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Just finished the game, and I must be one of the few that thoroughly enjoyed it. To be clear, I got all three Arkham games, and all three are collector's editions -- sweet spot for statues and Bats/Joker, so do the math.

Where I'm going is, although I have played and loved the previous two Arkham games, I have a question that I'm sure I'm too stupid to answer myself. Joker often hallucinates Batman as a monster. Is this ever justified/explained? Is it a nod to Man-Bat? Is it something deeper? Honestly, due to how I work with games, I can't stick too long with one, so after I beat the other two they went back into the collection shelf (although I plan to replay them now back-to-back). I can't remember if this was ever explained in the other two games, or even shown again.

And another question: we, at a point, "play" as Red Hood, the pre-Joker status of Joker. I'm pretty positive he hasn't appeared like that in the next games, but again, I could be wrong. Is there any more about it, or just a nod to fans? Does it mean that the writers followed The Killing Joke origin for Joker, or maybe just implemented his design from there?

Thanks in advance guys, fill me with knowledge!

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I have that version, and 3 missions in, I can't see the open world advertised on the back of the case. After the LEGO Batman 2 situation (giving us a DS port instead of a X360/PS3 one), I'll pretty mad if this is the case again, and see what I can do legally. But before I act too quickly, I'm asking people who are further in the game. Thanks!

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Thanks for the info! I will give it a shot once I have both ready. This was troubling me all the time, didn't think of that though :P
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So I bought my ACIII Freedom Edition today, and I tried connecting the two for the bonuses. Fact of the matter, I tried around 5-6 times, after restarting both consoles, logging in and out, all that, and it still wouldn't connect, and come up with" Unable to connect to PS3 system". I also tried doing it via the USB cable, nothing.

Anyone else has problems with this? A workaround or anything?

PS: love the game!

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I've been trying for two days to redeem the code. It should have been out since yesterday (25/10), the EU release date, since today is the UK release date. Still, the EU Store has no clue of it, either in Search or when I try to redeem the code.

Is there any chance the code itself is wrong? Has anyone successfully downloaded? Thanks!

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Um, nevermind, she might have become pissed at me calling her useless, got it now :P But add me if you want soem co-op nontheless.
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Didn't want to spoil anything in the title, so those who have finished or are in the final chapter of Leon's campaign, and on the PSN, can you go ahead and add me? I want to finish it on Veteran, but Helena is near useless when it comes to the strategy needed on that last boss before the helicopter. She was good up until now, but I just can't finish it with her acting like this.

So, my PSN is: Unbreakable13. I've no Infinite Ammo on, nor do I have Agent Hunt on, so we'll be pretty much alone in this. Thanks guys!

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Don't worry dude, I've over 410 original games from all generations ;) I love gaming, pirating the games would make me look stupid. You're not a gamer if you pirate games, you're like a parasite. Not feeding the developers and then complaining about the lack of games or quality of them. But that's another story, for another topic :P
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Great, feedback so far is positive, I'm glad about the purchase :D
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Mortal Kombat has a lively community, and is very tight. If you can overlook the inexplicably watered down graphics, it's a must-have if you're into fighters. Plus I didn't encounter any of the lag issues the game was infamous for on consoles (I played on PS3, it's fixed now, but still should say it).