Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Review

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Before i set off. I wanna say I'm a pretty hardcore Final fantasy fanboy.. My review is going to be as honest as possible but expect lots and lots of <3 for the ff series.. Do note I'm not a retarded ff7 fanboy that game is good but it's way way overated.. I've played 1-10 and thats where the bulk of my memories /nostalgia lie. After X I believe the series has gone down hill quite a bit and i really cant say i enjoy them as much as i use to..

I'm really found of Rhythm games So when it was announced a rhythm based final fantasy game was in the works i was really interested When i realized it was focusing on all the games in the final fantasy franchise it was pretty much a day 1 buy.. Alot of people might think Theatrhythm is a cheap cash in and hell they might even be right from the little logo on the box that says 25th anniversary to the one in the intro One thing is clear thats 25 years of some of the best rpg gaming you can find...

Whether I can reccomend this game would best be judged on a person to person basis.. If your a hardcore Rpg nut you might be disapointed.. The story for theatrythm is pretty much non existent they try to tell a story in a 30second text scene at the start then nothing for the entire game until u magicly get enough Rhythmia basicly the scoring system in the game to get a random boss encounter kill that then u get to see another 30 second text scene going on about how you saved the day blah blah blah from the one bad guy it makes more sense then that but its important to note This game's story is a complete waste of time.. Causal people wont care and hardcore fanboys will want much more out of there story..

What you do get is a very interesting combine of a rhythm game mixed with rpg elments. All the music in the game is from Final fantasy as you must of guessed by now from 1 all the way to the 13 theres even some tracks from the final fantasy 11 online . Unfortantly it seems as if 10-2 , 13-2 and the newer mmo is absent I'm not entirely sure why but there not in the list.. You play through the game in series otherwise you dont have to do them in any paticular order so if you have a fav final fantasy you can defintly do it first..when picking it you usually follow a order in the way its set up

Opening- this usually tells the intro to the game During this part of the game theres a big crystal in the middle of the touch screen with notes flying towards it your job here is to tap along to the beat of the music - It seems that this is for bonus points you can skip if you don't like this one..

From there you will get the other modes usually 1 of each per game it varies with series but i will try to explain each one as best as possible

Walking- aka field music - basicly its a side view of the person you picked for the leader of your team walking.. from the right hand side to the left here you will either have to tap slide the stylus in a certain direction, or hold the stylus down while following a line.. Do well and you go faster but if you make a mistake you will fall down you will move slower if you go fast enough there seems to be tresure or u might even find somebody to give you an item.. If you land a certain part right durning this you might even get a chance to ride on a chocobo that ofc goes faster then you can walk.

Battle - Its pretty much what it sounds like imagine the team you choose doing a battle each one gets his or her own line in which shes in charge of tap notes sype the stylus in multiple directors hold notes.. Hit the note perfect its a crit etc etc If you land a certain part in here you even get to summon a boss to help you in your battle..

Event- you get to watch little clips of video from the game you choose while you ofc swipe the stylus around tap and hold.

Ending- Like the intro but ending quotes etc :)


That pretty much sums up the Series mode, Eventually you will unlock other modes such as chaos tower which has 90 some levels with 2 songs which so far have consisted so far of a walking and battle.These are sometimes the same songs in series mode but i have found hidden songs in here intro songs rare items..And shards which unlock new charcters to play as. These are usually alot more diffcult..

Then theres challenge mode where you can play 1 song instead of having to play them all like in series mode you ofc have to beat the series to play it .. So if i wanna play a ff7 song in challenge mode i have to beat them all in series mode first. as long as you get an a or higher u can play the next diffculty setting u can also do this in series there is also a practice mode here as well..

