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Goodbye GameSpot..?

Well I thought I'd give my opinion on the new GS that will occur tomorrow and I'm not really happy about them. Unions will be gone which sucks because if it weren't for unions, I wouldn't be here much. I mean I like to help out the best I can and I had fun posting with some of you guys. You guys have been such good friends (you know who you are :) ) and it's sad that all those posts and fun times won't happen here anymore.

I know some users may say that unions aren't important anyway, well they're wrong because I invested plenty of time (no matter how "pointless" it may seem to them) and I met some cool people. I even remember the first union I posted in, that was back when I had no idea what a forum was until I started getting the hang of it.

As for other changes, I don't like them either like not being able to have a gif signature anymore, it has to be a certain size, avatars also have to be a certain size, etc.

I personally think GameSpot might just become the new GameTrailers, I used to go there a lot back then but now with their stupid unnecessary changes, I been hearing that the site is a ghost town. There are still users I am sure but definitely not as much.

Well guys I guess I don't have much else to say, there is a chance I might not come back due to these changes. If you want to stay in touch with me, here are my gaming ID's:

Steam: Fataledge
Xbox: Meta Knight X12

Hopefully I'll still see some of you around in other forums like on the Zetaboards for some unions that decided to make those. You guys been awesome, take care! :)

- CountBleck12

I need a new PC..

Hey guys, lately I been getting tired of using my desktop PC simply because it cannot play games well at all. I downloaded League of Legends the other day which took about 4-5 hours for the installation process. I wasn't really surprised when the game ran so slow, not even disabling shadows and lowering the quality helped. I thought that maybe this would be the only game that would run slow.

I was wrong however, I was on Steam to check if there are any free games to play. Team Fortress 2 caught my attention so I wanted to download it. I didn't download it though because it told me that it would take around 7 days for the whole game to be installed and no I'm not exaggerating. By the way, if you want add me my steam name is Meta Knight X12.

I looked up my computer and found out that it does not run well with gaming at all. So to all you PC gamers, what computer(s) would you recommend I should get? I'm not looking for anything that costs so much, something less than $1000 would be nice. I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading!

Quick E3 Thoughts and Other Stuff

Hey GameSpot! I haven't made a blog since March so I'm doing one today of what I thought about the E3 press conferences and stuff. I'll be discussing the Microsoft press conference first and it was actually better than their reveal some weeks back.

I'm glad that they didn't talk about television but the only two games that really seem to catch my interest were Halo and Dead Rising 3. The sad thing is though, I have already made up my mind that I will not be purchasing an Xbox One because:

  • Fees for used games
  • Must be connnected to the Internet
  • The Kinect spies on you (creepy...)
  • It's $500...

Microsoft basically committed suicide by doing this to the fans. But then comes the PS4...

I was glad to hear that the PS4 has the exact opposite of the reasons why I will not be purchasing the Xbox One (excluding price but it is $100 less...). I was glad to see games like Killzone Shadow Fall and Destiny. I would definitely purchase the PS4 but it all depends whether I'm broke or not during the time it gets released. :P

And last but not least, Nintendo. Sure Nintendo did not have a press conference but they did release trailers for upcoming games which I liked. One in particular would be the new Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. I been a fan of those games since the first game and I was impressed from what I seen. I was excited to finally see Megaman join but I am looking forward to seeing more characters and hope characters like Meta Knight and Ness return in this game. As I said before, I enjoyed seeing other games like LoZ Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 8, Pokemon X & Y, etc. I finally got reasons to buy a Wii U! :lol:

So that about wraps up my thoughts on E3. As of what I been doing lately is not much, I been playing video games, drawing, watching anime, all the good stuff. Hope you all been doing well, see ya around!


Math's for squares, and other stuff

I haven't made a blog since last year so I decided to finally make a blog for ol' time sake. I hate math, I seriously do. I don't get why math is required to pass honestly. I know we all need basic math skills in our lives but it can be quite difficult to figure out the more advanced material. Right now I'm taking a math class in college and I don't like it. My professor goes a little too fast when it comes to lecturing and no matter how many times he explains the problems, it's still no good. It feels like I'm really forced to learn on my own but even that doesn't help much considering that not all the examples in my math text book help me since they are different from is on the practice exams and such.

I just don't need all this complicated math stuff in my life and even if I were to use this kind of math in life, I'll most likely forget the formulas and what not. Luckily I have a math class that is required to get an AA degree and that's good enough for me since I will doing 2 years of college.

Besides math class, I been doing great in my other classes. I have English (doing awesome in that class), Storyboard (same with English), and Reading (doing okay). Here are a few drawings I did recently for my storyboard class:
Shinryaku! Ika Musume (Squid Girl) - Chizuru - Medium: Pens and markers - Time: 1 hour and 50 minutes

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Asuka (angry) - Medium: Pens and markers - Time: 2 hours

There are some other drawings I did so I might post those later. Other than that I been doing fine, hopefully you all been doing good. Till next time!

Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone, Count Bleck here and today is Christmas day which means I'm sure most of you have gotten some gifts and stuff. Well as for what I got, here they are:

I also gotten a Beavis and Butthead t-shirt and PJs and an Assassin's Creed shirt. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get a long coat since it's pretty cold in my area and I kinda lack in sweaters and stuff but overall I am thankful from what I got. I was also glad to see everyone else in the family happy so that's a plus.

Also I haven't been around the forums lately because I actually been busy replaying some of my old Gamecube games like Pokemon Colosseum, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, and Super Mario Sunshine, not to mention I was doing Christmas shopping and the lines were so long ._.. However I got more games now so who knows if I'll ever have time to post :P.

