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Here at the End of All Things...

I never thought that this day would come. Never in a million years did I think that I would be writing one of these blogs. But here I am, writing my requisite "I am leaving GameSpot" blog.

It's not that I want to leave, either. The fact of the matter is, the site has become so utterly broken that I feel like I am being forced to leave. I cannot check my private messages, I cannot visit my favorite unions, and I probably won't be able to post this blog without encountering the Server Time-out glitch five or six times (or more). I know that GameSpot is working on a brand new site, but given their most unfortunate track record, I don't have much faith in their ability to deliver something stable. And, given their continued neglect of the unions, it would not surprise me if they abolished them completely in favor of something similar under the Fuse branch of the website, but ultimately nowhere near as good.

So I am really leaving. I'm leaving the place that has been my Internet home for more than three years. I have met so many wonderful people during that time, and in a very rare exception to the Internet rule, the people that I met when I first arrived three years ago are the same people that are my closest friends today. This could be quite a sad day!

But the people who have become my second family, the myriad denizens of the Catz Clan... they are all leaving with me. Aidan, twilightlullaby, MrJenkins... We have all fled to the Catz Clan Sanctuary, a newer and better Catz Clan that exists in a world far, far away from the eternal glitchiness of GameSpot.

And I must admit, it's quite nice to click on a link and have it open right away. It's nice to submit a message and not get BONK'd five times before the message actually posts.

If you were not a part of the Catz Clan, you are, of course, more than welcome to join us at the new Catz Clan Sanctuary. If you're not a cat person, fear not, we don't actually talk about kitties anymore. :cry: Discussions range from video games to My Little Pony, to television and Aidan's love of Goldeen. I truly hope to see you there! :D

And if I do not see you there... then you should know that it has been an honor and a privelege to know all of you, and I wish you all the best of luck in whatever you do in the future!

Blogging for the very last time,

~Courtney!~ :oops:


Perhaps a picture of cute bunnies will help lessen the blow? :| If you remember my previous blog, my garden was under constant attack from bunnies! :cry: Well, the situation has since been resolved, and it did not end the way I had been hoping. Not long after I wrote that blog, my garden was doing well for about a week, before the bunnies returned en masse. It turns out that they had built not one, but two new nests in the yard! :x As you might imagine, with so many bunnies hopping around, they were quite liberal in their destruction of my flowers. With Aidan's help, I was able to get rid of the nests. The bunnies inside were old enough to fend for themselves, so we moved them into the woods behind Aidan's house. But the parents were still around, and I had no idea how to stop them! Aidan's mother actually got a trap, but before we had to use it, his sister Katie brought her pets over to run around the in the backyard...

...Suffice to say, the bunnies picked a bad time to show up. The kitty, Tonka, outright killed one of them, and that got Mo, the dog, riled up, so he started barking like crazy and chasing after the other bunnies. He killed one and wounded another. :cry: The wounded bunny escaped with the only uninjured critter into the neighbor's yard, whose dogs were also quite aware of the fiasco. They finished the job. :cry:

My goodness, this was all so terrible! :cry: I wanted those bunnies gone, but I didn't want them all dead! :cry: :cry: What a disaster that was! :cry:Of course, looking on the bright side, since they are no longer present to eat all of my flowers, the garden is actually doing very well! :D

Now that I actually have flowers in my garden, you can see I had a theme for each one. The one on top was the "warm garden," featuring mostly warm colors like orange, red, and yellow. And then the garden pictured below was the "cool garden," with softer colors like blue, purple, and pink.

I like the fountain in this picture, but I'm always finding frogs in it! I love frogs, but hate touching them, and if the water isn't filled to the top, they can't escape, so I have to help them out.

The vegetable garden is doing well, too! I've plucked a few beans, peas, tomatoes and cucumbers all ready, and I'll be harvesting some broccoli and peppers very soon! :D

I must admit, my gaming over the summer has been sorely lacking! I've been working on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D since the day it came out, but after all of that time, I'm only in the Fire Temple! I'm near the end, though. I just have to get the Boss Key and then face Volvagia! Unfortunately, other than Zelda, I've barely sat down to play any video games, which is rather disappointing since I had planned on doing a fair amount of gaming.

I don't know how, but I'm going to have to find time to do some serious gaming later this year! Super Mario 3D Land (with its very unfortunate title. What's wrong with "Super Mario Land 3D"? It sounds so much better!) and Mario Kart 7 both come out later this year. Tales of the Abyss 3D and Skyward Sword should also be coming out. And Kirby Mass Attack! My goodness! And then Tales of Graces F apparently comes out early next year. When am I going to find time to play all these games? :lol:

I pre-ordered Skyward Sword, too. I didn't plan on it, but when I was at Best Buy to get FMA: Brotherhood (see below!), I was in the video game section and the boy working there... my goodness... :shock: shock: When he started telling me all about that new pre-order station they have available, I was enthralled. :lol: He was so good looking. :oops:

One thing that I have not been ignoring is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The very last chapter was released on DVD this week, and I purchased it right away! I'm only a few episodes into this final set, and I'm enjoying every second of it. It's too bad that I spoiled the ending for myself months ago. :cry: Still, I guess it's reassuring to know that I will be completely satisfied with the ending, and I didn't spoil anything outside the final episode, so while I know how everything ends, I don't know how Ed and Al get to that exciting conclusion.

