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PlayStation 3

Now, to go along with my Wii, I have a PS3!!!! Thank the good Lord for my fiancee who got it for me as an early Christmas present!!!! Ahhh!!!! Awesome! God bless!!!!!!

Playstation 3 ...??

  I hear whispers in the back of my head. No, its not the Spirit of God talking to me. Its the one aspect of my gaming-self that is not getting satisfied efficiently from the Nintendo Wii. It's the hardcore gamer inside me... it needs real life graphics and intense games every once in awhile.

  The PS3 is officially on my wish list... i don't know when i will purchase it, but it is coming. We'll just wait and see!!!  God Bless!

Force Unleashed

Wow, that's truly all i can say. I am thoroughly disappointed with the Force Unleashed. I enjoyed the gameplay and the freedom to use the force to do essentially whatever i wanted, but, it was unbearably repetitive! I did not have an urge to pick up the game after about 4 hours. The story was intriguing and i wanted to discover the ending, but the fact the missions were all identical costed me finding out. I sent it back to gamefly. It was sad, but i didn't think the game deserved to be played any longer.

If anybody would like to fill me in, it would be greatly appreciated. God Bless!

Gamefly Account

I have a gamefly account! I must say its been the best purchase i've ever made in the video game industry. It is allowing me to rent games and truly get the feel of them and being able to send them back, instead of having a game i don't feel like playing anymore after a few weeks. It's fantastic! Highly recommended! Props to gamefly! God Bless.

Fresh Catch Awards... No More

Well folks, it seems as if the "Fresh Catch Awards" were just for a season as they will be discontinued as of now. I just wrote a review for SSBB and obviously that would have earned a "Fresh Catch Award." Just updating the fans... God Bless everybody!


YES!!! Its official! Brawl is mine!!!!... and up to this point, i'm really liking Snake and Pokemon Trainer. Hope everybody is loving it as much as i am! God Bless

Mario Kart Wii

So, after seeing the first hands-on impression of Mario Kart Wii, i must say i'm very impressed with some of the new features of this game. I didn't quite know how this game was going to pan out... apparently it looks like it's the real deal. I'm excited to hear more news and i hope the good reports keep coming in! I don't know about any other Wii owners but Mario Kart Wii definetly just jumped up a few spots on my "buy" list.