So I hope you guys are doing well :), take care!

Halo 4 and Election Day

Hey everyone today I have finally gotten Halo 4 which I'm excited about :D. I will be playing this game a little later today once my older brother finishes playing some the game first since he's the one that purchased it. I'm sure it's going to be an awesome game and I might even consider playing co-op online since I got that 2 week free trial of Xbox Live.

Aside from this I want to talk about Election Day and why it actually bothers me. I understand that it's a big day for all Americans which is fine but I'm going to explain why I don't like it. There have been a few friends of mine on Facebook that have been saying some disrespectful things like:

"If you're born here, over 18, and not voting tomorrow, I don't know what the f*ck you are doing with your life. Obviously nothing important."

"Don't forget to vote people! And remember vote for Obama! :)"

"People all of you guys need to vote and if you aren't voting then you are stupid."

Sounds like douchey statuses if you ask me, I really wanted to reply to them saying that they are being douchebags and all, I mean who the hell do they think they are telling their own friends this. If someone doesn't want to vote then leave them alone, in fact I know a few people that are smart and aren't going to vote yet they say those things? It's like you better watch what you say and be lucky that you're not going to get your ass kicked or something.

I personally don't want to vote because I think Obama nor Romney is good enough to be President but that's what I think. Hell I know people that say they are going to vote for one of them but am I posting statuses on Facebook or telling them they are stupid? No, I'm not. I think all of you understand why it sometimes gets out of hand.

Another thing that I want to mention is those people who barely turned 18 this year and think voting is only about themselves to the point they want to take a picture of their ballot and post it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. What they don't realize that it's illegal and can result their vote not to be counted. It's sad really.

Well that's all I gotta say about the Election Day and I will be playing Halo 4 probably all day today so I might not be around today as much :P. Thank you guys for reading and take care! :)


Today is Halloween and I won't be doing anything special really. I'll most likely get some pizza, buy some candy, and watch some horror anime :P. That being said, I don't know what else to say, I wanted to carve a pumpkin of my own but I don't know how. I also wanted to dress up but I didn't have any money though I'll probably wear a mask for the day :D. Any of you guys doing anything? Take care and don't let the monsters get you.. O_O :P

Rant #2: Stupid Teens/Kids

Hey guys it's time for another rant blog and today is about how stupid teenagers and kids have become so let's begin.

Back when I was younger, I'll admit that I have done some stupid things and so did my friends which was okay. However we weren't so extreme like the kids and teens of today. I been noticing that they are becoming more stupid. Why you ask? Well there are things to blame but let's begin with bad parents. I think that the parents responsible for these dumb kids aren't doing their job of making sure their own kids are safe. They are giving them too much freedom which isn't a good thing because they don't realize what kind of dumb sh*t they can get into.

Jersey Shore
The media is another issue. These kids are watching the most stupidest shows ever created which are shows like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, etc. These shows are giving them the wrong messages, like it's okay to have sex, drink alcohol, smoke, and do stupid things at a young age. I do actually have a few friends (female) that have gotten pregnant before they turned 18 but luckily they are great mothers which is okay, fine. But I'm talking about 16 year olds and younger, they are being brainwashed by these shows. MTV, thanks a lot for brainwashing these kids/teens you f**king idiots.

Another thing would be social networking websites, Facebook would be a great example.

The fact that more kids and teens are having their own Facebook accounts is getting out of control. If you seen the picture above, you should know why I don't like the fact that these idiots are on these websites. I mean it's just obvious so I don't think there should be an explanation, they shouldn't be on Facebook especially if they are only around 12 and 13.

My last experineces with these kind of people were back in high school last year. I had service for a Geometry class and it was mostly 9th graders and I was very annoyed on how these kids don't shut up. I understand that math can be boring but doing things like not being in your seat and talking back to the teacher, it's ridiculous and I'm pretty sure it's still happening now even though I'm no longer in school.

It's very sad and these kids are suppose to be "the future", I am aware that NOT every kid and teen is like this but seriously, it's idiots like these that make them look bad. In the end, most of these teens/kids need professional help and possibly a beating or two since they lack discipline.

So that about wraps up my rant, thank you all for reading and take care!

Rant #1 - Telemarketers

Hey GS friends, I'm bored today so what can I do take my mind of things? Rant about them that's what. Today I will ranting about how much I hate telemarketers so let's get started.

Where do I begin? Don't those telemarketers in the picture look happy? Well they shouldn't because they are a bunch of annoying ass c**ts that need to get real jobs. Today I gotten 3 calls from some Korean "company" that tells me that if I'm interested in some sh*t they are doing but I told them I'm not interested. Funny, I get a call back recently in the process of making this blog (no joke), the stupid lady tells me, "Your number is (my number) right?" then I hanged up.

I already told her once that I'm not f*cking interested and what does this b*tch do? Call me back, "I'm sure this man changed his mind! :D" ..NO you dumb a-hole. I am not interested in ANYTHING you are trying to sell to me and besides when I ask them questions they don't f*cking answer them. Are they that stupid and pathetic? It sure does seem that way.

The fact that this sh*t is still happening bothers me, in fact people shouldn't even be interfering with these monsters. I'm pretty sure all you hate them as well. They are lucky that they never woke me up because if I was trying to get some sleep and if I get a call from these low life idiots, I will cuss them out and hang up, I'm not even going to wait for them to respond.

In the end, telemarketers are all a-holes and are full of sh*t when it comes to selling stuff. That about wraps up my rant, if I feel like adding more stuff to this rant then I will. I hope you guys enjoyed this rant :P, I might be doing more soon. Till next time!


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