[spoiler] I'm so happy that Ed and Winry finally get together, though! I've only been wanting that since the first anime series! :lol: [/spoiler]

Oh, and in case you're wondering why I buy the DVDs instead of just watching the episodes for free on YouTube, I am absolutely terrible at watching anything on YouTube. I'll watch a few episodes and then forget all about it. I think that I started watching Brotherhood about three times on YouTube, and each time, I never got past the third or fourth episode before it completely slipped my mind. Besides, when I have the DVDs, I can watch them on the big screen at a much higher quality. And a comfy sofa! :lol:

Lexie's birthday is next week (on August 10! :D). As you might imagine, she's quite excited. It really is hard to believe that she's going to be two-years old! Where does the time go! We went to the park this morning so that she could have her fun on the playground before it got too hot outside--and it has been so hot recently. We're in the 80s this week, but it's been over the 90 degree mark quite a lot this summer. The temperature even cracked 100 degrees (38 C) twice, which is unusual. And after that gloomy spring, I thought we were going to have a rotten summer! :lol:

My first day of college is fast approaching! I'm excited, but I'm also very nervous. Actually, I am mostly just nervous at this point. It's just going to be so much different from what I'm used to. I'm sure that once I'm there I'll calm down, but until then, I'm going to have butterflies in my stomach. I'll be able to register for cIasses on August 17 (my birthday!), so I will be sure to update you on all of that! ;)

Aside from turning 19 on August 17, I'll also be coming home from a trip to Chicago that day! :D We didn't meticulously plan our trip like last time, so I don't know exactly what we'll be doing in the Windy City, but I suspect it will be quite fun regardless of what happens. I'm also a little nervous because I've never been on a trip like this without any sort of parent coming. It's going to be me, Aidan, Lexie, my friend Dylan, Aidan's friend Brandon, and... of all people, Aidan's sister Katie. :? So this is going to be a most interesting trip.

Anyway, that's enough from me!Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Has it really been more than a month since I last wrote a blog? Perhaps the lazy days of summer have taken hold? I assure you, they have not. In fact, to the contrary, I have been quite busy, but much to my chagrin, none of that busy business has been particularly noteworthy.

I've been playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D quite frequently. I had previously played a fair amount of the GameCube iteration of the game, and while I enjoyed it, I never actually got around to beating it. This time, things will be different! Of course, I'm moving at a snail's pace. After almost two weeks, I'm just now nearing the end of the Dodongo Cavern! Still, I'm in no mad rush to finish the game, and it if takes the vast majority of the summer for me to beat it, then so be it!

As much fun as Ocarina of Time is, the Zelda game that I'm really anticipating is Skyward Sword. I was plenty excited for the game already, but thanks to E3, my anticipation has gone through the roof! I love everything that I've watched/read about the game. It seems to me that, while there are indeed temples scattered across the land, Hyrule itself is going to be one large dungeon that you must conquer--and after seeing Ocarina of Time's rather underwhelming Hyrule Field, I think this is excellent news! Also, Link is very cute in Skyward Sword. :oops:

I'm also very excited about this Hyrule Symphony that was announced at E3! I hope that there is a concert in or near Detroit, because I would very much like to go to that! Aidan has had the opportunity to go to several similar concerts in the past, and has spoken highly of the experience!

I think that Nintendo is going to bankrupt me later this year! Between all of this Zelda goodness there are two new Kirby games, Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario Party 9, Super Mario 3D, Mario Kart 3D... and I'm also going to purchase Tales of the Abyss. :lol: When am I going to find time to play all of these games?

And of course, on top of all that, Nintendo announced the Wii-U is coming next year, so I'm going to have to start saving my pennies for that! :cry: Plus, two new Smash Bros. games! :D As many of you know, I am quite good at those games, so I'm definitely looking forward to trying out the new ones. We've been talking a lot about the new games in the Catz Clan, and have come up with some good ideas for what the new games might be like! What stages/characters do you want to see in the new games?I'm hoping for a stages based upon Kirby's Epic Yarn and Bowser's Castle, Mii as a playable character, and the return of styIe points, among other things!

Many of you have been asking about my garden! :D It certainly got off to a very rocky start this year. The weather in April and May was so very cold and gloomy that I had to delay planting for several weeks, but I was finally able to get everything in the ground around Memorial Day! :D But, shortly thereafter, my nemesis appeared.

While this bunny certainly looks cute and innocent, he and his little friends decided that my garden was quite tasty, so they would sweep across the yard every night, eating all of my flowers. They left the plants intact, thank goodness, but they would strip every plant of every bloom. Every night. :cry: For weeks, I had no flowers in my garden! Aidan suggested that we kill the poor things! :cry: That was clearly not an option, though! I tried everything, from anti-bunny spray to owl statues, and nothing worked. I would wake up every morning to find those fiends had attacked again, despite my efforts. As a last resort, I was considering erecting a chicken wire fence around my gardens. It might not have been very pretty, but it would keep them away.