Doing all of this lets you level your team.. You get to pick you team from a decent selection of charcters leveling them in turns ofc makes them stronger more hp which = more times u can screw up also some characters are better for certain sitations .. They also learn new skills/magic for example theres cure which if your doing horrid it will heal your hp a bit.. Theres several other abilites that have requirements some are as simple as hit x amount of notes.. But if you keep leveling eventually u will be casting blizzard thunderbolts etc.. Do note however this is automatic and alot of the healing spells have a 1 use per song. You could use however set cure /curaga to get 2 heals there is a set amount of spells you can use at one period of time.. But theres improved versions etc if you level far enough throw that onto the fact with multiple characters theres alot of leveling there are items but no armors/weapons so its pretty easy...I'm guessing the level cap is 99 I'm not entirey sure though as of writing this My team leader which gets more xp then the others is 52.

That being said I really am enjoying this game I've played quite a bit but i feel like theres a ton more stuff to unlock /do.. I'm sure i made the gameplay sound boring but its actually quite addictive...There's many other things i didn't get into such as unlockable videos/ music/characters/ a Trading card collection type game some of the mobs you kill drop cards if u get enough of the same card they upgrade into holograph cards etc :) The music is ofc good the graphics have a really unique artstyle that i really enjoy the 3d effect it isnt amazing but I think its a game that looks better with the 3d on.

This is also the first game that features dlc on the 3ds.. It actually featured day 1 dlc which is meh.. Songs are 99 cents to download.. As much as i wanna download some stuff nintendo is still in the stone age when it comes to digital downloading.. Change or loose your system you lost that content .. Until nintendo puts in place a system where i can redowload stuff without having to send my new system to nintendo i will stay away As its too risky to throw money into there current downloading system

Final thoughts..

I really hope they just dont dump this formula if paired with a unique story i really think this could be a nice diffrent branch think tatics.. Square doesnt disapoint with there Fmv's the ones played in events are absolutly gorgeous especially the ps2+ ones.... Do note that there is defintly spoilers from the original games in the event's fmv's sections i would highly reccomend if you hate spoilers to stay away from this until u complete the original games....

I highly reccomend this game if you like Rhythm games.. I think everybody that likes final fantasy should pick up this game However if your looking for a rpg and less rhythm game i suggest waiting till a price drop this game is also good if you like collecting and unlocking stuff and leveling tons :D

Previous Final Fantasy Knowlege ofc isnt needed.

Addicting 9/10

Golden Sun Dark Dawn Thoughts Review

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Golden Sun perhaps my Favorite series on the Gameboy Advanced.It was only a matter of time Before I picked Dark Dawn up and played it.. I actually have no idea why i didn't buy this launch.. Perhaps there were other games I can't really remember but yeah i beat it and picked it up for the such a deal price of $13.00 new well.. open box copy new.. Anyways.. Thoughts..

I was worried honestly I haven't played the original or the lost age Since 2004 I could remember the important things but like every good game I like to replay the pasts so its fresh.. This is not needed Dark dawn does a wonderful job of making sure you remember stuff from the old games from Important things with Redlines under them you can click with the stylus for more information. To the 5 sun Sagas u can collect pretty early in the game that provide a almost comic book like that tells the story of the first 2 games It will instantly have you remembering everything again. I'd go as far as to say you could never have touched the originals and pick dark dawn up and understand it perfectly fine.. However I highly recomend playing the originals as there fun and great games not to mention there dirt cheap..

This game takes place 30 years after the original and your first few charcters are basicly all children of the original charcters in the gba version to make it simple. It's drags you into the story fast using Cutscenes and lots of text boxes giving you a chance to understand everything the first good hour or so will teach you how to use the stuff the game has to offer while letting advance in an interesting story line not some boring tutoral... It tells the story perfectly with these cutscenes an texts an a good chunk of the text is humerous so its not boring and drawn out. That being said some of these might be too long for the person who wants to play for 10 minutes at a time.. Riding the bus etc.

