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Shadowrun, underrated or a justified score?

Well, I've bought Shadowrun. Despite the 6.9 and all the other lowish reviews its getting.

Now, I think the reviewers are bringing down a really good game, because everyone knows that most people who look at a review only look at the score. And the score is in my opinion unjustified. I wouldn't put this game in the same score range as games like Spiderman 3, TNMNT and other 6'ish games.

I mean, this game online is such a big blast to play, and there is a lot of tactic if you play with a team were people communicate. Wich happens in most games because the community seems to be rather mature! Plenty of times I start with a troll and ask for donations so I can buy smartlink and (out of my own pockets) the minigun. And I usually get the money when round 2 or 3 starts.

Also some reviews were complaining that the weapons seemed to be underpowered or unbalanced, wich is not the case. The rifle (most reviews complain about this one) is just as deadly as any other weapon. If not more, you just can't run and gun but have to stand still to fire it accurately. Its a very good weapon for mid to long range.

Anyways, I think every reviewer knows how much their score, sets people's opinions. Most people don't bother reading the review, and this really hurts shadowrun. Why? Because the game gets knocked down on score for, no animation when climbing a ladder (This makes the game unplayable!!! /sarcasm off) there are only 9 maps and 3 smaller versions of 3 of those... Sure more would have been fun, but I have yet to find a sucky map in the game. And everyone who plays games online knows that in the end only a few maps will be played anyhow. BFMC2 has backstab running 80% of the time. GEoW most games are on 2 or 3 maps as well (besides that I think this game is bland and overrated online.) Halo 3 ended up with most people in custom games only playing 3 or 4 different maps. CoD3 same. And I think, that when you think about it just about every game has this problem.

I rather take 9 maps that are very well done, then 22 maps of wich I will end up only playing 3 or 4 at most, because the other ones are never played....

The Bad: Bad and missing animation makes the game look unfinished; not enough maps to stay interesting for long; does absolutely nothing with the shadowrun license


animations, well sure eye wants something... but how important is this for average joe when the game is just plain fun. not enough maps, well already said something about this... rather have 9 great maps then 22 maps where only 4 are great and the others are never played. Does absolutely nothing with the shadowrun license... didn't know about shadowrun before, and how does this affect me having fun.


Now I'm not crieing for a 9/10 or 8/10. But a 7.4-7.9 would do way more justice to the game.


Gameplay 9

The spells twist up the game bigtime, the guns might be run of the mill, but with the spells and the ability to play this game really tactically with a team makes it a winner. Plenty of games where I'm a troll and get to the artifact with my minigun and a elve puts down a tree next to me, and I just leadhose the entry point of the opposing team. Wich will have a hard time getting by me, because not only does my skin harden when I'm shot (thus giving me more armor), but I'm also getting constant healing as well. But then a dwarf teleports in with his shotgun and drains the magic from the tree and rips me a new one... awesome stuff


Graphics 7

Well sure it doesn't look to great and it doesn't look to bad either, the visuals are clear and sharp.. the levels sometimes feel a little bit boxy but, thats because it improves the gameplay, you can always go to cover by teleporting yourself out of the room (more objects would made teleport a pain to code) use smoke, glide away, or come in gliding from above.. Oh the gameplay. Missing animations, not the greatest looks but its still pretty decent.

Sound 7

Hardly any music in the game, but that isn't really needed in an online FPS. Everything sounds good, but not great. Not much to say about this one.

Value 7

With all the possibilities etc there is a lot of fun to be had, however more maps (oh I contradict myself) would have been nice. More maps would have meant that reviewers had less to whine about. Anyways the game is a bit expensive for an only online shooter. Well there is a singleplayer option against bots (who are pretty good), but the meat of the game is online. It is fun enough to last anyone who is into online shooters a pretty long while in my opinion. But the pricepoint could be about 10 euro's lower, to give a bit more incentive for buying the game. It would be a pitty if this game didn't do well, because its a great game. If you are like me and find yourself playing the online part of games more then actually finishing singleplayers.. well this game is great. (who needs singleplayer when you can fight real people)

Tilt 9

Is it playable? Check
Is it fun? Check
Does it allow for good teamplay, and more importantly does it promote teamplay? Check
Is the magic system usefull? Check
Are there plenty of combinations to use in an assualt or defense? Hell yeah! So Check
You never played or never cared about Shadowrun PnP, then you don't care about the license either. This applies to me :P

Now for my overall scores.

