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Ocarina of Time Renewed My Love for Nintendo

I'm a part of the 'Nintendo Generation'. I was just a little kid when the original Nintendo console was released and, of course, I cried my guts out until I convinced my parents to willingly buy me one. Playing Super Mario Bros. was a blast; I played that game so much, that in the end I was capable of finishing the first level with my eyes closed - and this is not a way of saying it; I really did.

Years went by and Nintendo forgot about us, the 'Nintendo Generation'. Their games didn't grow with us. Instead, they kept making games for kids, and a zillion players had to 'evolve' to different consoles, most of them falling into the charms offered by Sony and their Play Station, and some others growing each day a little more into PC gaming (thank you ID Software).

But there's always a price to be paid. My last Nintendo console was a Super Nintendo, which means that I never had a Nintendo 64 of my own, ergo I never played Ocarina of Time, among many other great Nintendo titles. It's not that I thought it wasn't worth it to get a Nintendo 64, but back in those days a young callow like me didn't have enough money to buy everything he wanted, so it was either a PC or a Nintendo 64. The decision wasn't that hard to make, because, again, Nintendo kept developing games for kids while the PC offered those shinny, new, bloody games that made me the man I am today (again, thank you ID Software).

Years went by and the gap between Nintendo and I got bigger and bigger. Needless to say I didn't waste my money on getting a console with outdated visuals like Nintendo Wii. The only Nintendo console that I was seriously considering to get was the Nintendo DS, and I almost do it when they released Chrono Trigger for it, but it still wasn't enough. I wasn't getting any younger and Nintendo wasn't giving any signs of developing serious games for the grownups; the relationship between Nintendo and I was doomed. The E3 2010 was close and we never imagined what an awesome E3 it would be, with the three major gaming companies (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) announcing big changes and innovations of their own, all of them shocking and impressive in their own fashion. Sony announced their 3D technology for PS3 games, Microsoft showed the final version of the viral-advertised Project Natal, today known as Kinect, and Nintendo amazed us all with a DS with 3D, glasses-free technology and the announcement of a 3D version of Ocarina of Time on its way. It was the perfect reason to get back to Nintendo, but somehow it still wasn't enough and I just couldn't decide to finally get one. Then, given the disappointing sales, Nintendo decides to reduce considerably the 3DS price, cutting it down to US$ 169. I simply couldn't say no to that.

Now I'm running towards the end of Ocarina of Time 3D and I just wish that day would never come. This is one of those games one wishes it could be endless. Ocarina of Time renewed my love for Nintendo, because we all know that Nintendo games have a unique taste that makes them different from any other systems' games.

Now I want to play Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong titles again, but I'm not willing to be fooled paying for a Nintendo Wii to play games with outdated graphics. I guess I'll have to wait for the Wii U. In the mean time, I'm sure I'll be just fine with titles like Gears of War 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Battlefield 3, CoD: MW3, Dark Souls or Uncharted 3. Yes, I'll be just fine.

Thanks for reading.

Youth violence: who should carry with the blame?

I find it kinda funny to see all that people blaming the youth violence on external influences such as videogames.

Let me tell you a story that happened almost a year ago. A Thai 18-years-old student murdered a taxi driver, trying to imitate the popular game GTA IV. Needless to say, everybody blamed it on the game and its huge negative influence on the youth. I don't know what happened in the end, but this teen student was dealing with the death penalty for his crime.

This was not what triggered all the critics against videogames regarding the violence that's clearly growing among the young people. This is just one isolated fact that made this issue even worst.

The question here is: are really videogames responsible for the violence among the youth? My answer is NO. Come on! Are you serious? I've played videogames since I have a memory, and I can assure you I haven't killed any cab drivers yet. Who is responsible then? Somebody should always carry with the blame, right? Well, now that we're in the judger mood, I must point my finger to the parents or tutors and, in this specific case, I'd also point at the Thai student himself; he was 18-years-old for God's sake!

But lets focus on the main responsibility for now, which, in my humble opinion, belongs to those who rise the child. That's what we have parental ratings for, right? The ESRB and all that crap. If your parents didn't care for the kind of videogames you were playing when you were a kid, then it's mostly their fault that you're now a big time criminal.

I'm not saying that violent videogames are harmless. Not at all. That would be way too naive. But that's the world we're living in and we have to learn to live and deal with it in the best possible way and, as a cultural fact, violence wasn't invented in the 20th century.

As a guy who loves videogames with a passion, I wanted to express and share my feelings about this subject with all of you here in GS. I'm sure that most of you will agree with me, though you'll have your own opinion too. I know that there are other people who will completely disagree with me, but that's OK because otherwise this blog entry would be pointless and I would be wasting my time right now.

To put an end to all this blabbery, I'll just add that we should learn to difference the reality from the fantasy, but hell!, I wouldn't be this happy if I wouldn't be able to experience that fantasy world in such a lively way!

So, allow me to finish with an advice: enjoy the fantasy, which is one of the few things we have left to enjoy in this crazy real life.

Thanks for reading.

Level 17!