Gameplay it sticks to what it does best in a 3d like world theres plently of puzzles which you might need a certain Psynergy "Magic" to overcome the problem. An example would be seeing a fan you can use a wind move like gust shoot it at the fan an it could raise the door etc theres lots of puzzles and yes there more complex then my lame attempt to describe it. Your often looking at chests for new gear Going after certain items etc its an rpg after all right:) Graphic wise it doesnt seem to be pushing the ds to the max but its an improvement over the originals playing in a mostly 3d enviroment. Batteling is in total 3d now it pretty much comprises of the same as the original you can attack with whatever weapon you have equiped use your Psynergy or use your Djinn "elemental entities you find all around" that do random things some can heal some can make the enimies slower etc.. You attach them to your party and depending how you attach them your stats raise/decress you could change classes etc .. Anyways when u use them they go into standbye and u can them use the standbye ones to summon "Powerfull Monsters wit Powerfull Attacks.. From there The Djinn go into a recovery mode where it takes awhile for them to be attached again. Theres alot to mention such as if you use a Djinn your class could possibly temp change so you gotta manage stuff like that.. :) Basicly u can customize your dream team Sounds complex but the game does a really good job explaing it..

I really enjoyed this game I'm not going to lie it is a pretty easy game The Puzzles are hard but not insane and I never really felt challenged with the battles until the end could be because everybody in my team had some sort of healing ability Regardless I had a great time and I enjoyed every second I played of this..If your interested in time played etc I beat the game in 40hours 59minutes My highest charcter was 57 lowest was 47 :) Oh speaking of which your team gets 4 people at a time when you find more though they kinda sit in the back but u can swap em out in battle an stuff and they get a little xp even if they didnt fight:) 10/10

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 Review/Thoughts..

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One night i had an urge to play sonic.. I don't have a sega system and like yeah i turned on my 360 that recently came back from the 360 repair factory red lights ftl.. And decided to use my xbox live points to buy this game..

Sonic Episode 1 is priced at $15.00 Upon downloading i thought this was a tad on the pricey side considering you can get 1,2 and 3 for the same price.. The dowload was fast considering my slow internet connection.. I started it up and it was instant nostaliga seeing sonic zoom across the screen with the ever so familar sega.The title screen even had hints of Sonic 1 from the Genesis era. And to be frank i was pumped to play this game..

Sonic Episode 1 Graphics are Stunning Its amazing to see how several years of more powerful systems can render the 2d sonic universe... Control wise its simple theres the new hoaming attack that kind of zooms you to close targets if you please.While In theory it sounds great and would make you zoom through a stage faster which it sometimes does many of the baddies now have protection so as shock balls etc.. Making you time your attack or just run past them. While im sure some of the retro sonic fans dislike it I have to say i liked this new attack..When used with huge gaps you could hit one mob an if you see another one zoom over to him an continue the chain across large gaps etc it was a nice change of pace when going through loops etc.. I realized shortly though I had a love hate relationship going on.. Some of the levels were amazing and done so well while others seemed half ass.. I blame this on sega. and my 360 controller.. During times when I needed to make precise jumps the Anlog stick wasnt able to do the precise jumps i wanted.. The dpad wasn't much better But it worked for overcoming this.. Theres some great eye candy in the levels such as flipping cards as you run past them in the casino levels.. And using the hoaming attack to hit a stack of cards to send them flying and run across the screen on a kinda magic card ride.. Theres times u have to ride gears balancing sonic to make sure he gets across the pit.. Theres chase scenes as well where stuff is following you etc... Most of the time its great occasionally you will get a wtf type of moment where you have to stop an really explore to find a way to keep going this happens more then once an ruins the sonic experince for me.. When i think sonic i think fast...I seriously had a hell of a time with the candle puzzle.. Dont wanna ruin it though for people that havent played yet.. I have to say the levels that have these awkard moments are the ones I usually ran out of time on.. The boss battles are pretty much simple.. Theres a little bit of look for the type patterns an exploit them but the bosses are simple.. plain an simple.. The ending actually has you kill all the bosses you killed on your way there which was kinda lame.And then finally kill the end boss..Theres also ways to upload your times via xbox live.. I somehow dont think some of the scores are legit upon looking the guy had a score that blew mine away fine and dandy but when i checked his gamertag he didnt even start playing the game:/ Perhaps I'm missing something who knows its not a big feature as my scores arent worth posting:P

Final Thoughts..

