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Birthday Blog: I got a 3DS and a Core Drill :D

I know its been a while since I wrote anything and I haven't been active as I was when I first started here but work and life in general have left me too busy even for an hour of gaming every now and then!

Fortunately for me my birthday came just in time for things to slow down a little bit and I got two awesome presents :D

First off my gang picked up a 3DS for me along with Zelda:OoT 3D (still hasn't released here but at least they preordered it for me :P)


As for my second gift will my Fiancee got me something because thanks to Cloud_765 I have been obssessed with this show since I started watching it! Great show! Great concept! great gift!

Core Drill

Thats it! Nothing much more to talk about today! I'll try to post my impressions of the 3DS when I get the chance!

Nintendo changes everything, again! Yet people still complain...

Yesterday's Nintendo conference blew me away, short and simple! Not because I'm a fanboy, believe me I thought long and hard about what I was seeing so not to react subjectively. But facts are facts, Nintendo know what they're doing. They have a future vision that is unparalleled in the industry.

The Big N is unquestionably the most dedicated towards their fans even if those fans are ungrateful most of the time. They are also the most dedicated towards moving this industry forward and not letting it stagnate which is what we saw in yesterday's conference.

The 3DS announcements showed a huge dedication to the system with almost all the big names making appearances and a few surprises along the way including Luigi's Mansion 2 and Tekken for the first time on a Nintendo system!

LM2 Tekken3d

The announcement of a Smash Bros game on both the 3DS and the new console was a very welcome surprise (obvious by the crowds' reactions)

Which brings us to the WiiU. Simply put the WiiU shows Nintendo's unparalleled vision in the industry! A console that has a tablet for a controller is EXACTLY what needs to be done now to win the masses again! No one is interested in motion controls anymore and it's obvious that all companies have hit a brick wall when it comes to the limitations of the system (Microsoft's conference a huge indication of that) Until we have the ability to move in the massive worlds of games motion controls cannot add any further emersion. Also the world right now is fascinated with touch screen devices and the possibilities they bring forth. Every company in the world is working on a Tablet and the capabilities of these devices are endless.


In addition to that the system is a fully fledged media center with an incredible control scheme and from what the EA spokesperson said Nintendo has worked very hard on the revamping of their network! This brings me to the incredible third party support! All the big names all the big games which are multiplatform are going to be on the WiiU! From Assassin's Creed to Ninja Gaiden to Battlefield to Modern Warfare to Tekken. Imagine having all that plus Nintendo's familiar games on one system! The competition has no chance!

Yet, the skeptics have risen again to trash talk the new system, talk about missed opportunities and again how the Xbox and PlayStation will outperform and dominate the market. At this point our industry so called "experts" have lost all credibility in my eyes and people like Pachter who have been barking about "Wii HD" since the Wii was released started criticizing the WiiU from the get go!

I do believe that everyone is entitled to his opinion and I am trying to be as objective as possible with mine and as someone who knows the gadget industry and knows the current trends I see that Nintendo are actually geniuses and people who are in touch with their client base and in touch with current and future trends more than anyone else.

I can't wait to get the WiiU and if it delivers on all its promises I know for a fact that it will be my system of choice for hardcore and casual gaming, cause honestly flailing my arms has never been something that interested me.

As usual your thoughts are appreciated!!

The Wii coming to an end and My thoughts on Project Cafe.

It is sad to see a console as awesome as the Wii approach the end of its gaming lifecycle. Since the beginning of 2011 we hardly saw any note worthy releases for the console Of course there still are a couple of big name games coming out and its 5 year life span gave us some of the greatest games of all time.

However as all good things come to an end we have come to always expect the next phoenix to come out of the ashes of any Nintendo console to be a brighter more flaming version of the one before it. I always trust that Nintendo will deliver and I know for a fact that we will not be disappointed!

But before talking about what the future holds I would like to send out a message to all the gaming and gadget media and especially to Mr. Pachter: Stating the obvious for 2 years doesn't make you a professional, just a douchebag. Also when you keep saying how Nintendo's sales are declining rapidly how about not forgetting that it has already earned everything they can possibly earn and have sold over 86 million systems in the last 5 years, stop making it sound like you really want us to believe you were right when you said that the Wii will never survive in the HD era. Not only did it survived but it kicked the rear end of the two goliath HD consoles and forced them to copy what they laughed at Nintendo for making.

