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No MMO's for me

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No more MMO's for me, until I find a new job. I have been unemployed, for about a 2 weeks now, and it sucks. Mainly I was playing Anarchy Online, yeah I know it's an old game, but I didn't renew. Tomorrow will make it a full month, that I haven't played on my main account. I did try a World of Warcraft trial disc, I made a warlock and a rogue,both level 11+. Also, I tried a Guild Wars trial disc and would have to say I had fun on the1st and 3rd, didn't do any pvp. I think of either buying another trial disc, for WoW, to reactivate it or play my PS2 / Xbox games. I'm also considering trading some of my old games, that I never play, to get God of War. That's right, I haven't even played the first God of War. MMO's are very addicting!! :P For me, there is no need to buy a new console yet, since I have games on my PS2 and Xbox I haven't played or beaten. I have started to prefer talking to people while I play games. Damn those MMO's!! :) Now since the Xbox is completely dead, from what I have heard, meaning games are no longer being made for it by Microsoft, it most likely will be the system I upgrade in the future. Maybe!!! Gaming and Anime, what a beautiful combination. Hoping to get back to playing MMO's, once I get a new job that is!! :(

P.S. WoW, this is the most I have written in a long time!!

anime site for anime lovers

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If you love anime, or if you just want tosee what all the hype about,check this site out!! I highly recommend this site for great anime quality. So, just click the link and enjoy!!

Which new system are you getting?

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Which new system are you getting? Xbox 360, PS3, or WII? I won't be getting one for along time, because I never buy a system when they first come out. Too many issues on the first batch, for me that is. I usually wait until I see some games that interest me the most, before getting a console. Plus, I have tons of games I haven't played yet on my PS2 and Xbox, because I'm mostly playing my PC online game. What is shocking to me, so far, is that I hear the PS3 is losing the console battle. Say it ain't so!!! Hope to hear you choice(s) and why you picked it. Catcha later!!

Hello Everyone!!!

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Hello Everyone!!! Long time no see. So, how is everything? Every thing is ok here and I started a new job. Plus, I just interviewed for another one this past Saturday. : )

I just got Xfire...

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I only have one on-line game at the moment, but will have more in the future. If there are some games I should try out please list them, but I am mostly an action/adventure type. Also, I like MMO's!!

Looking for new friends. Add me to your friends list.

P.S. I'm having problems logging into Anarchy and I have already deleted it and reinstalled it and that didn't help it. If someone out there know how to fix the problem please help me.


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Nothing new has been going on lately!!! I haven't even started playing some of my games on my "Now Playing" page. Well, I have played AO for a little bit, but I have a lot of thing on my mind and haven't been able to enjoy the game. My job sucks hard!! I know Rubenlb can agree with me on that!! I need to stop slacking off on searching for a new job, because I really do need one badly. I must stay focused, thinking to myself............ One of the good things I can talk about is my finished PC. Here are the specs:

AMD 64 1.81ghz (up to 2.41ghz when needed)

1G RAM (PC 3200)

160g Seagate Hard Drive

160g Western Digital Hard Drive

16x DVD (+/-) R/RW DL drive

48x CD-ROM drive

Memory Card Reader

Sapphire Radeon 9600XT 256mb

If possible I might send it back and get 9800pro

I have to check Neweggs return policies!!!!

I forgot....

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I can't believe that I forgot about the integrated SIS Mirage 128mb grapics chip. Integrated graphics chips takes away some of the memory installed. I did have 2x512mb installed, but my system only showed 768mb. Everything changed once my graphics card arrived and I put it in. SHAZAAM!!! Now it is reading 1G or RAM :) I'm so very happy now!!!!

Updated Computer Specs

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AMD 64 1.81ghz (up to 2.41ghz when needed)

768RAM PC3200 (512+256) should I make this 1g or 1.5g?

160g Seagate HD 7200rpm (came with computer)

160g Western Digital HD 7200rpm (already had this one)

16x DVD (+/-) R/RW (Burn baby, Burn)

48x CD-ROM

SiS Mirage 128MB integrated graphics (waiting for graphics card to arrive from NEWEGG.COM)

Here it is!!! I don't need an uber card when this baby can handle it!!!!