Sonic 4 Is a great start to what i assume is going to be an episodic thing. However I really wish Sega would just take the time and make a full 2d Game that comes on a dvd. I haven't had this much fun with a sonic game since Sonic Adventure for the dreamcast. But at 15 bucks this game is priced way too much For what it offers..Another thing that makes me pissy is the music.. Its not horrid but its not something I'm going to remember in 16 years.. The boss theme is an absolute disgrace compared to Sonic 2 an 3's ... If your a sonic fan that wasnt born when the genesis was around you will most likely love this game.. Lets face facts though.. I like many grew up with sonic The Sega Genesis and was in the 16 bit generation perhaps the greatest gen ever.. I overhyped this sucker based on nostalgia of my childhood and growing up sitting on friends couches playing there Genesis's while they begged me to go to my house to play my Super Nintendo..

The sad realization is as much as Sega tries to make an upgraded 2d sonic.. I will always prefer the ones i grew up with as the more superior ones regardless of the fancy graphics etc..I will most likely never be fully satisfied and i think that I have that right:) Really its not that horrid though just overpiced for what you get:)

Eco Friendly Cases An A Small Game Update

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When i first bought my 360 back in the day for Halo 3 yes I just had to finish the fight.. The Case's that the games came in where solid unlike the picture above they felt sturdy and where simple to travel with..Now 3 years later I'm finding more and more of my game's coming in case like the above..I'm not sure when this started but my first game to have this was Call Of Duty Mw 2.. All my games before this seem to have big thick cases at first slowly thining down with the exception to borderlands nice nice case.. I don't think u can see it but on the side it says Eco box.. I hate the above case with a passion.. I'm not against being eco friendly a case is suppose to protect my games and this clearly doesnt.. I could literally take a pen an jab it though the whole case.. I dont mind the left hand side as the majority of time the instruction manual is thick enough to give it the added strength I go Crazy about the other side it needs to be all plastic pretty much anything right now could go through the back of these cases and damage the most important part of the package the game itself.. Microsoft an game companies if you wanna go eco friendly good for you do stuff around your office etc to accomplish that and leave the case alone.. Seriously though if i had to bet money it has nothing to do with being eco friendly an it just shaves a lil extra weight off to make shipping them cheaper..

Yeah End Rant....

Otherwise My Video game collection has seem some interesting new additions.. I'm falling behind on completing games though I literally have a bunch of game's i need to sit down an play still.. I also got Left 4 Dead 2 An I seriously wanna play that one online with some peeps eventually.. I've been getting into spec op's on cod mw 2 as well.. And have been throwing alot of my gaming time towards Assassins Creed 2 I also got Dragon age Orgins An will throw that into my 360 after this:) Not to mention My little Ma Gimp Is Darn Close to max level in ao..I seriously have to reccomend Assassins Creed 2 to Everybody u should play the first one though.. Its Darn Good

I Hope Everybody's Xmas Rocked

And I Will Try To Blog More:)

