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Never really was a fan of their coffee in general, I don't mind their bottled cappacuinos you can purchase in stores though. If I really want some caffeine then I'd stick to making my own coffee or get an energy drink like NOS.

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@mitu123 said:

He's gonna win it? I always found him to be a PC elitist who hates on consoles, I didn't know he was a creep, he's worse than I thought!!!

He also hates anime.

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What do you think about anime?

Do you draw?

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I hate Facebook. Deleted my account 2 years ago and couldn't be happier :-)

Well, technically you can't delete it. Only deactivate it, sadly.

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Yeah, back then (though I think even now might still have the same rules)'s rules definitely felt rather too restrictive and too enforced. I definitely think there is such a thing as having too many rules, and its not really that great for a site to have wicked enforced rules, because that can easily open ways to commonly getting posts modded for petty and unnecessary reasons. (like having a post be on-topic, but still gets deleted anyway, just because one minor sentence sort of strays from the topic.)

To be honest, when you think about it, it sounds like is a lot like Gamefaqs where I hear that site too stuff gets moderated for stupid reasons.

Honestly though, it's unnecessary to have so many rules. One time I got modded for just stating I wasn't interested a particular show and no, I didn't insult anyone nor did I feel like I was being disruptive in the slightest. I couldn't take it anymore and decided to post here instead, at least this place seems a little more lenient.

I never posted on GameFaqs but I did hear about that too and I'm glad I was never apart of their community.

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@korvus said:

@SolidSnake35 said:

Better than rogering a pony, at least.

I would think so (and you made me use Google >_<)

You can hardly find anything on Google whether be it your favorite character and not encounter at least one pony crossover of your favorite character. It's so damn annoying and stupid, I don't mind certain crossovers IF they work but seriously not everything needs ponies.

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And no, the jackass in this case does not have a leg to stand on. They were willing to make him a cake but just didn't want to write hate speech on it. Asshole throws a fit and tries to sue. He will lose in court and I will laugh at him.

Then he'll say, "You see?! This is why bad things are happening because we are allowing gay people to be free!! It's by the word of God!" or some other dumb related shit.