Woot! Today I leveled up to 17! I belong to the "Minus World" now. Ain't that an honor? :D

Anyways... I just wanted to write it down. I don't know why but this lvling up sht makes us all gamers happy. We LOVE how "level up" sounds, huh?

Gears of War 2 first impressions

OMG! So much damn blood! I, literally, swam in blood! Regarding the gameplay, it's mostly the same as the 1st GoW, but GoW2 still feels different. I don't wanna go deep because this game certainly deserves a Review. It has A LOT of great stuff in it that I'd like to share with other gamers, at least with those who take the time to read my stuff hehe

I'll only add that Dead Space and GoW2 have become a very effective therapy in the hard process of forgetting my ex-gf... DAMN! I brought her up again! OK, lets get back to the therapy then mwahahaaaaa :twisted:

See ya'll a few blood gallons later.

Dead Space review and some other stuff

I've written a new review. This time, it goes for Dead Space, an incredible game that gave me a lot of varied satisfactions. I hope you take the time to read it and enjoy it as much as I did while I wrote it.

I know I promised a review about GTA IV, but I really thought it was pointless, since everybody wrote everything about that game. Of course, that was because GTA IV really was worthy of it.

Now I'm playing Gears of Wars 2, and I have very high expectations on this game. Maybe it'll also deserve a review. Time will tell. I'm in a rush for finish it, because I'm eager for Call of Duty: World at War. Once I finish playing these two games, I'll decide which one I'll use for multiplayer on Xbox Live.

GTA4 first impressions

So far, so good. I must admit I'm not a huge fan of GTA series, but I did enjoyed Vice City so I tought this was a good chance to go back into GTA world (who am I tryin to fool? I've played every GTA released, but Vice City was actually the only one I played from head to toe), and I was right: this game surely deserves to be played.

Awesome everything: graphics, sound (soundtrack from radio stations inlcuded), storyline, driving trough the city, etc. Blood and violence are as good as expected and the charactres are just perfect; the dialogues are good enough to keep you hooked to the screen until you need to do something esential to your survivor (you know, all that human stuff like eat, sleep and take a... dive into the bathroom)

I'm not going deep into the game right now, cus I wanna save the good sttuff for my review, so for now I say goodbye. I'm still "working" on the single player mode, but soon I'll be checking out the multiplayer and I'll write a small blog entry bout it.

Enjoy it!!!

GTA4 season is OPEN!

Yeah! Finally! today arrives the 1st cargo of GTA 4 into my country (Mexico) and, of course, one of those little green boxes is already reserved for me.

So, this is gonna be, pretty much, a GTA4 weekend. I'll write about my first impressions of the game as the gameplay hours pass by :D


It comes a time in the life of every man when he should take important decisions; take the right one and you'll be granted with a plain life full of happiness and fortune, take the wrong one and you'll have a slumbered life of unconscious pain and you'll ask for death to take you away ASAP.

I'm facing one of those decisions. MMORPG or FPS? Darn, I wish I hadn't buy that Atari2600 in the first place! Darn I wish I'd never visited that arcade around the corner! Well... it's too late for regretting. Here I am now and I should face it as a person who has videogames constantly burning inside the veins.

I used to be a typical FPS gamer who, from time to time, played other kind of games. Yeah, yeah, I started with Pacman, Mario Bros., Pole Position and stuff like that, but then Doom showed up, followed by Doom 2, Heretic, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, etc, etc, etc. (I must admit I skipped Counter Strike... I know, I know: shame on me!).

In the mean time I started to develop some tasty humour for the RPGs. We all played Castlevania and Zelda, right? But some of us stopped right there, at least until Final Fantasy VII was born. FFVII brought a lot of gamers back to the RPGs. I know there are other legendary RPGs that deserve a special mention (like Chrono Trigger) but nobody can argue that FFVII is one step above them all.

So, here's the deal. I've been playing GoonZu Online for over a year, which is a very interesting MMORPG that has it's strength on it's way to handle politics and economics, not to mention how interesting PD (manufacture) system they got (PvP sucks though), and I'm currently also playing Call of Duty 4 online on my Xbox360 (just got back to it a week ago). I've been thinking in maybe give a try to other MMORPG (WOW, Guild Wars, Everquest... there are a lot of interesting options) and, also, now that I started playing CoD4, I felt like I want to install again my old Wolfenstein Enemy-Territory, which is a game I played for over a year and I stopped playing it like 2 years ago. Another option I'm seriously considering is Half Life 2.

However, the dilemma is quite simple: there's no time for both genres. One of them will have to become 2nd in my priorities list. I'm not talking about deciding the games I'm gonna play (that will be a dilemma I'll have to solve after this one), I'm talking about what GENRE should I consider my main.

Both genres are amazing, provide a lot of options (different games) and have very lively communities online. But, at the same time, both genres require a lot of time if you want to be one of the best members of your community. Dedicate a lot of hours to it or get pwn3d. And no gamer likes to be pwn3d all the time, right? When I play an online game, I bust my... brains for reaching the top places and gain myself a little respect from other players. Every gamer enjoys to have a name that inspires fear, respect and admiration.

In order to achieve all this, I need to pick one: MMORPG or FPS. Which one would you chose?

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