But then, I was dealt a stroke of luck! One evening when I was outside with Lexie, I saw him sleeping in the garden! :D I quickly got Aidan-kun, and we used bricks and stones to cut off his usual escape routes, and hoped that we would be able to direct him into a big bucket. We proceeded to chase him around the yard for a good five or ten minutes. With his usual escape routes cut off, he didn't quite know what to do, but he eventually smartened up and bolted in another direction. Unfortunately for him, he went straight into one of the gutters on the side of the house. I simply had Aidan step on the end of the gutter so that the bunny couldn't escape, then we just took the gutter off and dumped the bunny into a bucket!

I made Aidan take him deep into the woods and drop him off. This little guy was the primary source of my troubles, because he was actually living in the garden. His friends still drop by every now and then, but not every night, so I actually have enough flowers on my plants to give a garden update! As you can see, it's starting to look good! ;)

The vegetable garden, which I have not pictured, is also doing well. Since it was fenced off to begin with, the bunnies were never able to touch it. I've got the usual suspects growing--tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, beans, cucumbers, broccoli, peppers. I've already used the lettuce to make a few salads, and I should be able to pick my first tomato in a few weeks!

I graduated high school a few weeks ago! Much as I mentioned in my previous blogs, I finished third in my cIass. For a long while, I was disappointed with that finish; I felt that I could have come in second if I had worked just a little harder. But then, as I sat there on graduation day listening to my peers give their speeches, I was suddenly quite glad that I finished third, because I really did not want to be up there giving a speech. Better them than me! Also, both the valedictorian and salutatorian were my loathsome National Honor Society comrades, so I took some minor pleasure in watching them squirm up on stage. :oops: :oops: I know that really is quite mean, but after everything they put me through... Well... :oops:

I'm going up to Traverse City with Aidan and his family this weekend to celebrate Independence Day! They do have Internet up there, but if this trip is anything like last year, I am going to be so busy that I probably won't have time to come and visit GameSpot! So, in case I don't make it online, I'll see you Tuesday night or Wednesday! ;)

Champion of Unova

It has taken me about three times longer than most of you, but I have finally completed Pokémon White! :D I am the Champion of Unova! I really did enjoy this game quite a lot. Before it was released, Nintendo boasted that it would be radically different from previous Pokémon games; it was not, but there were plenty of minor changes that helped to make this one of the best Pokémon games ever! The 3D graphics were a nice touch, and I really did enjoy seeing all of my favorite critters animated on the battle screen. The triple battles seemed to get quite a lot of hype, but I must admit, they were so few and far between that they did not make much of an impact at all. Some of the new Pokémon were rather dumb, too, but that is typically the case with each new generation. There were plenty of wonderful new additions to the Pokédex in Generation V, and while people might be critical of them now, in retrospect, they will come to like them!

The other big feature that got a lot of attention was the story. In previous games, a team of evil individuals were out to conquer the world using Pokémon! This time around, Team Plasma's evil machinations were quite different on the surface--they wanted to liberate Pokémon from trainer and let them live free! Of course, the only knick in their armor was that, in order to liberate these Pokémon, they would steal from young children and when that was not viable, they would fight... with their Pokémon that they kept in Pokéballs, thusly making them rather hypocritical. As you can imagine, I was quite relieved to find out that this was all a facade, and in the end, Team Plasma's true desire was to conquer the world using Pokémon. :lol: To say that this story was bad would be quite an understatement. Shakespeare this is not!

Anyway, onto the important part! My team! I've finished hunting down the rest of Team Plasma since I beat the game, so my levels are currently a bit higher than when I faced the Pokémon League--at that time everyone was about ten levels lower, so just imagine Leavanny was Level 58 when I beat the game. :P

Leavanny is most certainly one of the best critters that I've ever trained. It proved most useful during the final fights, and thanks to Shadow Claw, it was able to one-hit KO Cof-a-grigis both times that it appeared at the end (and totally dominated Shauntal!) Emboar and Archeops also performed well; the latter was particularly useful against Dragon Pokémon, but sadly, Archeops had quite poor defense, so if it did not one-hit KO its target, it usually fainted when the enemy struck! :cry: Still, Archeops is the very first flying-type that I've ever used, and I'm quite pleased with the way things turned out. I just might have to recruit another flyer in the next game! Emboar is quite possibly my best fire-type ever, though Cyndaquil was very good to me in HeartGold! I loved Seismitoad, but it will probably not replace Empoleon as my best water-type.

All in all, Pokémon White is a great game! :D I enjoyed it very much!

I have been talking about this next part of my blog for many, many months, but today I finally broke down and purchased a Nintendo 3DS! I didn't plan on getting a game, because I was already spending a lot of money, but Aidan and my mother (and my sister, and Aidan's mother, and my friend Dylan) all insisted that it's okay to spoil oneself every now and again, and since I never do anything special for myself, I decided to do just that. :oops: I bought PilotWings Resort, too!

I must admit, I'm very pleased with my purchases! As much as I wanted a pink or a purple 3DS, the aqua blue color is very cool! The 3D effect is also very cool; the whole experience is a bit jarring at first, especially when the 3D effects are set to maximum. The graphics don't exactly pop out of the screen as much as they give depth further into the screen. It certainly takes some getting used to, and I found that the 3D effect set to maximum was perhaps too much for my poor eyes--I found a happy medium with the effect set at about halfway.

