doll, my poor MP3 finally bit it. :( To make things worse, my cell phone died a week later. It's like a rebellion!But that's fine, because with gifts cards, free granny cash and sheer luck, I managed to replace both in 3 days. Now, all I have to do is reload about 500 songs back onto my MP3......:? yeah, this will take a while.

TNA: Live:For the first time in my life, I'll be attending a TNA house show at the Erie Civic Center on March 12, with AJ, Pope, Suicide, Beer Money and others! I have never been to a live wrestling event before and I'm so stoked! Now, I just need to think of a good sign to take with me. Say it with me now: Cross The Line!

Tagged MK:2:So, about a year and a half ago I joined the site and made a tagged blog to up my level and such. But now, I have been tagged by someone who knows me, so here we go with ten facts about me!

1. I'm probably the biggest bookworm in Erie county. I have a huge collection of mystery books by Agatha Christie and enjoy several mangas. Lately, I've been reading fanfics and short stories

2. My favorite shows as of now are the WWE(s, brands), TNA, Naruto (don't you laugh at me!), Mythbusters, Ghost Hunters, and a multitude of comedy shows like World's Dumbest...

3. I'm a music freak, obviously. I can find at least one song from any genre I like, from polka to Death Metal, even though I'm more into rock, techno/trance, and arranged music.

4. I'm just now figuring out how hard this is. :P

5. I own an Ice blue Ford Taurus.......and itz nicezzz.......8). (As nice as Ford can get anyway.)

6. Going to college majoring in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement. It's only my freshman year, but it's already better than four years of high school.

7. As long as I don't get caught in the middle of it, I really enjoy it when it rains. It's kinda relaxing to hear the drops run on the window. I guess I'm weird like that, but rainy weather just cheers me up. :D

8. If you've noticed the qoutes in my sigs, they are both from Massacre and Naomi, the two main villains in a fictional book series I've been typing up for a long time. Infact, that's where my User name comes from, as "Crulex" is the main character. Unfortunately, writers block plus procrastination plus real life getting in the way equals a very low chance that I'll ever be completely done. EVER. In fact, out of four books I'm typing, only the first one is 90% done, minus the revision and added extra chapters I've been doing. If I ever get done, I'll let you guys know, but don't count on it anytime soon. *Sigh* There isn't enough time in a day.

9. I am not a huge gambling man (I barely ever play for money, been about a year since my last money game), but I excel at Blackjack. That and Four Queens are my best games. I've won hundreds off my older cousin, so he stopped playing with me. :lol: Nelson: Ha-ha!

10. I don't really have favorite players, but when it comes to sports, I'm a Steelers, Lakers, Penguins, and USA Soccer Team Fan. In fact, last year, all but one of my teams won the championship! USA has a long way to go though....

There you have it folks! I now complete the tag by tagging anyone who hasn't been tagged before! Gotcha!!! AHAHAHA!

Question of the blog: With a new cell phone, I found a site that lets you make your own ringtone. All you need is an MP3 file of the song you want to make a ringtone out of and just create it following the directions. I haven't decided on a good tone yet (suggestions welcome), but for now, I'll just ask, what's your ringtone right now?

Song of the Blog:(Yeah, I'm goin' international for this one): Mitternacht by E Nomine (The video with the lyrics got taken down. Sorry, youtube's fault):!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA! *Gotta love the evil laugh.* Until next time, this is the Elemental Demon, Crulex, signing off.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish all my usual readers (Spidey, Joe, JandSman, Vator, Max, SJR, Ballin, Telvis, and anyone I forgot in my sleepy state) a happy Thanksgiving! Chow down and enjoy the time with Family and friends!

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Question of the blog: Light meat.......or Dark?

Song of the blog: Low Rider by War (What? I couldn't find the Thanksgiving/Gobbly G00ker Theme!):

Crulex's Top Ten Video Games Final Part/One Full Year/My Brute

Happy anniversary to me!: And it all comes full circle! A full year yesterday since I joined the online-mainstream of CNET and Since that time I've gotten to know so many other users, experience many new things and even find my niche in the digital world. Heh, sounds like Code Lyoko. Ugh......I still haven't gotten rid of my bad joke bug. But, what are you gonna do? So, that's one year down with a many to come hopefully. Cheers! One note before I continue with my countdown: Before Slick takes everyone on the Internet, I figured I'd do this just in case. Slick showed me this site called "", which, in a sense is an "Arena" game. What I mean by that is, you create a little character called a "Brute" and fight other brutes all around the world for experience and rankings. I'm bad at summaries, but it's a lot better than it sounds. If you wish to join, go to this link, create your own brute and fight me: . The win or loss won't count, but by joining this way, you'll get an advantage to others who don't. So, good luck if you join.