Now on to Project Cafe!

Lots of rumores are out about what Nintendo's new console will be like. Nintendo has always managed to win us over with innovation rather than focusing on raw power and I doubt this time will be any different. Of course now that HD TV is the norm Nintendo will be releasing an HD console. As a nintendo fan I will admit that sometimes the company tends to overlook certain technological advances for the sake of either cost or simply being stubborn (N64 sticking with cartridge rather than moving to CD, 3DS not having 3G) But nintendo is still an innovator, and the company has been in the market long enough to know what works and what doesn't.

If the controllers do end up with a touch screen it would open up room for innovation but that won't give them that big of an advantage over the competition since Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is already compatible with the 360 and Sony's NGP, XPERIA PLAY and upcoming Tablets are all touchscreen based Playstation devices.

Still this is Nintendo and as I said before, we will not be disappointed! E3 can't come any sooner!

Lets hear what you guys think!

Mortal Kombat: Legacy, a sign of the times?

I'm going to start by saying that I dislike when anything goes down the "realistic" route. I think moviebob put it best when he said we play video games to escape our world and go to other worlds with new possibilities.

When the internet jumped for joy at the sight of the MK:Legacy trailer I wasn't impressed, if anything I was disappointed but I thought I'll wait and see before passing judgement. Then the series first episode came out and again the internet was celebrating the birth of the first potentially good game based series. When I watched it however it was a different story, the show starts with a factory scene that teases a Cyborg helmet, to me that was the worm on the hook of the fishing pole that lures you into believing that this is a Mortal Kombat series. Then the episode turns into spec ops with barely a single fight hand to hand fight scene! its like the people who made the show got a copy of Counter Strike in a Mortal Kombat box!

I know that this is just the first episode and I should probably wait till the series moves on but to be honest I can't see how this is any different from the abysmal street fighter, KOF or Tekken movies! To be honest I'll take the first two MK movies over this anyday at least it was true to its source material!

Before anyone jumps at me let me tell you this, as a Mortal Kombat fan I and every MK fan have expectations. I know this is supposed to be a reimagining but how can you make a reimagining of a series that still exists in its fantasy form on its original format?? Part of MK's appeal is that it allowed us to indulge in over the top violence in a fantasy world where hellish creatures, wizards who sucked souls and super powered movie stars could literally beat each other to death! Also to add to the failures of this show it tries to somehow give a real world explanation to each characters powers like how they hinted at how Kano got his laser eye or how Baraka has blades coming out of his arms. This will probably be the shows biggest failure cause simply put all these things are down right impossible in the real world. You know where that leaves you? Back in a fantasy world except this time without all the appeals of the original series and rather just a way to pretend like this is possible, you know like when Bison in the Street Fighter movie got his flying power and electricity from being shocked by a big screen TV.

Unfortunately what this series comes down to is the fact that it is aimed at modern so called "core" gamers, mainly Call of Duty and FPS fans. The fact that this group has become the dectators of how anything geared towards gamers should be to sell just brings us back to the sad state the industry is in.

Grim realism is never my aim when playing a game or watching a show based on my favorite games. And throwing me fan bait like the cyborg mask or even naming the characters by the same names as the ones found in the MK series will not make me want to come back and watch the show. Its like the gaming industry has now reached the same point the comic book industry was in when it tried the grim realistic take on its characters. That was one of the worst ages of comic books when Frank Miller's dark take on Batman sold millions but left other series which tried to immitate it in a very rough spot and the industry as a whole was in a crisis. I'm afraid that the gaming industry may be heading towards the same fate!

Bottom line is this has as much to do with Mortal Kombat as the Mario Bros movie did with its source material. If you buy into this like so many people on the internet have then I hope you enjoy it. As for me I simply cannot accept this mockery.

In the end its just my opinion.

R.I.P Jerry Lawson. Your contribution to video games will never be forgotten!

On Saturday, the grandfather of video games passed away.

Of course not many people know the name, but we all know the creation. Jerry Lawson, an engineer and early video game programmer invented the Programable Game Cartridge. An invention that would change the face of video gaming forever! Mr. Lawson was the person who engineered and developed the Channel F in 1976 for the Fairchild Semiconductor's company which was the first home console that had replacable cartridges and multiple games.

He also developed a popular 70's arcade machine called Demolition Derby and some previously unreleased Atari games which were released only a few months back.

Jerry Lawson was 71. He will live on in the memories of everyone who has ever put a cartridge in a console and blew on it to make it work.

Thank you for the great memories!

The NES is coming! and my take on the new Sonic trailer!

Since this month has pretty much been dead when it comes to new quality releases I ordered the NES for my museum! My original NES wasn't actually an NES but one of the clones that played NES games but of course back in the day I didn't know or care. Now I ordered the real deal off eBay with the original Castlevania trilogy, the original Super Mario Bros trilogy adn Mega Man 2! Can't wait to get my hands on the retro goodness!

In other news a new teaser trailer has popped up for a new Sonic game! The trailer shows Sonic running through what seems to be a Green Hill Zone that hasn't been completely rendered, usual Sonic stuff until half way through a surprize character jumps with Sonic and its non other then Sonic himself but in his retro 90s look! The end credit shows the Xbox and PS logos along with PSN and XBL but no Wii logo which drives me to believe that Online will be playing a big role in the game. Another speculation based on the teaser is that this could be an LBP like level maker game. The non fully rendered level is probably an indication that this is a game where you will be able to customize and upload levels for Sonic and you get to pick whether Retro or Modern Sonic get to play the level! The omission of the Wii is also another clue for this since you will need huge servers and a good network to pull off something like this. Of course this is just speculation on my part since no details were given at all! I will gloat if I'm right though XD

My gaming rig :D The start of the museum!

Well in the pics you'll see my current gaming rig since the N64 arrived! I have a PS1 and a Dreamcast as well but their stored since I wasn't playing them! of course this is a temporary setup since I plan to get a bigger stand for everything :D

Gaming 1

Gaming 2

Got a Nintendo 64 Off eBay! Starting my museum.

I've always wanted to collect all the consoles and games that I liked and build kind of a museum of gaming history. Of course as a kid I was restricted to whatever my parents could buy me. Now that I have a steady income and not that many responsibilities I can finally afford to do that! Also I was blessed with a gamer girlfriend/fiance and we both agreed that we'll have a gaming room where we'll collect the best in gaming!

I started out with one of the consoles neither I nor my girlfriend got to experience, the N64! I got it off eBay refurbished with Zelda Oot for about 60$ as well as Super Mario 64.

Of course in order to afford this I'm picking these consoles up during times when there aren't any new games to play. For all of March I have nothing planned since non of the games coming out interest me.

Will update as I continue to build my museum :D

Gaming Update and quick message

Hey people! It has been a while since I posted anything on the site and mostly I've been lurking around every now and then.

Been quite busy with work lately and although I had a lot of topics brewing in my head to discuss here every time I sit down to start writing I lose interest, I guess thats what they call writer's block. Anyhow I decided to write a small Gaming update since thankfully my gaming is alive and well and doing great!

The last few months I played through quite a few games so I will try and list them here with a short review.

Donkey Kong Country Returns:

I absolutely loved this game! It has been a while since a game kicked my rear end the way this one did! I personally think this was a great game with spot on controls and amazing gameplay (-rolling) the music was top notch and the difficulty always had me coming back for more punishment! Some people were complaining that it missed some of the SNES' villians but hey it wouldn't be a Nintendo game if the fans didn't compain now would it? Overall 10/10

Sonic Colors (Wii):

WOW! Sega finally did it! An excellent 3D Sonic game! Its easy to say that 2010 was Sonic's greatest year in the whole decade thanks to 3 excellent games which was topped off by this wonderful experience! I had my doubts about the wisps being a gimmik but they worked quite well as powerups rather than annoying furries! The story was light hearted and the levels were colorful and diverse! The only problem I had with the game was that it was relatively easy (I would love to know where the reviewers saw a difficulty spike! It's like they had reviews pre-written!) Overall 9/10


Platinum games delivered one of the best gaming experiences last year with Bayonetta so I was hoping their next game would be just as innovative and action packed. With Vanquish they delivered on the action but not so much on the innovation. The game starts out with a bland character ripped out of all the generic shooters out there who wears an enhancement suit fighting off the russians in the future (wow even in a future setting they couldn't think of another enemy! The cold war ended over 20 years ago people! Move on!) the graphics are quite amazing but the game is very linear, gray and repetitive to the point where you wish it would end. The game isn't particularly bad its just generic to a stupid point. The game was obviously made with the western "core" market in mind and even its only innovation can be overlooked for most of the game. Overall 7/10

Mass Effect 2 (PS3):

It is extremely hard to sum up what kind of an experience ME2 is! This is an incredible game! The world Bioware built is massive and filled with life! A space opera with a mythos that can rival almost any of the big sci-fi movies! Add in interesting characters, action, a great story and consequances for your actions! I clocked in 70 hours on this game and I recommend that everyone who hasn't played it not to miss this incredible experience! Overall 10/10

Marvel VS Capcom 3:

A sequal that's been years in the making Capcom decided that it was finally the time for a sequal to one of their most successful franchises! Taking on the same ****as the Wii exclusive Tatsunokko VS Capcom, the game ditched the old sprites and control scheme for a 3D graphical update and simplified controls to make this game my personal unquestionable best fighting game of this generation! The roster has been stripped down somewhat in favor of balancing it to accomodate more unique characters! I absolutely love this game! Overall 9/10

'Splosion Man:

As I mentioned previously I bought a 360 for the wealth of XBLA games on it and honestly it has not disappointed! Splosion Man is an excellent old school platformer with the charm and insanity of a Looney Toons cartoon! The game is pretty tough and challenging and well worth playing through! Overall 9/10


Another XBLA gem, Limbo is platformer puzzler played entirely in black and white. You play as a little boy who wakes up in a strange forrest with absolutely no explanation as to where you are or why everything around you is trying to kill you in the most brutal graphic depictions of violence even by today's standards! The puzzles will mess with your mind and you'll wonder what kind of planning went into making the next deadly trap! Overall 9.5/10

Super Meat Boy:

The words that can describe this game are two: NES Hard! This game will challenge even the vetern platforming buff with its short levels that'll take memorization, several tries and a few throws of the controller on the floor! If you have a 360 and enjoy punishing yet rewarding gameplay don't miss out on this masterpiece! Overall 9.5/10


As most of you know I'm not an FPS fan, but to be honest the marketing for this game had me interested especially when they spoofed the bland Call of Duty games. so I tried the demo and when I found the controls perfect I picked it up! Boy did this game deliver! The FPS market is simply in dire need for more games like Bulletstorm with innovative mechanics, tongue and cheek over the top action and a reward system that pushes you to be innovative in the way you dispose of your enemy rather than go run and gun. My only problem with the game is that it held off on some of its mechanics that could've been used more often to make it the best FPS around!
Overall 9/10

WOW that was longer than I expected! Well that is pretty much what I played the last 3 months or so. Right now I picked up Beyond Good and Evil HD off XBLA since I never played the original one, Killzone 3 which my brother loves and I could give it a go and I borrowed the first Gears of War since I never played it before either.

As usual your thoughts are appreciated!

I finally caved and got a 360..WITHOUT KINECT XD

Some of you know me as someone who is not a fan of M$ or the 360 and that is still true, but I discovered a wealth of gaming in XBLA that I simply couldn't ignore for too long. I used to borrow my brothers 360 every time I hear a new XBLA hit is released (hes not much of a gamer he never missed it :P) Until my brother moved out of the country. When Super Meat Boy was released I had to go play it at a friends house and that wasn't satisfying enough for me. When I got my end of year bonus I thought to myself hey! Its about time I got one for myself. So I put my pride aside and headed for the game shop.

Of course I wasn't willing to sell my soul so, to the surprise of the shop owner, I picked up an Xbox without Kinect! Needless to say the look in the guy's face was priceless when I didn't take any games and I only picked up MS Points XD

When the guy asked me why I didn't take the Kinect I told him I already have a Wii XD

Yep, so now I can finally enjoy some independent gaming with my own machine. Nothing wrong with owning all the systems if you can afford it!