I haven't spent very much time with PilotWings just yet, but I've enjoyed it thus far. If I can ever wrest the system away from Aidan-kun, I just might be able to enjoy it a little bit more. :lol: He claims that he's waiting for a 3DS Lite, but I very much doubt that will be able to hold out that long. Anyway, the controls are very responsive. I love that little analog pad in the upper-left! I was concerned that it wouldn't work so great, but now that I've experienced to for myself, I have complete confidence that Super Mario 3DS will control superbly!

In addition to all of this 3DS excitement, Aidan also got Lego Pirates of the Caribbean today, so we are going to play through that together! :D I'm hoping to see the movie itself later this week. Much to my surprise, I've heard that it is actually quite good! Of course, no Orlando Bloom makes me sad. :cry: I rather enjoy his acting. And perhaps some of his other features. :oops:

Outside of gaming, this is my last week of school. Ever. :cry: I am such a terrible wreck right now. I'm probably going to be crying every single day this week because I'm so upset about school ending. I try to be level-headed about most things, that is simply not happening here. :cry: You guys all think that I'm silly for liking school so much, but I love to learn. I love interacting with my teachers. I loved playing Volleyball. :cry: :cry: :cry: I don't have very many friends, and I will still get to see all of them after we graduate, so at least I don't have to cry about that. :cry: I probably will cry, anyway. :cry: We have prom next weekend, too. If you're very lucky, I just might show off my dress! It is very pretty! :oops:

In addition to prom, Aidan's sister, Katie, is getting married in July, and next weekend is her wedding shower. Falling into the Too-Much-Drama category, Katie did not invite me to the shower because she believes that I'm a favorite amongst the family and that if I bring Lexie, I will steal all of the attention away from her and her shower. :roll: As we all know, Aidan-kun likes to be a Drama Queen sometimes, but he is really just a Drama Princess, because Katie is the undisputed Drama Queen. As you might imagine, Aidan's mother is quite livid over this; the entire situation is causing far too much strife, and it has made things between Katie and me quite uncomfortable. :| I'll be sure to let you know how this one turns out.

And I'll conclude on a much lighter note! My garden is finally starting to go into the ground! :D I will have pictures in my next blog! So far, though, it looks very pretty! :D :D

Have a wonderful week! :D

Animal Antics

That is quite a nasty stage, isn't it? The part with Squawks is by far one of the worst areas in the entire game! Every time I beat that stage, I always manage to squeak by after dying many, may times! :lol: For me, the hardest stage in the entire game is Toxic Tower, as I think that I have already mentioned.

Anway, Happy Mother's Day! :D Especially to all of you mothers out there! I hope that you are all having a wonderful day! And to everyone else, I hope that you are making sure that your mother is having a wonderful day! :P

I won an award! :oops: :oops:

My day has been quite nice thus far. Aidan took me shopping for flowers this morning (of which I will share a few pictures of in a moment). We spent quite a lot of money on flowers! :cry: But I found quite a few pretty flowers that I just had to have in my garden, and Aidan was kind enough to get them for me. :oops: We also went to Red Robin for lunch, and that was quite delicious. I hadn't been there in quite a long while--probably because I always want to go to Applebee's. :lol: So it was a pleasant change of pace.

The weather has finally started to improve. Winter seemed to linger about a month longer than it usually does; I even saw a few snowflakes in the air last week! :cry: We've had a rather sudden reversal, though. Gone are the gloomy clouds, and the weather outside is finally warm and sunny! I think that I'm still going to wait another couple of weeks before I actually plant anything in my garden, but at least now I have all of the plants I'm going to need!

It is going to be quite a lot of work to get all of this into the ground! But it will be well worth it! :D

And look at this velvet petunia! It looks a little purplish in this picture, but they are for the most part, black. I have a few plants without the yellow stripes, so they just plain black flowers. They are very cool!

And just so you don't think I choose my blog titles at random, onto the animals! Aidan and I got to go on a field trip to the Toledo Zoo on Thursday for our Photography CIass. It really was quite a good opportunity to fill up my Photo Journal (which is, of course, a collection of the pictures we've taken over the course of the semester). It was quite a good trip! The weather was wonderful! Lexie had a fun time looking at all of the "aminals." And for the first time ever, I actually got to see a cheetah in motion. The last time we were there, the only thing we could see in the cheetah exhibit was a bag of dirt. :| And any other cheetah exhibit I've been to featured the majestic cats sleeping under a bush or something. :lol:We also got lost several times in Toledo, partly thanks to Aidan's poor navigational skills. He kindly informed us that we needed to get off the express way just after we zoomed by the exit ramp. :roll: Then we drove around in circles for a few minutes before realizing we were only one street away from where we needed to be, but we were in the wrong lane, so we got turned around again, only to wind up right back where we started. :lol:

I like this one! :D

I've never seen a giraffe do this before! It was so silly! :lol:

This cardinal was a rescued bird. I guess it was injured, and the zoo was nursing it back to health!

Lexie insisted on walking the entire day! :lol: Isn't her kitty dress so cute? :oops:

I'm quite proud of this picture! :D I have no idea what kind of bird it is, but it turned out very well!

And I shall end with some gaming news! The big news (for me, at least) is that Tales of the Abyss 3DS is going to be released here, so I am quite a happy camper! That is one of my favorite games, and look forward to playing it on my shiny new 3DS... which I will be buying sooner, rather than later. It would see that, after many long years of service, my DS Lite is nearing the end of its lifespan! :cry: The battery can only hold a charge for one hour now. I've put it to sleep several times, only to come back a short while later to see it flashing a red light! :shock: So I will be going out to buy my 3DS relatively soon.

