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[QUOTE="viberooni"]IGN dipping into the GS stable.. feels dirty. I'm sure there's no great love for CNet among the staff here but to jump ship from your dysfunctional family to join forces with a direct competitor, effective immediately, does raise the eyebrow. But best of luck to Jason, he'll do a great job for them. His contributions will be missed.MAILER_DAEMON
GS and IGN are major competitors, but it's not surprising considering the editor exodus recently, and to be EIC of the PC channel at IGN is definetely a step up. Relocating from San Fran to LA couldn't have been easy, though...

IGN is in Brisbane, right outside of SF. So no relocation necessary!

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I think the community needs an update on this, whether its still happening or not. Has anyone tried messaging CraigB about this? Just because he's nolonger admin doesn't mean he has abandoned his GameSpot account.Lazdude

I most certainly didn't abandon my account! I of course am not privy to roadmaps now, so I'm in your camp now :) But it's not like I was single-handedly working on it. That's about all I can say

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Thanks for the heads up. We will investigate.
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Hey all, sorry about that. The page was live, but only GS admins could see it (which is why Jeff said it was live). You should see it now...let me know via PM if you have problems
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Actually, I put in a request to make these emblems not too long ago. When things start to slow up this quarter, we'll get these entered into the system.
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Did you enter the key on xbox live to download the beta? You enter the token, and only then does the download appear.
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All the ones I've seen from GS are 7MB/s video bitrate and play just fine on 360.jediskilz173

He is correct (well, specifically 7128 kbps). Closing the thread!

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Yes, you have access to the highest quality streams - -the 700k bitrate (as opposed to 400k). If it's not selected, you can click prefs in the player and select it. It has a substantial quality improvement over the other bitrates. And you are correct about the HD videos -- they are downloads. We designate videos that have an HD download by HD icons in the movie thumbnail in the gamespace
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