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  • Cpt_Cosmonaut rated NBA 2K14 a score of 4.
  • Cpt_Cosmonaut wrote a review of Call of Duty: Ghosts.
    User Rating 8

    In my opinion the single play campaign is really fun, I mean sure the same type of gameplay/story may have bored some people to death by now, for me it's still interesting. Now back to the real fun, ...

  • Cpt_Cosmonaut rated Call of Duty: Ghosts a score of 8.
  • Cpt_Cosmonaut wrote a review of Battlefield 4.
    User Rating 6
    I'm saddened

    Listen up ppl! Here is my breakdown of BF4. If you got this game for single player/ campaign your gonna be somewhat dissapointed (boring monologue, lack of character attachment, dumb AI. But most ppl ...

  • Cpt_Cosmonaut rated Battlefield 4 a score of 6.