I have not made any progress in Pokemon White since my last blog. I've been very, very slowly level grinding that entire time; perhaps more than I would have liked, but I ran out of Max Repels when I was exploring this cave, and the encounter rate in that game is so very high that it took me a great long while to get out of the cave because I was getting pulled into a battle every few footsteps! :x Anyway, I'm now back on my way to fight the Elite Four, and my next blog will most certainly be titled "Champion of Unova," as I plan to beat the game very soon! :D

So, until then, have a wonderful day! :D I'm going outside to... do something! Anything! It's such a nice day! :lol:

Gusty Garden

I've been wanting to post an update on my garden for some time now, but the weather has been so gloomy that I have had almost nothing to report. It has been cold and windy, and we've even had accumulating snow within the past week. Obviously, those are not ideal conditions for gardening. I've got a few plants growing inside, but even those are doing rather poorly thanks to the continued gloom. :cry: Though the flowers up above are indeed in the garden! I have no idea what they are, but they are quite pretty, and will make a nice addition to my photo journal.

I have been able to work on the actual structure of the garden at least. Aidan's mother gave me a second area to work in this year, and Aidan and I have been hard at work trying to put something together. So far, this is all that I've got; it is just a rough idea. I still have to till the dirt and everything, so I did not want to plant the bricks and then have to dig them up again later. That black bucket on the left is a fountain, in case you were wondering. :lol: Hopefully the weather warms up so that I can think about putting some plants in the ground in a couple of weeks! :D

Aidan got me some very pretty flowers the other day! :oops: :oops: He didn't even do anything stupid, either! He got them for me just because he is so wonderful! :oops: They are so pretty, and have helped to make this much less gloomy around here! :oops:

My senior year of school is very quickly approaching its end. :cry: I'm really quite sad to see it end, but the gravity of what is about to happen has not really dawned on me just yet. I think that, in a few weeks, when I'm starting to realize that "this is the last time I will ever have to do ______," I will probably start to be silly and cry all the time. :roll: It is going to be a difficult couple of weeks. I hate saying good-bye. :cry: But, I have accomplished quite a lot over the past four years, and am quite proud of everything that I've done! I was captain of the volleyball team this year, I helped bring a new recycling program to our school, I've tutored dozens of individuals in the ways of math and science, I'm one of the few sane members of our National Honor Society... and barring some sort of miracle, I'll be finishing third in my cIass! :shock: I'm quite proud of that! :D

I got to go to a hockey game the other day! That was quite fun. The seats weren't that great, but it was still fun to see the Detroit Red Wings in action! I'm not the biggest fan of hockey, but it's always more fun when you are there to see them in person. They beat Phoenix 4-2, and have since eliminated the team altogether to proceed to the second round of the playoffs!

I got myself a hockey puck. :P

Lexie is doing quite good! :D Honestly, I have never seen anybody get this excited over a bagel before, but she is a silly girl! :lol: She's really getting quite talkative now, and while she isn't forming complete sentences just yet, she's getting close. She can string a few words together, so when she wants something, she can almost always get her point across. She learns very quickly, too; she only has to hear a new word once or twice to commit it to memory--though sometimes she still gets things wrong. She loves to draw on her "maga doo doo," which is her way of saying Magna Doodle. :lol:

I suppose I should at least mention video games, since this is GameSpot. :P I'm almost done with Pokémon White! :D I know that most of you finished the game weeks ago, but I like to take my time and thoroughly explore the entire game. So I just got the final gym badge. I don't have time to make any fancy graphics this time, but my team is currently:

Archeops - Level 52
Seismitoad - Level 49
Leavanny - Level 48
Zebstrika - Level 47
Emboar - Level 46
Krookodile - Level 45

Archeops is certainly one of my favorite Pokémon of all time; believe it or not, I've never actually had a flying critter on my team before! :lol: So, I think that if I were to put together my "All Star Team," with all of my favorite Pokémon, Archeops would definitely be there. It would probably be something along the lines of Empoleon, Luxray, Archeops,Leavanny, Typhlosion, Gallade... with Glaceon and Nidoking on the bench? I'm not entirely certain. This situation requires some additional thought. :lol: Who would be on your All Star Team?

I've also been playing Lego Star Wars III with Aidan-kun. It is certainly a lot of fun, but there are times when it's not entirely clear what we are supposed to do. :? And since I am not at all familiar with The Clone Wars, I don't really "get" the game as much as I did with the first two Lego Star Wars games. It's still been quite enjoyable, though I'm looking forward to Lego Pirates of the Caribbean a lot more! :D

And in case you have not heard, Nintendo is apparently working on "Project Café," which is a successor to the Wii. I still love my Wii, and think that it has many years of life left in it, but evidently Nintendo does not agree. :roll: I'm certain that whatever Nintendo comes up with will be a fun and exciting new system to play! I've heard that it will be more powerful than the Xbox and the Playstation 3, so it will certainly look very pretty! I finally have enough money to buy my 3DS (which I will probably buy in June, when Ocarina of Time comes out), and now it looks like I will have to save my pennies for this Project Café. :lol:

Have a great weekend, everybody! Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate! ;) I'm not amongst them, so this is just a three-day weekend for me! ;)

Dude, Where's My Rheaird?

