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But aren't both him and Leon Kennedy emo pretty boys or some kind of similarities? I always hear gus call Jin an emo gay girly boy that looks emo, that is pretty much what Leon Kennedy looks like and there are fans that swarm all over his c*k 24/7 at the RE forums that love Leon for looking like a girl and emo hair and crap so im guessing if everyone calls Jin the same thing, even though they mean it in a bad way to Jin, does that mean they must be alike? People call Jin emo pretty boy loser with stupid liners and people call Leon an awesome pretty boy badass and love his one liners are they hypocrites or do they truely like both characters? I bet that Kazuya would destroy both of them, and im sure even thogh he never met Leon he would kick the s** out of Leon Kennedy and rip his emo hair off i don't care how badass eevryone thinks that wannabe movie star Leon was in RE4.
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So since you guys love Leon so much an are constantly so in to him, then you guys must know that by doing this you are supporting Jin Kazama from Tekken, since they are similar to one another and both emo pretty boys haha sucks to be you guys. Your both Capcom and Namco's b*tches. Now they will never make serious games again.
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Why are there so many Leon Kennedy and Jin Kazama fans? Is it because their both emo pretty boys? I guess they are alike in many ways, those of you who support Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil are also emo Jin supporters haha, sucks to be you guys.