Once A Week

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Is about how much i blog it seem's according to my last blog... It's been a great last week for me.. As I started exploring the world of pandora in Borderlands while I awatied Call Of Duty Mw 2. It worked out pretty well and I'm really enjoying Borderlands I started originally with a soldier then hunter then finally I decided with A Siren she is know 43 and I'm slowly working my way through the second playthrough. I love the game i love the cartoon style I love the stuff that was taken from other mmorpgs I Love the vas amounts of guns and yeah its a great game..My only real problem with the game is how multiplayer works u all have to be around the same level and it uses the hosts file to decide whats going on this was hard for myself and another who wanted to play with me as I would outlevel an do missions and then my friend would be behind we finally decided the best solution was to make a new toon so this problem could be avoided it worked out great till I ran out of xbox live trial cards but even before that..Call Of Duty Mw 2 was launched having me run to gamestop and picking up the copy in a rather chaotic mess..Underage kids mostly trying to buy the game with school id's turned the one long line out the door into a long line an a mini line while the kids got there cell phones and called the parent's to pick up the game. I'm the oddball when it come's to The call of duty franchise i play for the story and rarely touch multiplayer.. It led me to feel ripped off in a way.. I beat the game on below harderest diffculty and it took under 8 hours.. I'm rusty and i generally suck at the series but I felt it was too short for what I bought it for..Sure there's spec ops or w/e its called and multiplayer ..While I will reccomend call of duty mw2 to anybody If your doing it for single player your a. going to be called an oddball like myself and 2 you will be better off rentining it or waiting for a used copy at gamestop so u can play it then return it in the one week period.. While it did have an amazing campign.. I had trouble following the story.. Maybe it's just me or maybe I should of replayed the last one..Either way it wasn't a total loss.. Tommarow Bring's Assassins Creed 2 While I haven't really been keeping track i enjoyed the first one alot I hope I can say the same about this one.. Yeah im kinda bumed about downgrading and i know tommarow when i pick it up I'm going to most likely be kicking myself for the desicion when i see all the people that got the ubah gamestop deluxe version.. Left 4 Dead 2 Also come's out tommarow I have to admit though I canceled my reserve on it..

I'm going through this is it worth it thing lately with my gaming habit's I'm finding it harder to justify $65.93 for a game now a day's.. I really think that it's because of all the short close together games as of lately..It also has to do with getting Borderlands for that price Only to see it go down to $49.99 Yeah yeah i know its like 10 bucks of a diffrence but it was like 2 days i was taking some sneak looks into leaked black friday ad's and saw l4D 2 20 bucks cheaper then what I would be getting it tommarow..That's a 1 week period and 20 bucks cheaper... So Yeah i get to wait outside in a line to get my copy of left 4 dead 2 a week later but i can spend the 20 bucks I save buying a xmas gift for somebody..

I've also been replaying Yoshi's Island On An Emulator I forgot how fun that game is.. I really need to find a copy of it for the snes.. As playing using my 360 controller is annoying and theres some odd issues with this game and the emulator I'm using maybe I can find it on ebay or something^_^ who knows

Ao Is Ao.. I haven't played much as all of my gaming time has been with my 360...

I'm also really looking forward to the 360 update tommarow ! Facebook twitter and last fm.. I think I need to get live to use the features but Im looking forward to them none the less...

Ao is also getting patched but I'm not sure with what.. I havent even got to do the dark ruin's instance on my agent yet ... I keep hearing about these daily missions though that give a full level for doing some mission.. That sounds like easy leveling to me...

I wanna do a borderlands Review eventually..

Nothing New Really

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I decided to put a blog up for this week just because I haven't wrote much of anything as of lately..

As I said last time my collection of game stacks was getting bigger and bigger. I had them in stacks on my old tv stand from when I had a lil tv. When I upgraded my new tv didnt really fit so i started putting games and my systems on there.. Well at first it was my snes games that started stacking and then I got a real sweet deal on a nes so I started stacking nes games on it.. Well basicly my tv sits on a low drawer wit 3 drawers total.. There pretty much just junk drawers I decided though I should make better use for them and instead of storing junk store my games in there..Everything fits really nice in there.. Although I had to put stuff in there temporarly i started off wit a old cdrw and eventually opted to use my ps2 and some of my ds games neo geo an other odd things to hold everything in place While I'm not happy about hiding my collection In drawers It will have to do until i see a bookshelf or something I Like.. Maybe I could even build one I've never really built anything complex like that.. I took a picture with my dsi so the resolution is kinda on the blah side. But It will give anybody that reads this an idea how it turned out.