As you shall soon discover, this blog title deftly fuses Tales of Symphonia with... "Dude, Where's My Car." :| Quite an interesting combination, but I do like catchy blog titles that are actually somewhat relevant to the blog. :lol:

But as much as I would loveto devote an entire blog to "Dude, Where's My Car," I'm afraid that I've only seen bits and pieces of it, and from what little I saw, it really was quite stupid. I have little desire to see the rest of it. But since my car recently went missing, it seemed like a fitting title! The incident happened while I was at work on Friday! My shift was fairly uneventful. Dairy Queen has not been very busy lately thanks to the gloomy weather. But I was still quite ready to leave when my shift ended. So I walked out the doors and started heading for my car... only it wasn't in the spot where I thought I had parked it. :shock: I did a quick glance around the parking lot and duly noted that it was not there at all! For a split second, I thought that somebody had stolen my car! But then I noticed a very bright yellow Pontiac G5 parked in the lot. Friday, of course, was April Fool's Day and Aidan pulled a prank on me! He took my car and replaced it with his! I didn't think it was very funny at the time, but in retrospect, I guess that it is kind of silly. :lol: I must admit, I like this prank a lot better than last year, when he turned the shower head around so that when you turned the water on, it shot out into the bathroom (and my face) instead of into the bath tub! :x

As you might recall, I was quite excited about getting my garden started in my last blog! Alas, the weather has been terribly gloomy since then. It has been cold and snowy! I started all of my plants inside, thank goodness, but only 7 of the 104 seeds that I planted actually managed to sprout, so I had to re-seed almost everything (with new seeds). I did have some crocuses flowering in the garden, though! They were really pretty! Unfortunately, the bunnies ate every last one of them before I could take a picture! :x What a lousy start to my 2011 garden! :cry: It is still early, though. I'm sure everything will still turn out very pretty in the end!

I have just learned that I am (apparently) the 7th most active GameSpot member out of everyone that joined the site in 2009! :shock: The accuracy of the list is probably tenuous at best, but it really is quite a surprising nonetheless! I have never been so honored for my nerdiness. :oops: :oops:

Since I am now on Spring Break, I've had a lot of time to work on Pokémon White! Though honestly, I don't have a lot to show for it. :lol: I've mostly just been wandering around trying to get my critters stronger! :D I'm currently in the Celestial Tower on my way to the sixth gym. My team is doing quite well, I think! :D

I really did get quite fancy with my update graphics this time, didn't I? :lol: That is about as fancy as I can get, though. :| I am hardly an expert when it comes to PhotoShop.

I am enjoying the game quite a lot, though! A lot of the new Pokémon seemed really ridiculous at first, but the more time I spend in Unova, the more I come to like its myriad critters! :D Archeops is certainly one of my all-time favorite Pokémon! He is very powerful, and he is based upon Archaeopteryx, which was one of the very first birds that lived back in the Jurassic Period alongside the dinosaurs! Zebstrika is also probably second only to Luxray as my favorite electric-type. And after a very, very disappointing experience with Wooper in HeartGold last year (I had to bench him and bring my beloved Empoleon back from Platinum to serve as my water-type), I am pleased to say that Palpitoad is more than able to hold his own in battle! :D In addition to those six, I also have a Level 28 Cubchoo sitting on the bench, but since Archeops knows a dragon-type move, I very much doubt that I'll need Cubchoo and his ice moves when I eventually am confronted with the dragon-type Pokémon later in the game.

I still think that the plot is terrible, though. :| This is a Pokémon game, and the plot is never anything too amazing, but this time it is particularly offensive, because Team Plasma is just soridiculous. Their quest to free Pokémon from captivity could have been interesting, but the fact that they themselves use enslaved Pokémon for combat... and steal them from little children just makes them a very large group of hypocrites! :x

The new Tales of Symphonia anime is out! :D I'm quite excited! Unfortunately, the DVD that my friend made for me wouldn't play in my DVD player, and when I put it into Aidan's Xbox... my goodness... :oops: It sounded like it was going to explode. So, apparently, I will not be viewing said anime until I can get a working DVD. I know that I could probably watch it on YouTube, but I am terrible about that. I typically watch one episode and then never come back. :? I have seen the first set of episodes (the Sylvarrant arc), and enjoyed it quite thoroughly. It's nowhere near as good as the Tales of the Abyss anime, but it was still well worth watching.

There also appeared to be some very interesting bonus episodes. What little I did get to see of the first one featured Genis coming out of the background to claim his rightful position in the starring role. It was quite funny! :lol:

I look forward to seeing the whole thing very soon! In the meantime, the next part of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood comes out tomorrow. I'm sure that will keep me plenty busy! :D

Have a great week, everybody!

Green Greens


I hope that you are wearing green today! Aside from that, I don't really do anything for St. Patrick's Day, and therefore have nothing else to say about the subject. :P My favorite holiday this week was Pi Day on March 14. What do you get when you divide the circumference of an apple by its diameter? Apple pie! :P My sister and I made an apple pie to celebrate our favorite day of the year. Lexie, Aidan and Dylan proceeded to help us eat it afterwards. I must admit, it did not taste bad! And nobody got sick after eating it! :shock: Of course, my sister did most of the work. I just peeled apples. :P It is quite hard to mess that up.

