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Mums going away tomorrow! (yay?)

On holiday to spain for like 5 or 6 days.

Im home alone as usual (only child).

But sadly i only have 3 friends and they are all busy except for one but he isnt exactly a party animal so yeah, life is pretty boring. Guess ill have to just play on the PS2 and draw some pictures. Maybe a bike ride or something. Might just sleep all day, nothing ever really happens here because im in the middle of nowhere. Havent got a job, dont really socialise much (im good at socialising once i trust someone or make em laugh, but there isnt anyone where i live lol so its useless).

Maybe i can throw a pack of cards into a hat from across the room for 5 or 6 days. Yeah, now THATS entertaining. :?

There are people staying round looking after me but they have to go out to work so im not being constantly minded which is good. I do have a big pile of books i want to read so i may start on them (one is by Asimov :lol: ) And i wont have enough money to buy food and cook a nice meal. I havent ever really actually cooked anything serious which is lame because i love making food and making things in general, theres some stuff in the cupboard so ill try and find stuff to cook.

I feel a bit like Harry Potter lol but i dont mind because days go by like minutes for me. Im used to dealing with boredom and depression or whatever.


Heres what i put on one of the questions (well 4 actually)

Note two expected life events


2-Getting a job.

Name two unexpected life events

1-Being born?

2-Getting a pet crocodile.

Then i changed being born to having an accident, and crocodile to snake because i was laughing so hard and wanted to get the marks.

Hello (important)

Could you possibly help me find multiplayer PS2 games that are coming out this year and find proof that they are multiplayer (like mercenaries 2) and spiderman, hulk anything really. Because i havent got a PS3 yet and wouldnt mind a good game to play.

Lego Games (Rant)

I want Lego:

Spiderman- very possible

Hulk- possible

Heroes- might never happen


And something involving free roam would totally rock my socks.

And dont be unrealistic and go for stuff like lego GTA which will never happen because they dont want lego ho's influencing children and that jack bloke would go crazy.

Anyway, lego spiderman would work perfectly! I mean just imagine the possibilities, a lego green goblin and a lego venom OH WOW :lol: and little lego pedestrians who do random things like die and have car accidents and then shatter into lego bricks.

Or if you are more adventurous you could have a lego scorpion who can spray acid on walls and walk through them, and the acid melts the lego bricks. Also making the sewers avaliable for roaming is good and making the city huge and destructable (very important) would be awesome. I would also like multiplayer and the ability to be a bad guy but the bad guys have special side missions and stuff, it would really make me happy :D Also maybe having a crossover of some sorts like spidey meeting batman or catwoman would make it more interesting :roll: But why am i saying this, it probably wont happen anyway and whos gonna listen to my blog aye? ;)

Free Roaming?

Hey i was wondering if there are:

Superhero games

Free-roaming games

Multiplayer (possibly online) games coming out any time soon for PS2?

If so please tell me the game and ill get back to you.

Im online with COD3

My name is SPARTAN just like in COD finest hour.

Hope to see you! i love the new things in this game i think its fantastic except when you want to join a game, sometimes it glitches and doesnt let me in.


Mums changing her internet provider soon and that means a wireless modem so i can play Renegade Squadron on my PSP! So hooray! Hope to see you on RS!

Finally online with PS2!

I decided to finally bother with online gaming yesterday!!!! with a bit of jiggery pokery and a very very long wire i managed to get my PS2 online. I currently play Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Call Of Duty: Finest Hour online. Now im a bit rusty on star wars because i have been playing renegade squadron on my PSP (not online with that yet) and i am rubbish at call of duty because i havent completed that game and i havent got the manual to it :x

My online names are

Star wars: DannaD

COD: either MouseDroppings, Himself, or Spartan or DAN, im still deciding a name :?

I also have Medal Of Honour Rising Sun but im probably not gonna go online with that.

Online Play

Hopefully i will be online with my PSP in the next 2 weeks with Killzone Liberation and Star Wars Renegade Squadron.

Because i have broadband im buying a LAN wireless adaptor thing that plugs into the computer, enabling wireless internet and for me to beat all of you on the PSP :twisted:

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