On Better side of news.. I can say That I owe Gamestop nothing in reserve money.. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2,

Assassin's Creed 2, and Left 4 Dead 2 .. Are going to be mine when they come out.. I did however downgrade the Ac2 to the normal version despite all the cool preorder stuff... November Is Going to be a great month for gaming.. From The Early Demo Of Left 4 Dead 2 Which is great I'm really impressed. To the controversal footage that got leaked from Modern Warfare 2 I have to say I'm like a lil 3 year old on xmas.. Plus Ac2 which I haven't really been following but I loved the first one.. I cant wait! I'm also going to reactivate my live subscription as I have used up all my time trial cards:)

Meanwhile On Lovely Rk1 Vellizol my lil Ma Is Killing stuff in Inferno..It's been a long haul with this one.. Shes now 210 and I'm working on getting her better equipped.My Froob engi is leeching xp not the fastest levels because of the no mission reward but its decent enough.

I've found myself addicted to the dsi ware title called Puzzle Plant Leauge Express I use to have the real version but it got stolen.. While the express is lacking features of the full blown one I'm Enjoying it very much and would defintally reccommend it If u dont have it..


General Update

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Sitting here doing laundry and I was like maybe i should do an update blog while I wait.. I've been meaning to blog and do reviews but I'm /lazy.... Will fill in my gaming stuff since last time:) Most Likely a lil long as I tend to rant but yeah..

Anarchy Online

I'm finding myself more and more attached to my froob engi Velzbuilder then ever before although she is only a froob "No Expansions But Free To Play" Shes still a blast to play.Now Tl4 138 to be precise Ip Is starting to cap allowing me to put more and more in tradeskills..I then get the 1 more ding so I can get more I'm a tradeskill junky:( It's the weekend I'm hoping to get her to 145ish at least I've been dinging about 3 levels each night so I should make it.. Then I can team her with Vellizol..And slowly work her to 200.. I'm in no rush and if i have some luck i should be able to find some good team mission phatz to make it worth it and help equip her.. Hopefully Liz can get some time to help me get the Beeping Backpack Otherwise I will have to find somebody else. Neleb robe at tl4 is gimp seriously..And I'm having no trouble casting nanos.. With or without it.. Plus it looks kick butt.Not sure if it opens but if it does.. Then i could store my tradeskill junk in there too haha..Otherwise ao Is the same ol thing Velz is playing moochie duty for Mc An Mm Because I Rolled the End Game engi nanos.. And yeah there darn hard on nano haha.. Vellizol is still the Same I need inf for more research cause Im way far behind and then i can ding! Yay^_^


For awhile I was doing the buy sell to gamestop routine.. It took awhile but It finally hit me one day I was getting ripped off hardcore. So I started saving my games etc.. Its starting to show though I'm having more and more issues finding places for them all.. If i get anymore I might have to start putting them in the drawers under my tv Wonders how many that can hold... It's not horrible yet I just like to have a spot for everything.. Whats seriously annoying is How I filled my dsi up already.. Its simply annoying how i've got to transfer from the sd card which is 4 gigs i think to the dsi when I have a urge to play a game..Why cant I just like save everything on the mem card and have it like extract when I click the button on the ds menu Idk.. My menu which was once alphabitized is now a mess with missing spots because I have to store stuff on the card.. I hope a future firmware can address this issue because its annoying. Worse off is my poor xbox 360.. which is funny cause at the time when i was buying it I wanted to skimp and buy the arcade because it was cheaper but they were out and I just bought the next model up which was a xbox Pro? Im not sure if thats what they called it even anyways it came with the 20 gig hardrive... Well recently I've been having to skimp I use to play all my games off the hardrive so I wouldnt have to hear the annoying noise.. well then came a new fallout 3 dlc and I had to give that up.. Then The Cheap Community games cmon 75 cents for that drinking game was so worth it.. But yeah to make a long story short I have about a gig left on my hardrive:( But Microsoft thinks hardrives are like gold or something Seriously $149.00 For 120 gb drive.. Its sad because i got a 1tb hardrive not too long ago for a tad less then that... I'm cheap yeah... I have to start another delete marthon I guess.. I dont think u can put stuff on a external drive... It would be cool if u could though:(

Games I'm Looking Forward To!