Another event that I'm looking forward to is the equinox on Sunday! That means that spring will have finally sprung, and I can start thinking about my garden! :D This year, not only do I get to plant in my little rectangle, Aidan's mother is also giving me the space along the back of the house and next to the sunroom. I've already got some ideas in mind for what I am going to plant! :D It might look quite drab and gloomy right now, but I'm sure that it will be very pretty in a few months! :D

Aidan and I brought Lexie to school this afternoon and took her in the pool! She had quite a fun time! Can you believe that she is almost two years old? :shock: Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that I was telling Aidan that I was pregnant. :lol:

In case you did not know, Pokémon Black and White came out a few weeks ago! :D After a great deal of indecision, I finally decided to get the White Version. Some of the exclusive Pokémon in White were cuter, and the White Woods seemed more appealing to me than a big black city.

Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying the game, despite the fact that it really did fail to deliver any of the promised "major changes." While there are quite a few (very nice) superficial changes, such as prettier graphics, animated Pokémon, and triple battles, at its core, Black/White is pretty much the same as every other game. The story is mostly just fluff, like in every other game, except that this time, Team Plasma is the bunch of nefarious villains causing trouble! The developers tried to shake things up by giving Team Plasma a goal other than world domination, and their quest to stop people from capturing Pokémon and forcing them to fight against each other actually sounds quite interesting... aside from the fact that Team Plasma doesn't just capture Pokémon, they steal them from little kids and use them in battles against you, therefore making them rather hypocritical. :roll: They would have been more credible if they were attempting to take over the world.

Despite all of that, I still think that the game is quite good! :D The core Pokémon experience is strong enough to overcome any flaws, and when combined with the rather superficial changes that I previously mentioned, Black/White really is a great game! :D Finally! :lol: After Epic Mickey and Mario Sports Mix proved rather disappointing, I have been quite happy to have a game meet and exceed my expectations!

And now the important part! My team! I'm currently on my way to the fifth gym! I'm quite pleased with the way everyone is turning out so far. I have a fairly nice balance amongst my critters, and nobody is lagging too far behind, or is terribly weak, like poor Butterfree was in HeartGold! :cry:

PIGNITE - Level 29

ZEBSTRIKA - Level 29

KROKOROK - Level 29

PALPITOAD - Level 28

ARCHEN - Level 26

LEAVANNY - Level 25

In other news, Diary Queen opened up this week, so I am happily employed once again! :D It's good to be back, and once I start getting some paychecks, I'm sure that part will be quite wonderful, too. :oops: Hopefully we are done with winter weather! Nobody wants to get ice cream when it is snowing outside. We don't sell burgers or anything--we're an ice cream only DQ--so if we're not selling ice cream, we're not selling anything. :| But, so far, it has been reasonably warm! ;)

I'm sure that I have a few other things to mention, but much to my chagrin, I am out of time! :cry: So I must end my blog here! Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Happy Pi Day! Happy Spring! :D

I Love You!

First and foremost, that nasty "white screen HTML 500 error" glitch that has been a thorn in our collective sides for the better part of a month at long last seems to be gone! Thank goodness for that! As much as I enjoyed hitting back twice every single time I posted a message, I am glad that we have returned to the old, functional method of posting messages! :lol:

Second... it turns out that my second anniversary on GameSpot has come and gone! :shock: It was actually back on February 7! I didn't even realize it until I started to realize that I have known many of you for two years--then it dawned on me that I've actually been here on this site for that long. Sadly, I do not have anything special planned. I was never good with the grandiose and extravagant stuff, anyway. I shall leave that to Aidan-kun! However, I will say that it has been a pleasure to get to know so many of you over these years! Mr. Jenkins, Slyfur, Twilight get special mention because I have known the three of them since the very beginning! Of course, I really do enjoy spending time with all of you! But there are just too many to mention, and I don't want to leave anybody out! :P You are all so wonderful and kind! :oops: :oops:

Here is a brief message from Lexie to sum up our feelings about you guys!

She had just eaten some chocolate ice cream, so that is why her face is so messy. :P

Nintendo released a brand new Skyward Sword trailer today! :DI have not yet seen it here on GameSpot, so I have kindly provided a link to a YouTube video! This game looks like so much fun! I've noticed that there is apparently a Shield Meter in the game; I wonder if this means your shield will break if you defend too much? I've also noticed that there is quite a lot of clutter on the screen. :| That giant Wii Remote on the right hand side, the nunchuck on the left side. Do we honestly need all of that on the screen all of the time? I hope that display can be toggled OFF during the game, that way I can admire the pretty graphics! :D Tight-rope walking looks like fun! :P Oh, and the music was nice, too! :D I know that it's going to be fully orchestrated like in Super Mario Galaxy, and based upon what I've heard here, it's going to be just as good! :D Iwata-san also mentioned that Nintendo is going to do "something" to honor Link's 25th anniversary. Of course, he did not say much more than that. I am eager to see what Nintendo has in store, though! :D