Onward to the last of the countdown!

Coming in at #4: Super Mario Bros. Featuring: Mario Kart and Mario RPG Series.

Now, come on, you didn't think I'd leave the Italian boy off the chart, did ya? Yes, Mario, who began his career as "Jumpman" in the original Donkey Kong and would go on to become Nintendo's poster boy after doing all but saving the company. Although Mario had his short ups and downs, Mario lead Nintendo to the promised land when his N64 counterpart took out Sega once and for all. But to mention Mario without Luigi just isn't fair. The greener, leaner and (in my opinion) better brother always got left behind until his shinning moment, Luigi's Mansion (sadly, most people don't think this was shinning at all.). All in all, Mario and Luigi (and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom lead by Princess Peach Toadstool.) are still alive and soaring with Mario RPG 3. Who knows if it'll ever end, but I can say this, if the horrifying Mario Bros. Movie didn't kill it, I doubt anything will. Let'sa go!

Coming in at #3: Killer Instinct Featuring: Killer Instinct. (Two games in the series. It's depressing.)

Okay, I admit, this one is a little biased. This game is the brown sheep of the fighting game family. No, it's not hated, but it just wasn't loved enough to be the next Mortal Kombat. After Rare and Nintendo had a hit from Donkey Kong, they tried something new. A game that played like Mortal Kombat. Eleven Fighters, Fatalities, and a combo system that was actually liked, Killer Instinct was a hit in the arcades and everyone was just waiting for a home version. Why wouldn't they? It had better graphics, fatalities and storylines than MK. When they got it, BAM! It was not a bad port, and some argue that it was better, but it was anticlimatic when bugs and oddities were fixed and the game just wasn't the same due to Super Nintendo's technical limitations, so sales fell. Hard. The same happened a few years later, when KI2: Gold hit the N64. While this series gained a cult following, the split of Rare and Nintendo, plus the bad counsel sales lead to the near demise of it all. Nowadays, it is on the top of wanted sequels and Microsoft (who now own the rights.) has been teasing about Killer Instinct 3 in many of it's newest games like Viva Pinata and Banjo-Kazooie. We all know it'll come back from the dead one day, but the question remains: Will it be worth the wait and ten year gap?

Coming in at #2: Megaman and Zero featuring: Megaman X and Megaman Zero series.

The Blue Bomber at #2? Yes, it was a close race, and it should be proud of itself. Megaman X began as a reboot and "Adult" version of the original Megaman series and soon became a force to be reckoned with. Fans were dying to play the robotic renegade as you blasted through Sigma's army of evil Reploids known as Mavericks. Each Maverick was based off an animal or plant and just getting to them was hard. Fans loved Megaman, but they wanted to be Zero even more. Cool red armor, long blond rockstar hair, and a freakin' lightsaber-like sword? Zero was what I call, the "real hero". As a side-kick, he was killed time and time again, but when he got his own series, all hell broken loose. Sadly, it only broken loose for four games on the GBA. And Megaman X is slowing down with sequels that are less than stellar. But these two have paved the way for many shoot'em ups and games with great difficultly, replayability and music. The Blue Bomber and the Robotic Icon have truly earn their place at #2.

And Finally......the Moment has come for #1!!!

Donkey Kong featuring: The Donkey Kong Country Series!

Donkey Kong, the tie-wearing, Pauline stealing, knuckle head of a gorilla had made it to the top of my list for many reasons, but first, a little backgound. DK started as Mario's enemy in Donkey Kong, a game remade from "Radar Scope", a born-to-bomb space shooter and the victim of Donkey Kong 2 (Mario has a sadistic side that I wish we would see again. :twisted: ). Donkey Kong was blazing until DK3 came out, and the game was so bad (you basically shot bug-spray up his a$$), DK sat on the shelf for ten years. (Sound familiar, KI?). But soon, Nintendo picked up the big ape one more time as a test subject for a new Pseudo-3D type graphics. The result? A phenomenon that propelled Nintendo and DK to the top of gaming history. But why do I like it so much? Well, I like cla$$ic games, as can be construed from my list. During this time, DK had a simple story that worked, amazing graphics and gameplay, and the best part, soundtracks worthy of gaming hall of fame. DK may get pushed aside by Zelda and Mario, but no one can doubt that the Kong family changed the face of gaming forever.

Countdown Honorable Mentions: Halo, Pac-man, Tekken, Guitar Hero/Rockband/DDR, and Sim City

Thank you for watching (or reading, that is) my top ten list of my favorite video games. If you have another top ten you'd like to see me do, let me know. Hell, let me know if you'd like me to list anything!