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Assassin's Creed 2

Left 4 Dead 2

Great Bunch Of Games Coming Up^_^ There's More But Yeah:P

Dear Mail Guy

My handwriting is clear as ever..I would like to say thanks for loosin my mail :( All my friends are getting there copy of Gh Van Halen and I'm sitting here like uhh.. I filled the offer out sent in my thing the next day.. I started backtracking through my email to look for it...found my confirmation code and typed it in

September 1, 2009 - Online redemption request received, waiting for mail-in verification.

/Pissed Off seriously I sent that out I went and had a bunch of stuff copied and It got lost in the mail? This sucks Going to have to call and see if i can resend it and hopefully they will understand... Otherwise Im out a free game:(

Guitar Hero 5 Review 360

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This was going to be my first review on gamespot but It looks like in order to review a game you have to keep it to a certain charcter limit. Perhaps I'm wrong but I don't wanna write a typical review and then cant post it so till I figure out more I'm going to just post this review here as I tend to go blah blah blah blah blah...

A stands for Addiction

My Inital purchase of Guitar Hero was just suppose to be a one time thing. It turned into a addiction..Now 350 Dollars later I have a Pile of Games and 2 Guitars In The Corner. From Failing easy mode to the point when I could play hard and a few songs in expert..The series and myself have gone a long way in skill and terms of gameplay.. Another 60 Dollars later with the most simplistic idea ever I'm left with Guitar Hero 5...

I reserved the game months in advance. From hearing the rumors of possible songlists, Avatar Play Etc This was going to pawn everything...But Truth is Does It?

The box is the most bland box ever..The lack of creativity makes it a real bummer...Unfortantly my eyes skipped to the sticker on the plastic saying something along the lines of Receive the unreleased Guitar Hero Van Halen Free.. It's true the deadline is somewhere early next month or till supplies last.. That was awesome as It was a game i would of bought for 60 np..That Means that my 60 dollar purchase was 30 dollars. It's rather annoying how they set this offer up but I'm not going to complain A Free Game Is A Free game..

The concept is pretty much the same as any other Gh with some added features.. And Eye Candy.Your main screen is changed and more pretty with a nice uhh how to explain tire track color making the notes much easier to see unlike some of the earlier Gh's like pandora's in gh2. They have redone the star power making everybody have there own which is kinda cool..It took me awhile to get use to the new location as theres no more light bulbs to fill up with starpower.Its now located on the right hand side with the left hand side being used to gauage how your doing.. Its not horrid but I prefer the old Gui so to speak better.A Great feature is how you dont have to unlock songs anymore u can pop in the game never play career and be able to play all the songs..This was great as there was some songs I wanted to try out bad right away.. A Good thing is the Party Play Mode which lets you jump in and out of whatever your playing great for those people that wanna join in on a song etc.. Your not limited to a normal band anymore wit 1 gutiarsit and 1 bassest.. You can have a mix of instruments.. like 4 drummers etc.. Its a great idea as I've never met somebody who truely enjoys doing vocals.. Unfortantly I haven't found anybody that wants to play Gh 5 with me multiplayer yet so Im not sure what new modes there are etc.. Each song has challenges as well which make it quite interesting if your a gh expert.. The 360 Has Avatar Play as well and I have to admit although I was claiming Wii Ripoff before playing I really liked how they did it..I think if anything they focused a lil too much on it as I felt the creation for a normal charcter was edited to make it simpler and faster..They also upgraded the music studio from world tour which made no sense to me. I was able to understand it a lil better on this one but I was still without a guide on how to do it maybe its in the instruction book..I did make a pretty basic song though which is cool and the fact that u can download others peoples is great if you know what your doing.. I will most likely stick to dlc which also is kinda neat as u can view the songs in the game and listen to a few seconds of them before buying this is a neat feature.