Do you like playing online a lot, and find yourself playing online more then singleplayers in games? Then see this score


Do you hardly play online, or don't have xbox live gold, or just don't like shooters, are a shadowrun pnp fan? Then see this score


My most awaited games for 2007

So, its been a while since my last blog post. Just wanted to make a post with my most awaited games for 2007. That way I can look at my blog and remember instantly wich games it were. Not like anyone else ever reads this crap anyways

- Super Smash Bros Brawl
SSBM was an amazing game that is still addicting to this very day. Now add in better graphics, even more balanced gameplay, new characters, and a bit of nintendo flavour and this is my must must must have game of the year. I will buy it regardless of score.

- GRAW 2
Well I wasn't to sure about this one at first, but with the recent videos on IGN.. Wow I was blown away by the amazing explosions. I really liked the first one, and judging by the video's I've seen.... the second one is just like it but then better!

- Halo 3
Well, I suppose this doesn't require an explanation.. I got Halo and Halo 2, so I need to complete the Trilogy.. I've never been a huge fan of its multiplayer, but I thought the singleplayer was a really fun experience with some nice music to go along!

- Metroid Prime 3 Corruption
I'll admit it. I have never finished a Metroid game in my life. But I'm working on it! I have Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime: Echoes.. And currently I'm playing Metroid Prime (with gamespot guide) and really enjoying it a lot. The guide is really well done, and speeds up the gameplay for me. Instead of wondering what to do (wich is my gripe with the game) I can now enjoy the beautifull music and scenery. The game is amazing, and there is no doubt in my mind that Metroid Prime 2 and 3 will be awesome as well.

-Blue Dragon
With a console whose games are mostly shooters, I sometimes really crave for a different type of game. Blue Dragon is just that, with its (supposedly) amazing story and exploring. I need a JRPG!

- Brothers in Arms Hells Highway
I live in the Netherlands, the game takes place in the Netherlands during market garden. I enjoyed Road to Hill 30. What else is there to say?

- Mass Effect
After the succes of KOTOR, Bioware must have started thinking: hey we can do this without the star wars license! This game seems to be full of premise. I've played KOTOR and the story in that game was top notch. I also enjoyed the semi-real time battle system. So now they make Mass effect, wich takes place in space (just like KOTOR) has you choosing between good and evil means (Just like KOTOR), gives you some sort of force powers (just like KOTOR)... And is going to be a really big adventure!

- MGS4
I might not have a PS3, and don't even plan on buying one... but I've played MGS and really liked. The videos I've seen thus far looks promising, so I just added this to my list even though I won't get it untill the PS3 reaches a price point that isn't so rediculously high.

Well I suppose this is my list. Yes Super Mario Galaxies is not on it. Yes Bioshock isn't either. And probably some others as well. Its just that I am going to buy those games, but its not my most awaited games in this point of time.

Well agree or disagree, thats my most awaited in 2007 list!

Yay, I took some time

Hurray, I took some time (read: I am bored) to go post a new blog post.

Well I got my Wii 10 days ago and its really a nice little piece of equipment! I've been toting it around everywhere, playing with friends and family. The system really is an awesome party system... To bad the controllers are  a tad pricey, I have 3 now and that will be sufficient for now.

I love the Virtual Console, I finally have the chance to play games I once had for my Sega Megadrive (Genesis for the folks in the USA). I'm playing Ristar and Gunstar Heroes again, and boy does it bring back sweet memories!

If you are nostalgic about old games, you want to get a Wii its that simple

Gears of War, Resistance Fall of Men, Zelda

Yepperz, system wars this month will be in the light of the release of these 3 titles.

Check system wars every day, and I garantuee you that there will be at least 1 topic about each game and how good/bad/awesome/ugly it will be/look.

Personally I can't wait to see the scores, coz as soon as all 3 are reviewed they will last on system wars till december at least

System Wars Tyrants

Yay, so much for posting at least once per 3 days. I got suspended for a severe TOS violation on system wars.

Sounds pretty interesting huh? Here is what I posted

Please head over to Ask the mods forums, if you want to ask the mods a question. This is not the forum for threads questioning mods

So anyways just because it was off topic and I was kind enough to tell the thread creator where he should go, I got a 5 day suspension. Only possible in system wars where the mods have apperantly gotten dictatorship rights from gamespot. Any other board and I would probably get a thank you for showing him the right board.

Really System wars rules are getting absurd. Believe me they are slowly devastating it so they can say that they are removing system wars altogether because not enough people post in it.

The mods abuse their powers in system wars because a select few idiots every now and then post porn threads. This new rule about not posting in porn threads gives you a 5 day suspension. Okay, I can agree with that. But I think this is going overboard

This applies to any thread that is in violation of the TOS...not just porn suicide threads. (ban dodgers, illegal activity, advertising, spam, off-topic, etc.)

Mods got way to many excuses to suspend people for rather minor offences now. Porn is inexcusable. But helping someone out by pointing him towards the right board, will get you suspended now as well.

This is just retarded, because bumping up porn threads is (perhaps imho) way more severe then posting in any of the others listed. You still get to serve the same penalty. Its also nice that they just suspend you without any regards to your recent moderation history. I had a clean record for over 5 months now. That should tell them I am not an everyday violater. Still no warning, just boom suspend everyone

Only in system wars people, only in system wars 

P.S I can recommend anyone to read this thread on the system wars forums, they had it opened up for a while but locked it again, because they were losing the "battle" against system wars regulars. Really this is the mods attitude on system wars

Average Day on System Wars

An average game usually is when the mods wake up and suddenly the whole 1st page on system wars gets locked up. Don't believe me?

okay already 8 locked threads huh. Not counting stickies... A few minutes later

Look 2 new ones! Awesome!

Hehe, absolutely ordinary. Yes to for system wars to get a special day, we need porn suicide threads :P

Anyways the hottest thing these days seem to make an exact same thread as someone else but just insert a different console/line/controller. Why the PS3 will win is usually followed by Why the Wii will win and Why the Xbox360 will win.

Suppose we can't wait till all consoles are launched so we can finally bash upcoming games again :D

System wars!

Don't know if anyone ever reads this crap I'm posting, but as of today I'll dedicate my blog to system wars!

And to kick it off here is the new Sheep Rallieing cry! We're not going to take the bashing anymore Cows and Lemmings!

Think you are a sheep? go look it now, I recommend it to any other fanboy/manticore or whatever you want to call yourself

From today onwards I'll try to post someting at least once per 3 days or so, and usually will have some video or picture link for fun!

Europe's proverbial shaft

Just a short blog this time... hell not like the other ones were long.

Europe, shaft, games, ps3

The bad= Gamers have to wait longer, get pissed off and just want their games RIGHT NOW. --> leads to more piracy, because they don't have to wait to play that game anymore + its cheaper

The good= Reviews! All you americans sit there with your pre-orders without knowing the game is any good. You get it on launchday and read the review later... but while playing it you already realize it sucks and return it. But we Europeans can already read 20000 reviews about the game weeks before its released. We can read the impressions of other gamers, we can inform ourself much better and therefore have to return games to the store way less then you

All makes sense huh :P

Hmm finished games

Hmm, well in my last blog entry I was going on about how I would finish so many games while my parents were on holiday. 2 days ago they returned. And the tally up of the amount of games I finished is stuck on 0.

Blame LOTR online and CoD2 online for it. I couldn't go on my pc or xbox without getting asked for a game. And who am I to reject all those invitations.

Oh well I did make some progress in most of the titles on the list. Suppose I will finish them next year ;)

Yay, home free! Game on

Hurray, last sunday my parents buggerd off to Italy for holiday. And I get to stay home all by myself. And my annoying sister... But she has to work the whole week so no probs. Finally I can get around and finish all those games I didn't finish yet.

Metroid Prime 2
Tales of Symphonia
Rockstar presents: Table Tennis
Loco Roco
New Super Mario Bros
Prince of Persia 1 and 2
G.R.A.W hardmode

Yeah, quite a list huh.. Well I got 3 weeks left to finish them all, or at least to try and finish most of them. Tales of Symphonia and Metroid Prime will take the most time I suppose, since I only have early game saves for them. Then comes Oblivion, wich I got a few things done already.

I don't expect table tennis to give me trouble just have to finish all the modes, wich can be done reasonably fast.. Loco Roco and NSMB will be easy, tho I am aiming to get most of the coins/locoroco's out of the levels, so some levels are replayed.

Then Prince of Persia 1 and 2... god I got these games for xmas a year ago and haven't even touched them.. might skip them altogether.

And then lastly G.R.A.W hard.. Well since its for the sake of achievement points I think i'll cheat here and there :)

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