Question of the blog: If you're talking to Triple H and he says "Don't hate the player, hate the game" do you still hate him? :P

Real Question of the Blog: What do you look forward to the most after a hard day to cheer you up?

Song of the Blog: Breed By Otep and Originally By Nirvana (Yes, I like the Otep version, but Nirvana is always a cla$$ic.)



P.S.: Does everyone else hate the "Cla$$ic" and "$tyle" bug? So annoying!

Crulex's Top Ten Games Pt. 2/ Update and a few random things.

'Ello Poppets! It's me again with the 2nd part of my 3 part List series. I'll be continuing my list of my Top Ten favorite games with #'s 7-5. But first, the news reel:

Update on Nephew: I want to thank everyone who kept the little guy it their thoughts. He is alright now and the only thing left for him to do is heal. The way he smiles, it's hard to believe he got hurt. Toddlers are so fearless and yet so fragile, it's insane. *sigh* I'm getting all soft.

Red vs. Blue: I don't know if anyone else besides Dominator have seen this, but I watched it two weeks ago and I'm freakin' hooked. It's a computer show based off of Halo about two teams (Red and Blue) out kill each other, but cause more damage to themselves in the process. It's a show that I classify as "Stupid Funny" because it's so stupid, you can't help but laugh sometimes. Here's a link to the website if you are interested:

Now, onto the countdown!:

At #7: Street Fighter series Featuring Street Fighter 2 and 4.

Street Fighter, the grandpa of fighting games. Starting back in 1987, an arcade machine would roll into arcades called Street Fighter. This game changed history, right? Wrong. Street Fighter 1 sucked. With only one character, Ryu, (Ken only for two player.) and an abysmal gameplay, with two to three hits ending a match even against the end boss Sagat, this game didn't even last out the year. It wasn't until about six years later that Street Fighter 2 hit and then everyone got it the Fighting Game craze. With Anime artwork and a revamped gameplay, this game set the standards for the likes of Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Soul Caliber. The series started to die out in the early 2000's, due to bad sequels and movies, but came back strong in the last two years with SF4 and a good movie. While the idea of whether or not Street Fighter will live on and have an ending game to the series or not remains to be seen, but for now, it's place is well earned in my book.

At #6: Sonic the Hedgehog Featuring The Oringial Sonic for Genisis.

Sonic? Hmmm. That name sound familiar. I wonder..... Anyway, the Sonic series began in 1991 as Sega's answer to Nintendo's ever-popular Mario in the whole Sega/Nintendo war of early 1990's. Sonic blazed passed Mario in the market with a new way to play: Fast as hell. Throwing caution to the wind and letting her rip was basically how the game played until the later worlds, where speed literly killed. As with most games back then, the story wasn't much: Beat the fat egg-shaped bad guy, save the animals, happy happy joy. Holding seven world records and being an icon, the only draw back is that the game has been sucked of it's blood by bad game after bad game in the last few years. Let's see if the Blue Blazer can bounce back or if Sonic has finally ran out of gas.

At #5: Mortal Kombat featuring Mortal Kombat 2 and MK: Armageddon

MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! From the moment you heard that cry of all hell breaking loose, fighting games were never the same. Mortal Kombat started as a tribute to Jean Cledue Van Dam (They based Johnny Cage off him.) and Bruce Lee (Liu Kang) by makers Ed Boon and John Tobias, with inspiration from SF 2. But, one small change made it a monster of a series. Fatalities. The ability to kill your opponent and win the battle in a bloody, gorey way. The world was hooked, with MK making a killing (no pun) and soon after that, Mortal Kombat 2 cemented the title as a series to watch. They even made it one of four movies to be based off a video game that didn't suck (can't say the same for MK2's movie). However, the idea of killing and blood in the game scared the hell out of parents and congress (sound familiar?) and in the end, led to the birth of the ESRB, the rating system for video games. Nintendo also went as far as to censor the fatalities and make the blood grey, calling it sweat (WTF? :lol: ), causing Sega to get a few brownie points in the console war (Sega kept the blood in the game).

But all that aside, Mortal Kombat was the MTV version of Street Fighter. Digital sprites instead of anime coloring, hard difficulty instead of SF's easy difficulty and easier story to follow, almost everything but the music was better. MK's music was pretty much non-existent except the theme. The series ended in MK: Armageddon, which included EVERY FIGHTER from the other MK games and ended their stories. Hopefully SF can do that and until then, I'll be waiting for the reboot of the MK movies.....ugh.

Question of the blog: Do you own any pets and what are their names? I have two dogs named Candy and Max. (I really need better questions....:? )

Song of the Blog: Mortal Kombat Theme by Techno Syndrome: