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virus attack!

my poor alienware got hit by some virus, and i had to restore it completely... twice... spent all day yesterday, from 8am to 2 am fixing it all...

made a quick new banner... i have to re install all my texts again :(


For those who play WoW, I'm on Detheroc as a 64 Troll Hunter, Crimz, and a 43 undead rogue, Crypsis. had a fun little battle at terren mill a few days ago, 2 66 druids were ganking everyone, including my rogue, so i logged on as crimz, and joind in the defence of TM :D i even killed a 70 dwarf hunter that joined later on :P

i'll post pics of my characters later, i had some prepared... then the virus... :P

coming back soon

sorry i was gone for a while, i had a stomach ailment or somthing screwing me up... and didn't really feel like being online much... but i think i found the cause of it, chicken... everytime i eat chicken i get this awful feeling now, i feel light headed and nasiated... i have no idea how it started, it just did... so i can't eat chicken anymore i guess... :(

anyways i'll try to get back online here more again... :D

I be Crimz da Troll Hunter 'mon

so i decided to veture to the world of warcraft today... :D

i'm currentallya level 7 Troll Hunter named Crimz... (all other forms of crimson were taken... but i think it fits a troll) Anyways if you play the game look for me i'm in the Normal (PvE)realms:P

and no it hasn't sucked out my soul... yet... :P

another death in the family...

this time it is my 15 year old dog, Buffet (pic below was about 3 years ago)

IMGA0073.jpg picture by SJM_18_MI

I've had him since he was a puppy, but Just this week he took a turn for the worst, and was no longer able to move onhis own,eat or drink.So hes to be put down today. But he still wagged his tail tothe end. RIP Buff...

Now my little 2 year old dog Gizmo is all alone for now... were going to get a new dog this spring.

finally the whole funneral thing is over

finally the funneral is done, i'm not really religous but my family outside of my mom and dad are... so i had to sit through all the prayers i don't know, and all the songs and communion (or whatever the spelling is...). My funeral plans for me when my time comes will be more entertaining :D Roll out flat panelTVs (this is well into the future you know :P)along the wall connected to the latest videogame systems with the latest games, you don't need to dress up, and basicly just a big gammer party thing... then just dump me in the ground! :P

anyways I got to see most of my family, but now my back is sore... :P (most of my family is less then 5'4" tall, i'm 6'1")

Grandma Viola RIP, 1914-2007

My Grandmother past awaymonday at her home. She was 93yrs old. her husband (my grandfather) died in 1978. I was born in 1986 so i didn't know my grandfather. My grandparents on my moms side died a when i was around 12. so Grandma Viola was the only grandparent living till recently. She survived by four sons and two daughters, anotherson past less then a year ago... I'm among the 23 Grandchildren, she also had 17 great-grandchildren. And was about to be a great-great-grandma.

ii used to go to her house for Christmas, we however stopped having the family get togeather when her health decreased. But this year we were planing on last christmas visit, but it seems we will be meeting a bit earlier at her funneral. i'm going to be a paulbarior (or however you spell it) i hope i don't drop it... :?

Crimson upgraded to version 21

today i upgraded to version 21 of myself!


I'm now 21 years of age today! So now i'm legally allowed to drink and gamble... however i'm not much for beer or anything like that, soill just stick to my soda pop. Plus i'd rather not try to see what i'd do drunk... trust me i already act like i'm drunk normally... just without the stumbling andbalance issues:P


I got a new LCD HDTV

in a earlier post i said my TV died, well my father replaced it with a new 42inch 1080pLCD HDTV. its about 10inches bigger then the older one, and at about half the price we paid for the older one... Halo looks so much better now... :D

heres kinda what the difference in quality between the old and new, i tried to simulate my old TV's quality in photoshop :P



oh and i also got Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles today too so i can play it on my new big screen! but i'm to tired from moving the TVs (the new one was 68lb, butthe old one was like 120+ lb and bulky and just hell to move...)to play it... :( i did get an "A" Rank on the first chapter though...

2 halo 3 videos i made

i made2 short videos ofsome of the neat things that happened tome and my friend Dave when we were playing Halo 3 a while back. the first is of my Game winning Grenade throw, and the other is of my trying to take down me and him at the same time with one of those explosive barrel things,since he kept using that stupid sword on me... i was hopeing to blow both of us away but to my amasment... well just watch :P


[video=cHI2lDT95bwMvDTa] blinking shiney

well my TV wont turn on and it only shows a red blinking light that means standby mode though usually it don't blink... so i cant play videogames... :(

But maybe now my dad will buy an accual HDtv that is at 1080, not 520 or whatever the lowest on the scale of HDtv goes...

so for about one week or so i will not have a tv to watch :(