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funny thing i found

found most funniest thing in: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PSP...if you see an enemy (preferably not covered in heavy armor) shoot at his knee caps couple of times (preferably twice), he will collapse and try to recover, then bring out ya big gun and click on "auto aim", when the enemy gets up he will try attack u, then repeate process, if you do it right the first time he should do this funny thing: he will wave his hands in the air and surrender, he will lay face down... from there its fun

so sad :(

its a sad sad feeling waking up and finding your sister and brother playing the PS3 and doing your career :( WHY DOES THE WORLD HAVE TO BE SO CRUEL :P

100% in games

Well i just finished all levels in splinter cell and i must say it is the best stealth game ever known to man, i also have been playing modnation racers and are now an ELITE III racer :)