Theres supposdly 85 songs in gh5.. Theres some great songs in here some wtf why put this in here and some artists I never heard of but are genuily good.. I think there starting to run out of ideas for songs that should be in Guitar Hero and put whatever in there.. I hate to say it but when Im Playing Guitar and Im playing and clicking and just hearing a electric piano.. Something is wrong Its gay Im not playing Piano hero.. I really think Activision is trying to put a song in for everybody.. This too me ruins the game I was never able to find a perfect diffculty level.. I ended up playing the start on Expert.. Then when getting some of the heaver rock tracks having to go back to hard.. There was some times when I thought maybe I would have to go to medium.. Its a great idea though how this one is set up u can switch difculties as you please which makes up for the diffculty change..

Duhast By Rammistein Got in which is awesome.. But they like hit the poor guartairest over the head which that awesome keyboard part making the gutairist play it same with feel good inc i was forced to play the harmonica part.. This whole game has songs where your playing other insturments which kinda annoys me...

With all honesty put aside though its still a solid Gh game not the best in my mind but still worth it..Considering the fact you get the Van Halen game as well later on Its a steal for 30 bucks...

I would defintly Reccomend getting it while the van halen offer lasts..

If I had to put it in the List of which are the best it would be like ...

Gh3, GhM, Ghwt,Gh5, Gh2

Thats Really not acurate as everbody has diffrent music tastes.. I would score it a like 8ish outta 10

Game List Is All Updated

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It's 3:13 and alas I finally finished Doing all my game lists..It took awhile to move cartridges around look in cd cases etc... But I'm done.. This is everything I own and legally Purchased as of Sept 8, 2009. I know I have a couple of sports games left for My Psone But Im Unable to find them so I guess it doesnt count.

I had problem's with 2 games in paticular..

Pop+ Solo (DS) I was told that it isnt out yet... Kinda odd Cause I downloaded it on the dsi store :(


Star Warped (PC) which is a parody type game on starwars..Its fun but its not even on here... I Guess Its not a well known game but Bash The Ewok is so fun haha:)

I have Alot of bootlegged Games for my computer..To be fair and honest I decided not to include them so my Pc Games are legit.. Some where purchased with steam..Anarchy Online Comes from funcoms site I paid full price for all of them heh.

Dreamfall and San Andres for the original xbox where bought using my 360..

It's sad to see that my collection is so small.. If i didnt go through my sell game period from like my teens to like 20ish I would half lots more games but I still have quite a few games

I've Never Blogged Here..

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Yeah it just occuried to me that I have never blogged here..It says I've been a member since December 29,2008..I've never got too serious with this site at one Time I did start putting stuff on my game lists..However After looking at it recently.I've come to the conclusion that Its a very old outdated look at my games..I didnt have some of those games and adding my more recent games just confused me even more..I really like this feature as I can keep track of what I have and so can my other friends that use this site..I've used xanga in the past And I've done plenty of game reviews which took me awhile but I feel nobody really ever got to see them which is a shame cause despite my spelling errors and punction there really good reviews..I've since deleted my xanga and Hope to continue my blog and my reviews here as it seems theres much more gamers who can put them too good use.

I'm in the process of making this up to date..The first steps to that were updating profile info,I also took the time to delete each of my sections in my game list so i can start from scratch and get a 100% accurate list. I hope this will be done shortly and I will defintly blog again when I'm all done and update accordingly..I've also put my Xbox Live Info In. I'm silver as of right now but been known to go gold when a good multiplayer game comes out:)

I also have an addiction to the mmorpg Anarchy Online I love that Game I didnt see a place to put mmorpg names but I'm often found On Vellizol, Yuniz, Velz, And Bluemoonz:) I'm into collecting and playing stuff on the Xbox 360, Snes, Nintendo Dsi, Ps2, N64, Neogeo, Gameboy, And Have started with the nes as well again.

I'm also really into emulation and the rom scene..I prefer to have the actual game though if I can find it:)

Once I'm settled in I will start doing some reviews etc:)