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29.09.06 BF2142 Study

Didn't feel like sleeping so I stayed up and did some BF2142 research. Hope this helps any1 who reads my blog. Below are questions and three good websites containing info on BF2142.

1. When I gain a rank I can choose any unlock from any unlock tree/diagram right. Ex. I gain a rank and I choose Enhanced Endurance immediately.

2. When you unlock NetBat, u unlock for every class right?

3. Is the med pack unlimited?

4.Can we use equipments from a class even though I choose to be in a different class that doesn't have that unlock? for example, can I use the IT-33 while playing support or enginner or whatever? When I get the game, I want to play as Assault but get the unlocks for Recons' Spec-Ops Specialisation and then use the gadgets/unlocks while playing Assault.






Thanx to ancientzero, gabi and caneofsomaria.

BF2142 sites I read: , , and .