Super Mario 3DS was also revealed! And it really does look quite amazing! :D I'm ratherintriguedby the presence of the tail on the end of the logo! Perhaps Raccoon Mario or Tanooki Suit Mario is making a return? Either way, I am very excited about the 3DS! :D

I saw a trailer for "Beastly" on Photobucket when I was uploading that Skyward Sword picture. The movie looks mildly interesting, but my goodness... Alex Pettyfer just makes my heart flutter! :oops: :oops: Even moreso than that mystery boy that Aidan-kun tried to pass himself off as in the Catz Clan. Well, perhaps not. That mystery boy had quite an amazing body... :shock: I suppose that I will stop talking about boys now. :lol:

MYSTERY BOY.... :oops: I really do need to stop talking about him before I faint. :P

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

I'm quite fed up with my peers in the National Honor Society! :x We've been trying to think of ways to improve our school's recycling program. It seems like a simple enough program, but it really is turning into an unmitigated disaster. These people are supposed to be the brightest and best individuals in the school, but all they do is bicker and backstab. There is so much political maneuvering amongst the group that nothing gets done. Nobody can agree on anything. :x It is infuriating sometimes! I realize that it is supposed to be an honor to be a part of this organization, but it is rapidly becoming a pain in the neck! And of course, in the end, Dylan and I will probably wind up doing most of the work ourselves, because we're the only two people there that can tolerate each other. :roll: The others will, no doubt, take all the credit when we're done, though. :x

Aside from that unfortunate fiasco, school is going well. I'm rather enjoying my new Photography cIass Aidan-kun is the star pupil there! :D I'm so proud of him!

I do believe that is enough from me! Have a wonderful week, everybody!

Justice and Love Will Always Win!


I hope that you and your Valentine had an excellent day today! :D If you don't have a Valentine, or if you are just cranky and gloomy, and do not want one, well... I hope you have an excellent Monday, at least. :P Aidan-kun and I do not have much of anything planned for today, but we went out to dinner at Applebee's yesterday. I had a Chicken Fajita Rollup! :D Those really are quite good. After that, we came home and watched Nova Science Now with Neil deGrasse Tyson! :D It was not romantic at all, but I can't miss my favorite show. :P

Remember those cute little Kirby patches that I got for Christmas? Well, it turns out that Nintendo sewed Kirby's eyes on upside-down. :| I did not even notice until I got another set of patches in the mail the other day explaining the error. :lol: And not only did I get a new Kirby, I got another Prince Fluff and a very cute Parachute Kirby that is not even available at Club Nintendo! :D They're all so cute! :oops: :oops: I have no idea what I am going to do with them, though. I've just had them displayed on my desk since Christmas. Perhaps I whould put them on the wall or something? (The backside is sticky, so no seweing is required. :P)

For the justice part of this blog... I got summoned for jury duty. :| My goodness, the government did not waste any time getting to me! I don't have to report until next month, and my mother says that I can get out of it because I have school. Thank goodness! On one hand, it does seem like it could be a good experience. I like watching CSI, so to personally witness the legal process in action could be interesting. Of course, on the other hand, I am quite nervous about it and want to avoid it like the plague. :lol: I think that, in the end, I will probably just attempt to get excused. I've missed enough school already this year!

As for video games, I finally beat Epic Mickey! :D The game was not as bad as the 6.0 that GameSpot gave it, but it was certainly not great. :cry: I had such high hopes for it, too! :cry: I loved the story and the graphics, and in places, the game was actually somewhat fun, but as I said before, the camera is abysmal, and the controls aren't much better. Poor Mickey needs some brakes on his shoes, or something! I believe how many times I just slipped right off a platform and fell to my untimely demise just because Mickey could not stop moving quickly enough! :cry: The camera also hindered me on more than one occasion! It seemed to have a mind of its own; quite often, it didn't follow Mickey, or it would get stuck behind a building, and for some reason, your ability to control the camera is extremely limited and often taken away completely at just the wrong moments! :x I had to give the game a 7.0! :cry:

The disappointment doesn't end there, either! :cry: The other game I've been looking forward to, Mario Sports Mix, is also not that good! :cry: The games are certainly fun. I really did enjoy playing volleyball at first, but at the end of the day, none of the games are really fleshed out. They seem more like extended mini-games than fully realized sports!

So that is two disappointing games in a row! :cry: Thank goodness most of the other games I'm excited about this year are certain to be good! Pokémon Black/White, Kirby Wii, Tales of Graces F, Skyward Sword, many of the 3DS games! :D Those are bound to be quite excellent!

Toxic Tower

In the meantime, I think I might try to beat some of the Virtual Console games that I have. Donkey Kong Country 2 went quite well, by-the-way! If you recall my last blog, Dylan and I were going to play it. We managed to get all the way to the Toxic Tower. My goodness, that stage is difficult! I don't remember it being that hard the last time I played the game. :cry: I'm sure that we'll clear it soon, though! ;) I also still have to beat Secret of Mana and Phoenix Wright, so I will likely get to work on those soon, too! :D

I shall leave you with some cute Lexie pictures! :D

Erin (my sister) made her a Valentine Hat! :D And look at that cute Minnie Mouse shirt! :oops:

And here she is when we were out to eat the other day! Wearing Aidan-kun's Goomba hat! :lol: Yes, Lexie had to bring her own juice box to the restaurant. :roll:

PS: Who recognized my blog title this time?